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Shiny Toy Guns
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Shiny Toy Guns Biography

The road that led Shiny Toy Guns into the abyss — and now, triumphantly, back from it — was fraught with peril, full of steep grades, twists, potholes, detours and dead ends. That the Los Angeles-based quartet has emerged firing on all cylinders is testimony not only to its members’ artistic vision but to their personal renaissance.

“III,” the new album that reunites the original four members whose pioneering synth-pop and DIY ethic made Shiny Toy Guns worldwide sensations so many miles ago, is symbolic of that journey. On “III,” their first album in almost four years, the band refines its signature electronic sound with a collection of exuberant, intensely personal songs about life, love, loss and redemption.

To create them, though, the foursome — Carah Faye (vocals), Chad Petree (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Dawson (synth, bass) and Mikey Martin (drums) — was forced to heal the fissures that began showing even as they were sharing their Grammy-nominated debut, “We Are Pilots” (2006), to hungry audiences.

That rift resulted in Faye departing Shiny Toy Guns for their second album, “Season of Poison” (2008), moving to Sweden and finding her own place as a songwriter (and, she adds, as a human being). Only after Dawson and Martin traveled to Sweden for a series of soul-searching conversations were the friendships that made Shiny Toy Guns such a special unit patched.


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