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The Ting Tings
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The Ting Tings Biography

Katie White and Jules De Martino needed a name for the "unintentional band" they'd created in 2007. For the sheer fun of it, Katie (vocals, guitar and bass drum) and Jules (vocals, drums, electronics) had begun writing songs together and doing impromptu shows as a two piece. Suddenly, they were generating massive excitement at a series of house parties at Manchester's Islington Mill, a derelict cotton mill from the Industrial Revolution converted into a thriving underground artist collective housing painters, filmmakers, writers, sculptures, musicians and more. Word of mouth on the Ting Tings' live shows was ecstatic and attendance increased exponentially with each successive gig. "At the first one," Katie remembers, "there were 25 artists in the Mill and a couple of friends. At the second one, they told a hundred of their friends. The third one was advertised on local radio, which was really weird because it was a house gig. And, on the fourth one, the head of Sony America came and sat on the floor with all the UK music industry people. It happened really quickly and really unexpectedly." Following a show-stopping performance at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival, the Ting Tings embarked on a UK university tour in October 2007. The group appeared in a series of shows in the coveted opening slot on the 2008 Shockwaves NME Awards Tour. The Ting Tings were voted #3 on the BBC's 'Top 10 To Watch In 2008', the much-watched list of emerging acts in the annual BBC 6 Music poll, Sound Of 2008, which observed: "The pair have now…become one of the most credible and critically-acclaimed groups on the indie scene." After signing with Columbia Records, the Ting Tings brought the duo's cutting edge electro-indie-pop sounds to the states with two performances at this year's South By Southwest (SxSW) music festival and a coast-to-coast mini-tour of select US art house and alternative music spaces. In April 2008, Apple began running an iPod iTunes commercial featuring silhouetted dancers grooving to the Ting Tings track "Shut Up and Let Me Go." The ad may be seen on national television as well as the Apple website. The Ting Tings recently finished work on their debut album, We Started Nothing, recorded by themselves at Islington Mill in Manchester. "We didn't expect this to happen," says Katie. "I think that's why it worked. Because we were so carefree we just made the music for us, not for anybody else. We just wrote songs that we loved. It's all going really well and I don't know what it all means. We're just going to go blow the wind. We got this far without pre-planning or sitting down with battle plans."

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