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Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston Dates

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Daniel Johnston Biography

Daniel Dale Johnston (b. January 22, 1961) is a singer, songwriter, musician, and artist. Johnston was the subject of the 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. He currently lives in a house adjacent to his parents' home in Waller, Texas. His early songs established a number of themes that would persist through Johnston's career: unrequited love, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and comic book superheroes, especially Captain America and Jack Kirby's other works. Many of Johnston's songs and art reveal a propensity to proselytize for his conception of Christianity, warning about the devil, and a fixation on the number 9. Johnston has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His songs are often called "painfully direct," and tend to display a blend of childlike naivete with darker, "spooky" themes. Johnston's earliest recordings present him singing in a high register. However, throughout the nineties his voice acquired a new character and tone and an altogether different style of delivery and diction. This may have been inspired by a mixture of the damage done by smoking, tooth loss and medication prescribed to control his disorder. His performances often seem faltering or uncertain; one critic writes that Johnston's recordings range from "spotty to brilliant."

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