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"It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock 'n Roll." That line from the AC/DC classic, "It's a Long Way to the Top," rings true for many legendary rock and metal bands who have persevered and overcome years of adversity to accomplish world-wide recognition. Writing good music is just one part of being successful. As difficult as that can be, creating and adhering to a sound marketing and business strategy is an equally important component to a musician's success.Those very different challenges must be accounted for in a musician's vision if they are to have a remote shot of making a living as a songwriter. The clearer the vision, the clearer the path to be taken, although vision and marketing alone don't guarantee a successful journey. A myriad of intangibles must also come into play at exactly the right times. The few uncompromising musicians who pride themselves on the integrity of their craft can surely plan to encounter a path less traveled and sewn with more mountains and valleys than the road clogged with chameleons sacrificing their visions to cash in on the current fads. For two decades, Jon Schaffer and his vehicle, ICED EARTH, have taken the long, high road of non-compromise to reach the rarified air breathed by those few who enjoy lasting commercial success writing and performing music in the Heavy Metal genre.While the journey to the top continues on, it certainly appears that the roughest roads of ICED EARTH'S journey are behind them. The dead end streets are now recognized for what they are and the open highway lies ahead for ICED EARTH. The vehicle's tank remains full of Jon's unique blend of high-octane passion and desire. Lessons learned over the past 20 years ("getting ripped off," and "getting had," not to mention "getting old," and "getting grey") have provided Jon with the ability to navigate through the fog and illusions of the music industry. But it wasn't always that way.Always grounded by a gut instinct grown keener with each passing year, a work ethic framed by inner integrity, and an unwavering commitment to give ICED EARTH fans nothing less than 100% of what he is capable of, has in turn rewarded Jon and ICED EARTH with one of the most loyal fan bases that any band in any genre could hope to enjoy. A fact that they are extremely appreciative of everyday.In 2007, Iced Earth released it's eighth full-length studio release, FRAMING ARMAGEDDON (Something Wicked Part 1), which expands the "SOMETHING WICKED" storyline first introduced in the trilogy of the same name appearing on the 1998 release, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. The SOMETHING WICKED story is so expansive and timely that a follow-up, full-length studio release will be issued in Fall 2008 to continue the story where FRAMING ARMAGEDDON ended. The pair of releases will form the pillars of a massive undertaking to tell one of the most complex and epic stories ever attempted in contemporary music. Indeed, the Burning Times for man have just begun...

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