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Guana Batz
Guana Batz Dates

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Guana Batz Biography

The Guana Batz were formed in 1983 in Feltham, Middlesex.The groups initial line up consisted of Pip Hancox (vocals), Stuart Osbourne (guitar), Dave 'Diddle' Turner (drums) Mick Wigfall (Double Bass). This line up didn't relase any material and so Stuart told Mick he favoured an electric bass at that time and that's how Mick White replaced him. Then in 1984, the Guana Batz opted for a double bass player again, which was Sam Sardi.In May 1987, Diddle decided to quit the band as he had decided by then that the hectic touring schedule was beyond him, and elected to dedicate his life to the pursuit of 'love and money' (his building job and his girlfriend). He was replaced by former Get Smart sticksman, Johnny Bowler, who now plays Slap Bass for the band, with John Buck on drums.Diddle sadly died in the summer of 2001 from a stroke, he is still sadly missed by all his friends and family.          The Guana Batz also boasted a fifth member, Pip's Staffordshire Bull terrier Pig Dog and after Pig Dog died in a car accident, he was replaced by Muttley who starred on no less than four Guana Batz album covers.Stuart still lives in the London area with his wife and baby. He also plays for a band called The Unknowns.    Pip has since relocated to San Diego, with Johnny Bowler joining him in California.Johnny Bowler now plays bass for the band, having started out as their drummer. He too lives in San DiegoSam Sardi was last heard of living in Southend on Sea..John Buck now plays drums for the band 

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