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Keep of Kalessin
Keep of Kalessin Dates

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Keep of Kalessin Biography

Keep of Kalessin spawned back in 1994, under the name Ildskjaer, by hand of Ghash and Obsidian C., later joined by Vyl and Warach. The band's violent yet dark and epic Black metal as well as the somewhat mysterious monicker and lyrics, are inspired by the work of fantasy of the American writer U. Le Guin 'The Earthsea Quartet'. In the year 2000 the line-up split due to personal reasons, but guitarist and songwriter Obsidian C. wouldn't let that stop him. He continued to make Kalessin-style music and developed his own style even more. This ultra-fast, brutal and yet melodic style needed a drummer, but in the small town of Trondheim he was unable to find one that could keep up with his riffing. Almost three years would pass and then he was offered the job in Satyricon after he had auditioned and played the ass off some 30 other guitarists from all over the world who had applied for the job. As soon as he was a part of Satyricon he was also in contact with one of black metal's fastest and most brutal drummers, Frost! Frost heard the new Keep Of Kalessin material and immediately said yes when Obsidian C. asked him to do the drumming on his new EP. Touring with Satyricon also made it possible for Obsidian C. to recruit the legendary Attila Csihar who did the vocals on Mayhem's 'De Mysteriis dom Sathanas'. The three piece line-up recorded the "Reclaim" EP, released in 2004 and put the band into the Elite black metal scene of Norway, but due to the distance between Frost, Attila and Obsidian C. this line-up couldn't last. Obsidian C. is determined to bring Keep Of Kalessin to the masses and has seen that live performances is a must for doing that. He has teamed up with early Kalessin drummer Vyl and found a perfect replacement for Attila as well as a new bassplayer. Together with lyricwriter from the Reclaim EP, Torstein Parelius, Obsidian C. has for the past two years been working on the new album entitled "Armada". This album is anticipated to bring Keep Of Kalessin even further into the Elite ranks Norwegian metal along with bands like Emperor, Satyricon, Immortal, Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir. The album will be a huge epic masterpiece which will be a massive blow to the worldwide metal scene. It is melodic, but it's still fast and grim and every song on the album is said to bring goosebumps from top to toe!

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