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Otherwise Dates

Sorry, there are no Otherwise dates.

Otherwise Biography

Heralded in their early days by Fox News as one of the best unsigned bands in the country after their debut single, "Soldiers," sold over 10,000 copies on iTunes, Otherwise are out to live their rock & roll dreams with a blend of plaintive post-grunge and driving hard rock. Formed by brothers Adrian Patrick (vocals) and Ryan Patrick (guitar), and backed up by guitarist Vassilios Metropoulos, bassist Flavio Ivan, and drummer Corky Gainsford, the five-piece rock outfit has an emotional, hard-hitting sound that attempts to knock listeners over with soaring vocals and huge guitars. After seeing a rapid rise based on their first single, Otherwise signed on with Century Media, who had been watching them for a while. Making the switch from "best unsigned band" to "newly signed band," the group released its debut full-length, True Love Never Dies, in 2012.

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