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"all capitals" is the collaboration of three passionate musicians living in the Denver metro area---we are Jim,Tony and Paul---our music is our product and our hearts are in our music, but, our hearts are not for sale. It is our goal to share with you our perspectives of the world through our music and hopefully, to reach a few people with profound likeness---with our minds strapped to our sides and our night-vision goggles strapped around our heads; we are marching forward. Seeking out the Dragon who rules in tyrany over civilizations of traditional complacent obedience. We fight without arrogance and seek no reward, but without participation, our battle is futile. After all, it's just rock n' roll, and it's no secret that rock n' roll is fun! So if you ever get a chance, listen to the recordings... But the best way to experience "all capitals" is live!

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