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Rahsaan Patterson
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Rahsaan Patterson Biography

Times change. We see new loves, new challenges, shifts in values, and shifts in scene. As experienced by singer and songwriter Rahsaan Patterson on his new CD Wines & Spirits, we witness the powerful evolution of an artist who has always reached beyond the norms to challenge ears and minds. Emerging from personal firestorms, Patterson has been tried, tested, and found true, and his journey to artistic rebirth is documented on this, his latest release on Artistry Music. Musically, the new album ventures further into territory that Patterson has hinted at in the past: Ambient sound, rock, jazz, hip-hop, and gospel. As always, Patterson skillfully weaves multi-layered meanings into his lyrics, a complex simplicity that gives the tunes a haunting quality. It is also an unapologetic expression of Patterson the man, for while Wines & Spirits possesses the same sense of rambunctious musical joy that Rahsaan is known for, it's tempered by the knowledge that joy is often won through tears. His unique sense of melody and lyric soon netted him songwriting placements, with hit songs for Tevin Campbell, Chico DeBarge, Christopher Williams, and Jody Watley. Together with producer Keith Crouch, he wrote the triple-platinum selling "Baby", which reached Number One on the national charts in 1994 and helped launch Brandy's multi-faceted career. Along the way, Patterson shared his artistry on soundtracks "Love & Basketball", "Dr. Doolittle", "Two Can Play That Game", "Hoodlum", "Brown Sugar", as well as the renowned comedian Steve Harvey's compilation Sign Of Things To Come. He has also consistently worked with a range of instrumental artists, including guitarist Jonathan Butler, saxophonists Boney James and Jimmy Sommers, and keyboardist Brian Culbertson. Combining Rahsaan's three solo releases -- with songs he has written and performed on soundtracks and songs written and recorded by outside artists, Patterson has contributed music to more than ten million CDs sold to date. "As I get older and look back at my accomplishments, I'm quite surprised and amused with what I have achieved and things I've done," Patterson laughs. Not one to create music for strictly commercial considerations, the artist has been able to keep the integrity of his artistry intact. "My music is always layered, it's always personal and spiritual and it's always my relationship with my listener," he says. "You listening to my album is my conversation with you."

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