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Reno Divorce
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Reno Divorce Biography

Five years is a long time in anyone's life, but in the life of an up and coming rock band and their audience, it can seem like an eternity. Yet five years it's been since "Reno Divorce" released their 2nd full-length album, "You're Only Making It Worse", in 2003. And what a long, trying five years it's been. During the ensuing time period, Reno Divorce have certainly not been dormant. Quite the opposite, in fact. Shortly after the release of "You're Only Making It Worse", the band embarked on their 2nd European Tour, in addition to several tours per year all over the US. The band also released the 6-song "Laugh Now Cry Later" EP, switched labels, and re-released their critically acclaimed 2001 debut album, "Naysayers And Yesmen", making it available widely in the US for the first time ever. Aside from tours and record labels, Reno Divorce also saw many trials and tribulations during this time period, including loss of loved ones, a period of band member turnover, cancelled tour dates, broken down vans, an unreleased EP, serious illness, mental breakdowns, and the even the brief hiatus of one of its longest running members. Where hard times like these may take the spirit from other bands or even convince them to throw in the towel, the members of Reno Divorce finally pulled together with a new found sense of unity and resolve. Not to mention, a fresh batch of their best material yet. When the dust finally settled, the line-up of long-standing members Brent Loveday (Vocals/Lead Guitar) and Andrew Erich (Drums), 4 year veteran Tim Jadowski (Bass/Backing Vocals), and newest addition Tye Battistella (Guitar/Backing Vocals) solidified and began wood-shedding on new material, polishing songwriter Loveday's latest nuggets into shining audio gold. During this time, the band also saw their popularity rise greatly, selling out shows and getting radio play while their Myspace page was inundated with friend requests, praise from fans, and hundreds of plays per day. Entering the world famous Blasting Room studios in October of 2007, Reno Divorce laid down the basic tracks for 14 of their strongest, fiercest, yet most mature songs to date under the supervision of engineer extraordinaire Jason Livermore. While the band will always stay true to their punk rock roots, this batch of songs goes to new places for these seasoned vets. Yes, there are more straight-up rock songs than the band has ever turned out before. There are definitely catchier songs than they have released in the past. But on the other end of the spectrum, this album is the result of many dark times and some of the songs on this album go in a heavier direction than the band ever has before. And then, there's the instrumental surf tune. Response to the new material in a live setting has been borderline pandemonium and after recently posting a handful of demo versions of tracks slated for the new album on their Myspace page, they once again saw a dramatic positive response from fans old and new. All in all, the as yet untitled 3rd album from Reno Divorce promises to be their most dynamic and strongest album yet and quite frankly, it'll be worth the 5 year wait. Recently becoming free agents again, Reno Divorce are currently entertaining offers from record labels in the US and Europe. For the immediate future, the band are set to embark on a US Tour in May/June of 2008, after which they will return to the studio to put the finishing touches on their new album. Upon securing a new label to release the album, Reno Divorce will return to the road in the US and make their long-awaited return to Europe.


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