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Dwele Dates

Sorry, there are no Dwele dates.

Dwele Biography

Born Andwele (which, translated from Swahili, means "God has brought me"), he's an offspring of the hip-hop generation, one who pays homage to and can recite the musical traditions of years, decades, past. A self-professed devotee of jazz and R&B, he's been known to keep his ears pressed against speakers blaring the sounds of Miles, Marvin, Donnie, Stevie and on the next beat, he acknowledges the efforts of his contemporaries - think Faith, Tweet, Bobby Valentino and even Mike Jones - rumbling from deep down in the dirty South. He understands that in music, as in life, change remains an inevitable force. "I like the fact that music constantly evolves," he notes, "because that's what keeps the game exciting. It's like one day we're rapping and the next day, we're whispering."


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