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Crossfade Biography

Take four members of awkwardly diverse musical tastes and backgrounds - it can only be called...CROSSFADE!!! Incorporating several genres of music - Crossfade cooks up a "witches brew" of soaring vocals, mind bending guitars, face pummeling drums, and musical styles that stretch across a broad spectrum of the music world. Combining hooks that sway even the toughest music critics and musical talent that draws in the keen ears of the musicians in the crowd.

After the 10 year "overnight sensation" of the Platinum selling, award winning "self titled" Crossfade album, they re-invented their sound once again for the August '06 release of Falling Away. Unswayed by what the "know nothing" critics of the world called popular rock music, they once again proved to many that the band was full of surprises and never scared to play from their hearts. Ed, Mitch, James, and Les form a musical bond few have attained - taking the U.S. and the rest of the world by storm with their live interpretations of songs that wow crowds of all ages.

Crossfade will continue to push musical boundaries and incorporate them with the sound that is easy to spot by anyone who has become a fan with the first two releases. Stayed tuned to this site for the latest news, pictures, and sneak peaks at some of our newest material that will ultimately appear on our newest release in early '08.


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