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Esitu Biography

Other-worldly, ethereal, intricate, thought-provoking, imaginative, inspiring, beautiful, chilling, energetic, exciting, complex, terrifying, surreal, unique, ESITU.On June 21, 2002, an unknown band exploded onto the Seattle music scene with all the force, passion, and dedication that five musicians can put into their art form. Since then, they have toiled relentlessly to revolutionize the way people think of music. The members of ESITU came together by different chance meetings to take the common style of hard rock and make it uncommon.ESITU (pronounced eh-SEE-too) is a band that works hard to make sure people know there are different choices in the music scene. From handing out hundreds of flyers for each show, to spreading the word on the internet, to placing newspaper ads, ESITU is making a statement: rock is changing. Any person visiting Seattle would be hard-pressed to attend a show and find much more than your standard 4/4 time signature, three-chord progression rock. Not so at an ESITU show, and the masses have noticed. Their goal is to combine each members influences with a new spin of technicality, and intricacy to form a style that is familiar, but still unique and imaginative.From coast to coast, their fan base is growing. In Seattle, ESITU packs the clubs with fans eager to hear what they have to offer. On the internet, ESITU has several communities and forums teeming with members discussing the music and querying the band. From word-of-mouth alone, countless people have emailed and requested constant updates and information about the band, its members, and upcoming events. And in the venues, hundred of fans show up to each concert to experience the emotion, energy, and passion that ESITU emanates from the stage.On January 7, 2005, ESITU took the ideas and emotions of the music they love from their minds into your stereo with the release of their debut full-length album, Psychometry. Be sure that SWS, Evil Matt, Willem IV, Mr. Black, and Jeff D Zigweid will work ever harder to accomplish their goals of creating beautiful rock, moving their fans deeply, and revolutionizing an art form.

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