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The Dollyrots
The Dollyrots Dates

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The Dollyrots Biography

The Dollyrots are one girl and two boys. They're a punk rock band but their CDs are very pop. Kelly is sugar sweet but mischevious and might sucker punch you if you're dumb enough to try her patience. Which she has a lot of, if she hasn't been visiting with her friends Jack, Jim or Jameson. She likes to do girl things like grow plants and sew up her t-shirts and crochet and make strawberry cakes. But, she also likes to play her basses til they are sprinkled with blood and drives soo fast she's not allowed behind the wheel and is getting really good with the balisong she stole from her boss who used it as a letter opener. She likes to get carsick reading and send postcards from the road so send her your address or favorite book (really!). Please don't send it if you don't want The Dollyrots knocking on your door next tour looking for a floor and a shower! Then there is Luis... Luis is mysterious. And very smart. He is one of those guys who you meet and think maybe you'd join his cult. I hear he has his own religion, based on the Sun God so it's not really a stretch. Ask him about it sometime; he'll tell you about freaking that room full of people out while rambling about western religion while on some weird head trip. He is also known to get feisty when he's hungry or afraid he's getting sick. Which he seems to get all the time due to a combo weak immune system/paranoid disposition. He would like a dog when there's room for one on tour. A medium sized one like Snoopy, or maybe just a giant South American Sewage Rat.. It's really easy to get Luis to flinch, he's not crazy about people touching him. Maybe it's because he was abducted when he lived in Ecuador as a child. He likes good brit punk, music of the early 90's because it's honest and don't forget Chuck Berry and Patsy Cline. On the road he likes to read parts of books and stare out the window. He's good to talk to. Chris Black grew up in the Midwest and moved to Los Angeles from Michigan. His first band was not The Dollyrots but we were tour pals since 2004 and have shared a van, barf bags, and near death experiences across the US a couple of times. He's an all around awesome dude. One way to his heart is food; he eats burritos at least once a day even if he's in Wisconsin and they're covered in tater tots. He loves skater girls, a good truck stop, talk radio, and ninjas. Grew up on East Bay stuff like Fifteen, MTX, & ye olde Green Day. He met Phyllis Diller once and she said he looked like a young Elvis Presley. Talk to Chris, you'll like him. The Dollyrots have a keen album BECAUSE I'M AWESOME out on BLACKHEART RECORDS and a previous record on LOOKOUT RECORDS. They are currently either on the road somewhere in America or feeding their pets back home in Los Angeles.

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