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Drive A
Drive A Dates

Sorry, there are no Drive A dates.

Drive A Biography

Drive A isn't just entering the rock scene, they're kickin' in the door. These 4 young musicians from Los Angeles have an irresistible modern edge with a classic rock vibe. Drive A is the Real Deal...they write their own music and are credible musicians. They just completed their full length record with Grammy Award winning Producer Julian Raymond. This fall Drive A opens for rock legends Cheap Trick. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue said, "These boys are SERIOUS!! Everyone better watch out or start practicing more." Don Henley of The Eagles stated, "I'm shocked by the precision of the band & how accomplished they are beyond their years." The energy of their live shows kicks ass. They've opened for Rock Star Supernova, Sugarcult, Camp Freddy & Panic Channel. They played at Blender magazines SXSW event where they were showcased on VH1 music news. They are driven with an incredible work ethic. They are on a be the biggest band in the world!

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