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White Flag Raised
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White Flag Raised Biography

White Flag Raised started off as "Ben Weir Acoustix", which was front man Ben Weir's way of getting his music out to the ears of his close friends. He has been close friends with White Flag Raised guitarist Josh Smith since they were in high school together. It was both of there desires to perform music in front of an audience and to be a light to a world of darkness. They quickly partnered up while releasing the "I'm Still Breathing EP"(released Sept. 13th, 2011), which Ben had composed all by himself. Soon after they tried out a few drummers and found their current drummer... Christopher "Rockbox" Kreiger.


On January 28th, 2012, White Flag Raised began playing shows. Since that day, they have added member Jordan Kirkbride on Lead Guitar. They released the "Unsinkable EP"(available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify) on August 18th, 2012. It was recorded at Olsen Audio inWestminsterColorado. From January 28th, 2012 until February 23rd, 2013 they had played 30 concerts and performed at over 12 different venues including theDenverfavorite Gothic Theatre, which has hosted some of music's greatest artists.


White Flag Raised also went on tour in June 2013. Their musical journey is one which has required a lot of hard work and dedication. Ultimately, White Flag Raised dedicates every concert they play to God. Without Him, there would be no WFR. White Flag Raised gives all the glory to God for their success, and hopes to touch people's hearts with the light of Jesus.


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