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CX Kidtronik
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CX Kidtronik Biography

Growing up, CX Kidtronik first heard rap on a D-cell Sanyo boom box with flashing red lights. After watching his cousin Kid Wiz DJ, he knew right then and there that he needed to get behind the decks as well. He was in the sixth grade. Influenced by D.ST., the sexual fire of Rick James, and Mantronix' electro thump, CX began to spin and create his own beats on Mattel Synsonic drums.By the early ' 90s, CX was the producer and head of Atlanta supergroups K.I.N. (which featured Saul Williams) and the Furthur 3 MCs. His over-the-top, high-energy performances were influential in putting the dirty in the dirty south and inspiring the bugged-out sounds of today. His monumental Atlanta shows drew both the attention of Lil' John and Andre 3000. K.I.N.'s mosh pits inspired Cypress Hill's 'Insane in the Membrane' video, which was filmed right after doing a show with them at the ATL's infamous Masquerade club.CX toured with Anti-Pop Consortium and Airborn Audio as their DJ. Recently, he' s been touring heavily worldwide with Saul Williams as his DJ and backup singer, creating tape-only mixes that are bootlegged around the world, and performing all over NYC. You can catch him every other Tuesday and thursday at Tribe, The Bunker at Subtronic, and performing with his punk-rap outfit Deuce Gangsta at Rothko with Warp Records' Team Shadetek. He' s even performed entire shit-themed sets at notorious Williamsburg hot spot Wolf+Lamb. Live sets feature his signature keyboard stylings (which have been known to involve rubbing his synths on girl's backyards), live drum machine antics, video game sound effects and multi-genre DJ sets that are mixed slicker than AstroGlide.In 2006, CX Kidtronik is ready to pop all over the face of the nation. His long-awaited KraK attacK (which will feature High Priest of Antipop, Ram:ell:zee, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, MF Grimm, and Agallah of Purple City) is the most anticipated release on Sound-Ink Records. After dirtying up the south with his own forward-thinking flavor of crunk, spreading his punk-hip hop-sex funk all around the five boroughs and beyond, CX Kidtronik is back on that ass in the '06.

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