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Bad Weather California
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Bad Weather California Biography

Great rehearsal guys! You guys remind me of the Grateful Dead! This is how the legendary Daniel Johnston described Denvers Bad Weather California after their first rehearsal as Daniels backing band. The room backstage was stiff and quiet. BWC were all just trying to figure out how to interact with one of their heroes, a true legend. They werent sure what to make of Daniels comment. Was that a compliment or an insult? Adam (guitars) finally got the nerve to ask, So Daniel Do you like the Grateful Dead? Oh yeah! I love the Dead! I used to go see them in Texas all the time. There were so many people dancing! I just got one of their recordsHeres how we see it: Woo Hoo! Ay yi yi! Bad Weather Californias first full-length album Young Punks makes you hoot and holler! Young Punks is a celebration waiting to happen. Chris Adolf, Adam Baumeister, Joe Sampson, and Logan Corcoran are Denvers pied pipers clanging some kind of beautiful racket leading those who still believe in the power of rock and roll and reminding the rest about the power of letting loose. Young Punks is acid tinged boogie country punk. (WTF?) Adolfs lyrics bring forth imagery of utopian communes full of free spirits and idealist political imagery. Its a record of great optimism and wild humanism. This is American music. Drawing on (perhaps channeling?) The Velvet Underground and post Beatles era John Lennon, Bad Weather California is both timeless and classic while somehow being, simultaneously, forward thinking and modern. The fact that BWC has toured with artist ranging from The Dirty Projectors, Akron Family to the Lucky Dragons says a lot. Bad Weather California always seems to make sense on a bill. This band is LOOSE!!! Trip out kid.

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