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Mega Bog
Mega Bog Dates

Sorry, there are no Mega Bog dates.

Mega Bog Biography

As rain water gathers in the midnight gutter we are reminded of a band. A band that shrinks and blossoms, exhales and swells.... A band that sings sweet lounge music for seedy auto mechanic districts. A band known to devolve into bleak emotional turmoil before audiences. A band called Mega Bog.

Mega Bog is the ever-evolving moniker of song-dribbler Erin Birgy, a Pacific Northwest rodeo child with an unmistakable laugh who was allegedly cursed upon conception. Birgy often collaborates with a few Northwest jazzy power-trolls to create loving sound for evil poems, most frequently Zach Burba (songwriter of pop group iji and author of this bio). Melodies always lush, erotic and free. Chords always dissonant, abstract and evolutionary. If no one ever asked for a band like Mega Bog, it's because they didn't know they should..

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