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Skeletonwitch Dates

Sorry, there are no Skeletonwitch dates.

Skeletonwitch Biography

Formed in Athens, Ohio, SKELETONWITCH has been launching metal assaults on an unsuspecting underground since 2003. The members of THE WITCH are bonded by the universal truth, that heavy metal is the law, thereby unleashing the band's brand of ripping, epic thrash. Everything begins with the purity and aggression of the 80s Bay Area thrash scene, but SKELETONWITCH further fuels its evil onslaught with elements of black and Viking metal while proudly waving the NWOBHM flag. Imagine a young Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Exodus slamming beers and cranking up Immortal records at a rager in 1985. Just when you think the keg is killed, Judas Priest joins the party with a fresh case of beer.SKELETONWITCH brings together the old and sacred elements of true heavy metal, melts them down, and forges them into a brand new monolith of riffage. This new beast that has been created, while completely fresh and unique, is still able to give you that 1986 feeling (whether you were already there or are just feeling it for the first time).  And THE WITCH's live show is not to be missed - This is a fact known by the countless hessians, thrashers, stoners and punks alike that have bore witness to the vicious spectacle: a whirlwind of nipple-length hair, dual flying Vs, roaring Marshall stacks, and a black master of ceremonies as sick as Satan himself.Through persistent touring and the release of a full-length and an EP, SKELETONWITCH has already garnered serious buzz in the underground metal scene. By inking a deal with Prosthetic in early 2007, THE WITCH is now bringing its heathen crusade to a larger audience. If you know what's good for you, you'll come out and bang your head when SKELETONWITCH comes to your town. WORSHIP THE WITCH!

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