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Just like any burgeoning culture, hip-hop is inundated with corruptions and false promises. Lately, the MCs in commercial leadership are too busy basking in their new found riches to uplift the starving streets that supported their talent in the first place. But while the false prophets are shopping at Chanel and sipping Cristal, there's a growing number of MCs that are dead set on pulling hip-hop music out of fantasy rap mode and back into potent reflections of real life.As a member of one of the most significant musical collectives in recent history, Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan has never fallen victim to the ill powers that be. Inspectah Deck was one of the featured rappers on many of the Wu Tang Clan's major hits like: Triumph, C.R.E.A.M., Pinky Ring and more. And just like any gracious minded veteran, the Staten Island raised MC is primed to supply the street's demand for real live hip-hop on his second solo album, The Movement due out on I.N.S. Productions/KOCH Entertainment/ In The Paint.Unlike Inspectah Deck's previous work with the Clan, The Movement allows the versatile MC to truly flex his skills. When you're doing a Wu-Tang Album there's so many creative minds clashing that sometimes the best thought may not get acknowledged," relays Deck. "With my album, I'm behind the wheel of my own car. It's much easier for me to see where I'm going when I'm in control rather than having somebody else steering your life or your career for you."By challenging both conventional big business standards and popular hip-hop principals Inspectah Deck is poised to enrich the rap game with one his most thought provoking and lyrically cohesive works to date. The Movement is sure to give starving fans everywhere the substantial rap fill they've been looking for. "This album is not anti-establishment, it's not anti-White man, it's anti-anything," confirms Deck. "I'm not trying to save the world; I'm just trying to save the music. The music I grew up with educated you. I'm trying to take it back to when you got respected on the weight of your thoughts and character and not your material possessions."

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