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Jeffree Star
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Jeffree Star Biography

What can you say about Jeffree Star that hasn't been scrawled in blood and other assorted bodily fluids in dirty bathrooms all over the southern United States, or said by the whorish super promoter himself, or written in countless internet paparazzi blogs, or dreamt about by millions of teenagers and just as many adult closet mannequins? Easily one of MySpace's most identifiable names, Jeffree Star, 21, carries the torch as an "internet celebrity," "the queen b***h in the underground" but with an upcoming record and television show, it's only a matter of time before 'The Queen of The Beautifuls' shatters the underground and emerges as the new face of exquisiteness in American pop culture. Star has also been quite an avid reader since disconnecting himself from the Hollywood club scene, which played a vital role in jump-starting his career as a celebrity makeup artist at age 16. Eventually, his club going discipline worked to his advantage; suddenly everyone knew his name. Everyone was everywhere, claustrophobic, smothering, and strangely and perpetually, comforting. Everyone wanted a picture taken with him and everyone wanted to know where he was going next. He now attends shows and kids maul him. He gives out more autographs than bands, and he spits more profound makeup advice than MAC or Revlon. The latest news for Star is a soon to be announced TV show, a brand new album and so much more. His songs have been played on MTV shows like "NEXT" & he guest appeared on America's Next Top Model, appeared in magazines such as LA Weekly (cover story), Swindle, Venus, Frontier's, ID, Daily News and countless more.. It's clear that Jeffree Star is much more than just another pretty face, the stoic battle to remain at the top is ahead for him, so stand back or be eaten, or worse, be gored with a vicious stiletto heel.

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