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The Limousines
The Limousines Dates

Sorry, there are no The Limousines dates.

The Limousines Biography

The Limousines were born over instant messenger in the summertime while singer Eric Victorino was in England recording an album with his former band and Nozebleed was cranking out beats back home in the Bay Area. For the duration of that hot, fateful summer, they exchanged A/S/L stats and full body shots, told their favorite dirty jokes and shared their deepest, darkest secrets complete with winky-faced emoticons! Alright, maybe it didn't happen exactly like that but one thing was certain, the Limousines were something that needed to happen... Limos were on the backburner until January 2008 when Eric left his former band and found himself with more free time.We've thrown demos up on this profile and given them away, some only stay in the player available for download for a matter of days before we erase them... if you keep checking up on us you could end up with documented evolution of songs from skeletons to flesh, silky skin and sexy shoes and make up. so collect them all, while supplies last.

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