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The Hours
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The Hours Biography

UK indie rock band formed in 2004 by Antony Genn (b. 20 March 1971, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England; guitar, vocals, bass) and Martin Slattery (b. 30 December 1973, Manchester, Lancashire, England; piano, guitar, keyboards, drums). Before meeting to form the Hours, both individuals had achieved success as part of successful 90s bands. Slattery was a member of Black Grape, formed by Shaun Ryder when his original band the Happy Mondays had imploded. Genn had previously played with Elastica and Pulp and produced sessions for James Lavelle's U.N.K.L.E., as well as being the flatmate of Robbie Williams in the late 90s. Genn and Slattery had also played in Joe Strummer's group the Mescaleros. When the duo reunited at Metropolis Studios, London in 2004, Genn was producing Grace Jones' new album, while Slattery was doing sessions for Brian Eno, Sly And Robbie, and Tony Allen. They got on well, and knew many of the same people, but it was after Slattery stated that he regretted never starting his own band that the band was born. After bluffing some studio time the pair turned up with no tunes but ended up recording an album in lighting quick time. Narcissus Road, released by A&M Records at the start of 2007, featured a number of self-reflecting anthems detailing the thoughts of men who have been to the top and back down to the gutter again.

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