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Wasteland Hop Biography

Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, Wasteland Hop carves a truly unique space into your imagination, a space where one feels the soulful pourings of Janis Joplin interlaced with the cerebral speech of Aesop Rock. This live 6 piece band designs a new, original sound via violin, guitars, drum and bass plus the potent back and forth energy between leading vocalist Steph Jay and MC Mickey Kenny. One of the reasons Wasteland Hop has such a unique sound is the collaborative style of songwriting the group has. Each band member contributes in the writing of each song, bringing their individual backgrounds and styles to the table. The MC Mickey Kenny has an MFA in Poetry and a history of spoken word and slam poetry, which can be seen reflected in the cadence and introspection of his lyrics. Steph Jay, classically trained in voice, expounds upon this with distinctive rock, folk, jazz and blues vocal influences.

Wasteland Hop has opened for national acts such as: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Talib Kweli, and Zion I. When they're not writing or performing music in Colorado, they're most likely touring in Alaska where they have developed a passionate following over the past 4 years. Their forward trajectory seems to be accelerated this year, as they have just released their newest album "Symbiotic Clock" and are currently preparing for their second trip to SXSW, where they will play four showcases and open for New York based Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.


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