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VHS or Beta Biography

Formed in 1997 in the indi-rock hotbed that is Louisville, Kentucky (home to indie legends like Squirrel Bait to Slint), VHS or Beta - today a trio comprising core members, Pfunder, bassist mark Palgy and drum Mark Guidry - initially began via an obsession with the indie noise-rock of the late-90s era. "Early on, I asked myself 'Do I want to make records for one group of people, or do I want to write songs for the world?'" That was the question that haunted Craig Pfunder during the creation of the band's new album, Bring On The Comets, set for release on August 28, 2007. One listen to the ambitious, yet almost defiantly catchy, material on Comets proves once and for all that, in this case, the world won. Then again, with each successive release VHS or Beta can always be depended on to break stylistic boundaries. With Bring On The Comets, however, the group Blender heralded as one of the rock's "Best New Bands" and Rolling Stones name an "Artist to Watch" makes its boldest moves yet. "Through the course of being a band we've experimented with a lot of different sounds," Pfunder explains. "But this record is about making a statement as far as us freeing ourselves any musical history we've had in our past."

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