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Charm City Devils
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Charm City Devils Biography

In an industry filled with trends, fads, fashions, and flash-in-the-pan stories of "here today, gone tomorrow" generic flavors of the month, the one thing that remains constant is the need and love for pure, classic, hard rock and roll.John Allen, vocalist, songwriter and founding member of Baltimore's Charm City Devils, knows this. Rock and roll has been his passion since childhood. It has taken him into clubs, studios, tour buses, arenas, and around the world, as a drummer in his own bands and now as the frontman for Charm City Devils, who is set to release their debut album, appropriately titled Let's Rock-N-Roll on Eleven Seven Music, helmed by label President Nikki Sixx"When I first heard Charm City Devils, my initial thought, along with everyone at Eleven Seven, was this is a real rock band! When I listen to their music I hear elements of credible bands like Aerosmith and I feel AC/DC. I like the fact that they're from Baltimore and the way they relate the working mans experience. They're not from New York or LA. You don't hear many bands from Baltimore and these guys carry on tradition with their own relevant and modern sound with classic riffs," said Sixx."Getting it" is what led Allen and his bandmates to Eleven Seven Music. With "Let's Rock-N-Roll" taking off as a hit single and top add on Baltimore radio stations, it didn't take long for the label, which was the #1 Independent Rock Label of 2008, to add the group to its roster, alongside Mötley Crüe, Sixx: A.M., Buckcherry, Trapt, Drowning Pool and more. "I'm a control freak," Allen admits, "and anytime you turn your music, image and everything over to an outside entity, you worry. But I know that Eleven Seven understands who we are and what we do. We're a perfect fit because our genre of music is their forte; they know how to bridge hard rock and the new generation of fans."That generation, he says, is hungry for the music that Charm City Devils has to offer. "I truly believe that raw emotion and honesty transcend all trends, and that if music has that classic kind of sound, it will have longevity," he states. "That's our goal: to transcend the times and not compromise the integrity of what we do."In support of their debut release from Eleven Seven Music, Charm City Devils will be touring regionally in 2009 and their music can be heard at

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