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The Omens
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The Omens Biography

Omen- an occurrence that is believed to be a supernatural indicator of future good or evil!

The Omens are a four piece Beat-Punk combo from Colorado USA that formed in January of 2004. The Omens were formed out of the common desire to create music that would be a new alternative to the bland, canned and trendy sounds currently being heard on airwaves and in live music centers around the world.

Combining the influences of countless Beat and Club bands from the Sixties(such as The Moonrakers, The Seeds, Rainy Daze, Yardbirds, Soothsayers, Them, The Fe Fi Four + 2 and countless others) along with their own experimentation and creativity, -The Omens have developed a sound and style all their own.

The band is a group effort featuring-Matt Hunt on 4-string guitar and backing vocals, Eddie Breidenbach Organ, Harp and Maracas, Michael Daboll 6-string guitar, singing, and Sam Shiel on drums and percussion. 2007 is sure to be a big year for the band so get on the train to Hipsville with the Omens and leave your mind far behind. Ticket Please.


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