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The ピーズ The 004 The 012 The 0 feat. DJ Chewitt II and Excrete The $1000 Playboys The 1001 Nights Project The 100 Lists The "100" Men The 101 The 101ers The 101's 1077 The End’s Deck The Hall Ball 10CM The 10p Mixes The 10th Planet The 11th Commandment The 11th Hour The 11th Tomorrow The 1, 2, 3, 4s The 12th Man The 13th Hour The 13th Power The 13th Sign The 13th Tribe The 1,4,5's The 14th Wray The 150 Friends Club The 150 Murderous Passions The 15-40s The 16 Deadly Improvs The 16 Strings The 17th The 17th Avenue All-Stars The 17th Pygmy The 180 Gs The 1900s The 1929 Depression The 1937 Flood The 1959 Hat Co. The 1969 Club The 1970 England World Cup Football Squad The 1977 British & Irish Lions The 1978ers The 1983 The 1985 The 1989 Chicago Cubs The 19th Letter: S.U.P.R.E.M.E. The 19th Whole The #1 Cigs The #1s The 1st Battalion Scots Guards The 1st Century The 1st National Band The 1st Team Squad 1979 The 20 Belows The 20 Club The 20th Century The 21st Century The 21st Century Boy The 21st Century Monads The 21st Impact 21 Taras The 2+2=5 Ensemble The 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment The 239 Scams The 241ers The 244GL The 24seven The 255s The 27 Various The 28th Street Crew The 2 Bears The 2 G's The 2H.2H. Crew The 2 Jays The 2nd Amendment Band The 2nd Colony The 2nd Floor The 2 of Clubs The 2 Tears The 2 Zigg Zaggs The 3½ The 3000 Series The 303s The 3 1/2 The 31st of February The 32-Bit Handhelds The 352 Boyz The .357 String Band The 360's The 3856 The 39Steps The 3 City 4 The 3-D Invisibles The 3 Ds The 3 Foot People The 3 Jacksons The 3 Jays The 3 Kings The 3 Knights The 3M Company The 3 Mosketeers The 3 of Us The 3 Pelves The 3 Players The 3rd The 3rd & 4th Generation The 3rd Alternative The 3rd and the Mortal The 3rd Culture The 3rd Fire The 3rd Generation Band The 3rd Man The 3rd Way The 3some The 3 Zomics The 411 The 4130's The 440's The 44th Street Fairies The 45 King The 45s The 45's The 462nd Zinnias The 484 South Band The 49 Americans The 49ers The 49th Line The 4Colours The 4 Deep Tones The 4 Deuces The 4 Graduates The 4 Haven Knights The 4 Instants The 4 Jacks The 4 Man Hillbilly Grindcore Orchestra The 4 of Us The 4 Sivits The 4‐Skins The 4-Squares The 4th The 4th Layer The 4th Space The 4th Street Orchestra The 4th Subscriber The 4th Wave The 4 Tunes The 4 Winds The 4X4 Quartet The 5 The 5000 Fingers of Dr T The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett The 50 Milers The 50 Ways The 515 Incident The 524 The 52 Key Verbeeck Fairground Organ The 5:30 The 54 All-Stars The’s The '57 Incident The 57th Dynasty The 5am Event The 5 Browns The 5 Canadians The 5 Chanels The 5 Chavis Brothers The 5 Dops The 5 Dukes Of Rhythm The 5 Echoes The 5 Elements Dreaming The 5ive The 5 Jones Boys The 5 Larks The 5 Notes The '5' Royales The 5 Royales The '5' Royals The 5 Sharps The 5th Dimension The 5th Magnitude The 5th Plateau The 5 Willows The 5 Wings The 65D Mavericks The 65 Film Show The 69ers The 6project The 6th Principle The 6ths The 7 The 7-11's The 7.20's The 757s The 77's The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band The 7A3 The 7 Inch Project The 7 Mile Stare The 7th Avenue Aviators The 7th Circle The 7th Guest The 7th Plain The 7th Plane The 80/20 Rule The 80's The 86Replique The 87 The '87 Stick Up Kids The '89 Cubs The 8mm Fuzz The 8th The 8th Day The 8th Grade The 8th Note The 9 The 909sadist The 909 Soldiers The 90 Voice Sound Awareness Ensemble The 925s The 9:30 Collective The 990's The 99ers The 99th Floor The 9ine The 9th/12th Royal Lancers The 9th Creation The A-10 The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra The Aardvarks The Aardvarks The Aardvarks The Aaron Clift Experiment The Aaron Keylock Band The Aaron Sisters The Aasee Lake The Aay Jays The Aba Khibesizwe Choir The A Band The Abandoned The Abandoned Hearts Club The Abattoir Murders The Abbasi Brothers The Abbe Samuels Band The Abbey Road Ensemble The Abbeys The Abbey Tavern Singers The Abbot Kinney Lighthouse Choir The Abbott The Abbreviations BP The ABC Club The ABC&D Of Boogie Woogie The ABC Showband The Abdomen The Abdominal Showmen The Abduction Cabinet The Abductors The Abe Lincoln Story The Aberlour's The Abigails The Abiotx The Able Band The Abner The Abnormal The Abnormals The Abodox The A-Bombs The Abominable Iron Sloth The Abominable Surfmen The Abominable Twitch The Abominations The A-Bones The Abootays The Aborted The Above The Abrahammer The Abrams Brothers The Abramson Singers The Abs The Absentee The Absentees The Absentees The Absent Sound The Absinthe Glow The Absinthe Groove The Absolute The Absolute Family The Absolute Film Orchestra The Absolute Zeros The Absouljah The Abstainers The Abstractions The Abstract Monarchy Trio The Abstracts The Abstracts The Abstract Sound The A-B Theory The Abuse The Abused The Abyss The Abyss The Abyss The Abyss The Abyssinian Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir The Abyssinians The A.C. The A.C.A.B. The Academics The Academy The Academy Allstars The Academy of Maqâm The Academy Singers The Academy Students The Acafellas The Acapellas The ACBs The Accelerants The Accelerators The Accelerators The Accent The Accents The Accident The Accidental The Accidentals The Accidentals The Accidentals & Jamie deRoy The Accident Experiment The Accidents The Accidents The Accidents The Accident That Led Me to the World The Accolade The Accomplice The Accordeonicas The Accordeon Kids The Accused The Accuser The Ace The A.C.E. The Ace Cats The Ace of Clubs The Ace of Cups The Aces The Aces The Aces The Aces The Acetones The Ace-Tones The Aches The Achtung Achtung The Acid The Acid Addicts The Acid Boyz The Acid Gallery The Acid Mothers The Acid Test The Acid Warriors The A-Class Crew The Acolyte The Acorn The Acorns The Acousticals The Acousticats The Acoustic Deejay The Acoustic Guitar Troubadours The Acoustic Hoods The Acoustics The Acoustics The Acoustic TV The Acoustolics The Acquaintance Ensemble The Acrobrats The Acro-brats The Acrotomoans The Act The Act The Act The Act The Action The Action The Action The Action The Action 13 The Actionauts The Actioneers The Action Is The Actionmen The Actions The Actions The Action Suits The Action Time The Action Transfers The Activity The Act of Breathing In The Act of Estimating as Worthless The Act of Fortune The Actor The Actors The Actors Pedantry The Actual The Actualities The Actual Tigers The Acute The Acutes The A.D The Adalusian Dogs The Adam Brown The Adam & Eve Project The Adam Makowicz Trio The Adams The Adam Simmons Quartet The Adamski Kid The Adam White International Falconeers' Drum Corps The Adarna The Adcock Family The Addictions The Addict Merchants The Addicts The Adding Machine The Additive The Add Libs The Addrisi Brothers The Adelines The Adelphies The Adelphis The Adicts The Adiemus Singers The Adjectives The Adjusters The Adjustments The Ad Libs The Administrators The Admiral The Admirals The Admirals The Admirals The Admirals The Admirals The Admirations The Admiriade The Adonii The Adopted The Adored The Adorkables The Adrenalin Corporation The Adult Film Stars The Adult Net The Adults The Advanced Book of Flowers The Advanced Groove Engineers The Advancement The Advantage The Advantes The Advent / Element3 The Advent Equation The Adventist The Adventure Babies The Adventure Company The Adventurers The Adventurers The Adventurers The Adventures The Adventures Of The Adventures of Daniel Lite The Adventures of Duane and BrandO The Adventures of Johnny Respect The Adventures of Loki The Adventures Of Loki The Adventures of Parsley The Adverts The Advisory Circle The Advocate The Advocates The Advocates The Æffect The Aeolians The Aerial The Aerium The Aeroplanes The Aerovons The Aesthetic Of Inner Terror The Afex The Affair The Affairs The Affected Affections The Affection The Affections The Affirmative The Afflicted The Affordables Blues Band The African Brothers The African Brothers International Band The African Dream The African Jazz Pioneers The African Juice The African Messengers The African National Congress Choir The African Spirit Society The Afrigo Band The Afrika Korps The Afro-American Ensemble The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One The Afrobuttock Express The Afro-Cuban Band The Afro Jazz Beat The Afro Love Project The Afro Massengers The Afromotive The Afronauts The Afro Rhythm Group The Afros The Afros Band The Afrosheens The Afrotech Project The After Affect The Afterbeat The Afterdarks The Afterglow The Afterglow The Afterglows The After Hours The Afterimage The Afternoon Gentlemen The Afternoon Tea-Baggers The Afterparty The After Party The Afters The After-School Special The Aftershow Party The Afterstate The Afterworld vs. Darwin The Aftons The Agadoos The Agency The Agency The Agency... The Agency Group The Agenda! The Agent The Agent The Agents The Agents The Agents The Agents The Agents The Agents and Frank Pourcel The Age of Electric The Age of Rockets The Age of Space The Age of Steam The Aggravation The Aggression The Aggressions The Aggressor The Aggrobeats The Aggronauts The Aggro-Nuts The Aggrovators The Aghori Cup The Agitated The Agitator The Agitators The Agnews The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir The Agressor The Agrestix The A Group The A.G's The AGS Boys The Ah Club The Ahead of Our Time Orchestra The Ahmad Jamal Trio The Aids Brigade The Aikiu The Ailerons The Aimless Never Miss The Aim of Design Is to Define Space The Ainsworth Singers The Aints The A.I. of Rah The Airbags The Air Castles The Air Collective The Aircrash Bureau The Airfields The Air Force Band of the Pacific The Airforce Team The Airlines The Airplane Boys The Airplane Crashers The Airplanes The Airstatic The Air Transport Command Band The Airwave Orchestra The Airwaves The Aislers Set The A-Jacks The AKA Method The AKA Project The Ak Band The A-Kings The Aki Takase Septet The Akrabolts The Akrylykz The A.K.T. The Alabama Barnstormers The Alabama Kid The Alabama Singers The Alacrity The Aladdins The Aladeenies The Alaev Family The Alaev Family and Tamir Muskat The Alamo The Alan Bamford Musical Experience The Alan Bown! The Alan Bown Set The Alan Broadbent Trio The Alan Copeland Singers The Alan Ibell Band The Alan Kelly Gang The Alan Milman Sect The Alan Milman Sect +Man-Ka-Zam The Alan Parsons Project The Alan Price Rhythm & Blues Combo The Alan Tew Latin Sound The Alan Tew Orchestra The Alarm Clocks The Alarmist The Alarmists The Alaska The Alaskan Pipeline The Alaska Polka Chips The Albacore Pageant The Albatross Helmet Collective The Albertans The Alberts The Albion Band The Albrich The Albrights The Albuhera Band of The Queens Regiment The Alcan Warriors The Alchemist The Alchemist The Alchemizt The Alchemysts The Al Cohn & Zoot Sims The Al Cohn & Zoot Sims Quintet The Alcons The Alcool Belly The Alcoskalics The Alcoves The Aldermen The Al Di Meola Project The Aldwych Players The Alec Wilder Octet The Aleems The Aleph The Alewives The Alexander The Alexander Brothers The Alexander Review The Alexanders The Alexandria Kleztet The Alexandria Quartet The Alex Blake Quintet The Alex Dixon Band The Alfonz The Algorithm The Alias The Alias The Alias Acoustic Band The Alibis The Alice Band The Alice Island Band The Alice Project The Alienator The Alien Blakk The Alien Crew The Alien Dead The Alien Gonzos The Alienist Outfit The Alien Mike E.T. The Aliens The Aliens The Aliens The Aliens The Alien Thing The Alienz The Aliis The A-Lines The Alison Project The A List The Alkemyst The All-American Boys Chorus The All-American Chorus The All-American Playboys The All‐American Rejects The Allan Vaché Sextette The All Blacks The Alleged The Allegheny Drifters The Allegiance The Allegrettes The Alleluia Singers The Allen Brothers The Allender Band The Allen Farnham Quartet The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble The Allen Street Crew The Allen Toussaint Band The Aller Værste! The Allesandro Allessandroni Singers The Alleycats The Alleycats The Alley Cats The Alley Cats The Alley Cats The Alley Cats The Alley Dukes The Alley Gators The Alley 'Gators The Alley Kats The Alleykatz The Alliance The Alliance The Allies The Allies The Allies The Alligator Brothers & The All Stars The Alligators The Alligators The Allisons The Alljacks The Allknowing The Allman Brothers Hour Band The Allman Joys The All New Adventures of Us The All New Rosie and Rachel Show The Allnighters The Allnighters The Allnight Workers The All Night Workers The Allniters The Allophons The All-Purpose Voltage Heroes The All Seeing Hand The Allseeing I The All Seeing I The Allsorts The All Star Band The All Star Breakers The All Star “Groovin’ Jazz” Band The All Star Orchestra The Allstar Project The Allstars The Allstars The All Stars The All Stars The All Stars The Allstars Collective The All Stars Stompers The Allstonians The Allumes The Allusions The All Ways The All Woman Brothers Band The Almanac Singers The Almighty The Almighty Arrogant The Almighty Devildogs The Almighty Dolla The Almighty GloryUs The Almighty Morrocco Stone of the Maya The Almighty Punchdrunk The Almighty R.S.O. The Almighty Trigger Happy The Almighty Ultrasound The Almost Famous The Almost Three The Aloha Hawaiians The Aloha Pussycats The Aloha Steamtrain The Aloof The A Lords The Alpentribe The Alpha Band The Alphabet The Alphabet The Alphabet Girls The Alphabetical Order The Alpha Child The Alpha Conspiracy The Alpha Machine The Alpha Male The Alpha Project The Alpha Rhythm The Alphatown Collective The Alpi Chorus The Alpine The Alpine Rage The Alps The Alps The Al Raymond All Star Jazz Band The Alrights The Alsatians The Al Saxon '40s Band The Alshire Singers The Altai Chamber Orchestra The Altairs The Al Tanner Trio The Altar The Alter Boys The Altered The Altered Egos The Altered Hours The Alter Ego's The Alternative Creators The Alter-Natives The Alternators The Altruistics The Al-Ubetcha Chorus The Aluku The Aluminum Group The Alumni The Alumni Jazz Band The Alvans The Alvin Lee Band The A.M. The Amalgamation of Soundz The Amalgamators The Amaryllis Consort The Amateur Dramatics The Amateurs The Amazing Bingo Band The Amazing BrandO The Amazing Delores The Amazing Elephant Man The Amazing Headstands The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement The Amazing Kappa The Amazing Keystone Big Band The Amazing Kill-O-Watts The Amazing Larrys The Amazing Marvin Suggs and His Muppaphone The Amazing Mr Smith The Amazing Onemanband The Amazing Onionheads The Amazing Pilots The Amazing Plaid The Amazing Rhythm Aces The Amazing Rolo The Amazing Rondini Brothers The Amazing Snakeheads The Amazing Stroopwafels The Amazing World of Arthur Brown The Amazing You The Ambassador The Ambassador The Ambassadors The Ambassadors The Ambassadors The Ambassadors of Harmony The Ambassadors of Sorrow The Ambassador Strings The Ambassy The Amber Electric The Amber Herd The Amberjacks The Amber Light The Amber Rock Association The Amber Room The Ambers The Amber Squad The Ambertones The Amber Waves The Ambience Affair The Ambience-Collective Of Norway The Ambient Visitor The Ambiguity The Ambition The Ambitions & Les King & The Beatniks The Ambitious Orchestra The Amboina Serenaders The Amboy Dukes The Ambrose Giants The Ambrosian Junior Choir The Ambrosian Singers The Ambulance The Ambulars The Ambush The A.M.D.A. The Ame The Amelia Smile The Amelies The A.M.E. Mother Zion Church Choir The Amen The American The American Analog Set The American Autumn The American Band of the AEF, conducted by Major Glenn Miller The American Blues Exchange The American Boychoir The American Breed The American Dollar The American Fiddle Ensemble The American Film Orchestra The American Flag The American Four The American Four (with Arthur Lee) The American Fuse The American Girls The American Hip The American Life The American Pilot The American Plague The American Psycho Band The American Revolution The Americans The American Scene The American Sisters The American-Swedish Spelmans Trio The American Wake The Ames Brothers The Ames Township Barber's Choir The A.M. Flyers The Amherst College Bluestockings The Amherst College DQ The Amigo Male Singers The Amigos The Aminals The Amino Acids The Amistad The Amit Golan Quintet The Amity Affliction The Ammonites The Amnesia Quartet The Amnesia Vivace The Amnesty Allstars The Amoeba The Amorettes The Amorist The Amorphous Strums The Amount of Light We Give Off The Amp The Amp The Amp The Ampersands The Ampex The Amphetameanies The Amphetamine Missionaries The Amphibians The Amplid The Amplifetes The Amplifier The Amplifier Strikes Back The AM Project The Amps The Amstel Octet The Amsterdam Jazz Quintet with Fee Claassen The Amsterdams The Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet The Amsterdam Wind Orchestra The Amy Davies Choir The Amygdaloids The Anabasis The Anacondas The Anacrones The Anaksimandros The Anal Fleas The Analog Girl The Analog Kid The Analog Roland Orchestra The Analogs The Analogue The Analogue Cops The Analogue Kid The Anal Treatment XXX-Perience The Anambra Beats The Ananda Project The Ananda Shankar Experience The Anansa Professionals The Anarchist The ANC Choir The Anchor The Anchor Boys The Anchoress The Anchorite Four The anchorites The Anchormen The Anchors The Anchors The Ancient Gallery The Ancient Greeks The Ancient Ones The Ancients The Ancient's Rebirth The Ancient Veil The Ancient War The Andantes The Anderson Brothers The Anderson Council The Andersons The Anderssons The Andi and George Band The And/Ors The Andrae Crouch Choir The Andraé Crouch Singers The Andre Collins Trio The André Previn Trio The Andrew Lloyd Webber Orchestra The Andrew Oldham Orchestra The Andrews Sisters The Android The Android Angel The Android Meme The Androids The Androids The Androids The Android Sisters The Androidss The Andychrist The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra The Andy Statman Quartet The Anecdotes The Angel The Angel Assassins The Angel Band The Angel Brothers and Ian McMillan The Angelcy The Angel/Devil The Angelettes The Angelical Voice Choir The Angelica Project The Angelic Brothers The Angelic Choir The Angelic Gospel Singers The Angelic Process The Angelics The Angelina Quartet The Angelmakers The Angelos The Angelo Strings The Angels The Angels The Angels Choir The Angel Sluts The Angels of Light The Angel Tree Children's Choir The Angelus The Anger Brothers The Angle Obscure The Anglers The Anglians The Anglin Brothers The Angling Loser The Anglin Twins (Jack and Jim) The Anglo German Low Stars The Anglo Persians The Anglos The Angoras The Angry The Angry Bootboys The Angry Cat The Angry Dead Pirates The Angryfolk Band The Angry Kids The Angry Orts The Angry String Orchestra The Angry Years The Angst The Angstones The Animal Band The Animal Five The Animalhouse The Animal in Me The Animal Pharm The Animals The Animals The Animals At Night The Animated Egg The Animators The Animen The Animit The Anita Kerr Quartet The Anjali Quartet The Ankh The Ankles The Ankou The Anna Bocci Band The Annapolis Brass Quintet The Anna Thompsons The Anniversary The Annoyed The Annoyers The Annoying The Annoying Orange The Annual Falling The Annuals The Anomalies The Anomaly Project The Anomaly Quintet The Anomalys The Anomoanon The Anonanons The Anonomous Crew The Anonymous The Anonymous Kid The Anonymous Mis The Anoraks The Anorexic Olsen Twin The Anothers The Ansion The Ansley Lister Band The Answer The Answer The Answer The Answering Machine The Answer Page The Antals The Antarcticans The Antartics The Ant Buddies The Antenna Band The Antennas The Anthem The Anthony Ortega Quartet The Anthorne Project The Anti-Bodies The Antichrist Imperium The Anti Doctrine The Antidote The Antidote vs. Spectrum The Antidote vs. Synthetic The Antidote vs. The Third Day Fundation The Anti Group The Antiheroes The Antikaroshi The Antikythera Mechanism The Antilles The Antioch Synopsis The Antiques The Antique Toys The Antiquity The Anti Retro Vinyls The Anti Traitors The Anti Troppau Council The Antix The Antonelli Orchestra The Antrackx The Antrim Mennonite Choir The Antripodean Collective The Ants The Ants The Antti Sarpila Quintet The Antwinnetts The Anvil The Anvil Band The Anxiety of Love The Anxious The Anyones The Anything Muppets The Anyways The Anywheres The Apaches The Apagya Show Band The Apartment The Apartments The Apathetics The Apathy Code The Apathy Eulogy The Ape The Ape Drape Escape The Apemen The Apemen The Aperion Project The Apers The Apes The Apes of God The Ape Which Hath No Name The Apex The Apex Beat The Apex Theory The Apexx The Aphorism The Aphren Flyers The Aphrodisiacs The APM Orchestra The Apocalyptic Faces The Apollas The Apollinaires The Apollo Commanders The Apollo Kids The Apollo Program The Apollos The Apollo Stompers The Apollo Voices The Apologist The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra The Apostates The Apostels The Apostles The Apostles The Apostles The APP The Appalachian Pickers The Apparatus The Apparitions The Appearance The Apple Cores The Apple Falls The Applejacks The Apple Juice Kid The Apple Miner Colony The Apple Moths The Apple Pies The Apples The Apple Sisters The Apple Trees The Appletree Theatre The Applicants The Appointments The Appreciation Post The Appreciations The Appreciation Society The Apprentice The Approach and the Execution The Approval The April Epidemic The April Maze The April Skies The April Tears The Aquabats! The Aquaholics The Aquamarines The Aquamen The Aquanauts The Aquanauts The Aquanettas The Aqua-Nites The Aquarian Age The Aquarians The Aquarians The Aquarium The Aquarium Rescue Unit The Aquarius The Aquasonics The Aquatones The Aquavelvets The Aqua Velvets The Aquinos The Arabian Knight The Arabians The Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra The Arabs The Arab Summit The Arachnids The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra The Arbitrarys The Arboreal Quartet The Arbors The Arc The Arc The Arcade The Arcadeans The Arcades The Arcade Version The Arcadians The Arcane Order The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble The Arcardian Kicks The ARC Choir The Arch The Archangel The Arch Cupcake The Arch Druids The Archers The Archestra The Archetype The Archibald Cox The Archibalds The Archies (1) The Archipelago Singers The Archipelago Singers The Architechs The Architect The Architect The Architect of European Decay The Architects The Architek The Architex The Archive The Archives The Archivist The Archivist The Arcitype The Arcs The Arctic Flow The Ard The Ardellis Ceili Band The Ardells The Arden Trio The Ardoin Brothers Band The Ardwyn Singers The ARE The Arekusandaa Project The Arena Brass The Arena Drive The Argentine Trio The Argonaut The Argonauts The Argonauts The Argo Singers The Argument The Argumentative Bastards The Argyles The Argyle Wishlist The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders The Århus Horns The Arid Sea The Aries Parallel The Aristocrats The Aristocrats The Aristocrats The Arizona Hayriders The Arizona's The Ark The Arkanes The Arkansas Barefoot Boys The Arkansas Travellers The Arka Teks The Arkhams The Arkitecht The Arklow Silver Band The Arkwoods The Arkwrights The Arlenes The Arm The Armada The Armadillos The Armadillos The Armadillo String Quartet The Armageddeans The Armando Rodrígues, Victor Rendón Latin Jazz Orchestra The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God The Armchair Resistance The Armchairs The Armies The Armin Electric Strings The Armin Family The Armistice The Armonist The Armorettes The Armoury Show The Arms of Someone New The Armstrong Brothers The Armstrong Family The Armstrong Twins The Army The Army Air Force Band The Army Tabernacle Choir The Arnø Family Combo The Arnold The Arnold Corns The Arnolds The Arondies The Arousers The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble The Arpeggios The Arrangers The Arrival The Arrival of Satan The Arrivals The Arrogants The Arrogant Sons of Bitches The Arrogant Worms The Arrow The Arrows The Arrows The Arrows The Arrows The Arrows The Arrows The Arrows & Stars The Arrs The Ars Nova Ensemble The Arson Project The Arsons The Art The Artattacks The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble The Art Blakey Quintet The Artbreaker The Art Club The Art Company The Art-Cons The a.r.t. Conspiracy The Art Ensemble of Chicago The Arteries The Art Farmer Quartet The Art Farmer Quintet The Art Farmer Septet The Art-form Unknown The Artful Dodgers The Art Goblins The Arthur Blythe Quartet The Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble The Arthur Family The Arthur Nelson Group The Arthur Smith Trio The Artichokes The Articles The Artie Ball Swing Band The Artie Scott Orchestra The Artifact The Artificial Arm The Artificial Sea The Artillery The Artisans The Artisans The Artist Formerly Known as Ponce The Artist Formerly Unknown The Artistics The Artistry The Art Museums The Art of Abandonment The Art of Butchery The Art of Dethronement The Art of Fact The Art of Fiction The Art of Fusion The Art of Hate The Art of Illusion The Art of Shooting The Art of the Legendary Tishvaisings The Art of Trumpet The Art of Voice The Art of Zapping The Art Reynolds Singers The Arts and Sciences The Art School Rejects The Art Table The Art Tatum/Benny Carter/Louie Bellson Trio The Art Tatum/Ben Webster Quartet The Art Tatum Sextet The Artwoods The Artyfacts The Arusha Accord The Aryan Aquarians The A's The Asbestos The Asbo Kid The Ascendant Masters The Ascendicate The Ascendors The Ascent The Ascent The Ascent of Everest The Ascetic Force The Ascetic Junkies The Ascid Project The Ascient Rebels The Ascot Royals The Ascots The Asha Experiments The Asháninka The Ashantis The Ash Eaters The Ashes The Ashes The Ashes in the Morning The Ashes of Piemonte The Ashgrove The Ashley Alexander Big Band The Ashley Hutchings Big Beat Combo The Ashley Hutchings Dance Band The Ashtray Hearts The Ashvins The Asia Gang The A-Sides The Asphalt The Asphodells The Assailants The Assassin The Assassination Collective The Assassinations The Assassinators The Assassins The Assassins The Assassins The Assassins With Soul The Ass Baboons of Venus The Assdroids The Assembled Multitude The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound The Assembly The Assembly The Assholes The Assist The Assistant The Assmen The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music The Associated British Studio Orchestra The Associates The Associates The Associates The Association The Association (1) The Association The Associaton The Assortment The Assrocket The Asstereoidiots The Assyrians The Astarte Orchestra of London The Asteroid Belt The Asteroid No. 4 The Asteroids The Asteroids Galaxy Tour The Asthmatics The Astonics The Astonishing Urbana Fall The Aston Shuffle The Astors The Astounding Roy Gorbisons The Astral Army The Astray The "A" Strings The Astrobillys The Astroboy The Astroboy & Old Jerusalem The Astrodome Warriors The Astroglides The AstroJet The Astrolabium Choir The Astronaut The Astronaut King The Astronauts The Astronauts The Astronauts The Astronauts The Astronauts The Astronauts The Astronauts in Babylon The Astronaut Suit The Astronettes The Astronoids The Astronomer The Astronomical Kid The Astrophunkers The Astrozombies The Astro Zombies The Asuza Plane The Aswān Troupe for Folkloric Arts The Asylums The Atari Babies The Atari.s The Atari Star The A&T Drumline (The Senate) The A-Team The A.T.E.E.M. The Athenians The Athiarchists The Atilla The Atlantic Brass Quintet The Atlantic Family The Atlantics The Atlantic Sinfonieatta The Atlas Mountains The Atlas Project The Atlas Theatre Company The Atlex The Atmosphere The Atmosphere Collection The Atmosphere Experience The Atmospheres The Atom Age The Atom Age Vampyres The Atomica Project The Atomic Bees The Atomic Bitchwax (1) The Atomic Bomb Audition The Atomic Crocus The Atomic Fireballs The Atomic Hep Cats The Atomic Hound Dog The Atomic Mosquitos The Atomic Numbers The Atomic Nurses The Atomic Rhythm All Stars The Atomics The Atomic Sherpas The Atom Miksa Reservation The Atoms The Atoms The Atom Smashers The atone The 'A' Train A Tribe Called Red (2) A Tribute to Prince The Atrix The Atrocity Exhibit The Atro "Wade" Mikkola Quintet The At’s The Attachments The Attack The Attack The Attack of the Fiesta The Attack People The Attaras The Attery Squash The Attic The Attica Underground The Attic Sound The Attika State The Attik Design Limited The Attorneys The Attraction The Attractions The Attractions The Attractor The Atwater Syndicate The Auburnaires The Auburn Straight The Auburn System The Auburn University Marching Band The Auctioneers The Audacity The Audible Doctor The Audience The Audio Arts Strings The Audio Infidels The Audio Thieves The Audreys The Au Go-Go's The August The Augusta Club The Augustana Choir The Augustine Twins The August List The August Prophecy The August Sons The Auld Town Pipe Band The Aulos Ensemble The Aulton Mob The Ault Sisters The Auracle The Auranaut The Auratones The Aurbisons The Aurelians The Auricle The Aurora Borealis The Aurora Project The Aurora Skies The Aussie Bush Band The Aussie Legends The Austerity Program The Austin Klezmorim The Australain Girls Choir The Australian Army Band Of The Third Military District The Australian Children's Choir The Australian Doors Show The Australian Opera The Australian Trio The Australian Voices The Austrasian Goat The Austrian Rundrunk-Ballroom Orchestra The Austrian Yodel Trio The Auteur The Auteurs The Authentics The Author The Authorities The Authority The Authors The Autistic Bongo Novices The Autistics The Autobiographical Dancers The Auto Body Experience The Autocollants The Autographs The Automasters The Automatic The Automaticans The Automatic Hearts The Automatics The Autono The Autonomads The Autopsy Report The Autumn Ashley Band The Autumn Leaves The Autumn Offering The Autumn Project The Autumn Rhythm The Autumns The Autumn's Regret The Autumn Stone The Autumn Stones The Autumn Teen Sound The Autumn View The Auvo Quartet The Aux Cajunals The Avalanche Diaries The Avalonian Free State Choir The Avalon Orchestra The Avalons The Avant Gardeners The Avant Gardeners The Avantis The Avatars The Avengers The Avengers The Avengers The Avengers The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul The Avenging Godfather The Avenging Lawnmowers of Justice The Avenue The Avenues The Avenues The Averner The Aves The Aviator The Aviators The Avocados The Avocets The Avoided The Avons The Awake The Awakening The Awakening The Awakening The Awakening Band The Awakenings Ensemble The Awakes The Awards The Away Days The Away Team The Away Team The Awesome Machine The Awesome Team The Awful Death The Awful Show The Awful Truth The Awkward Age The Awkward Romance The Axcents The Axel Boys Quartet The Axe Murderers of Product Marketing & AIR The A.X.E. Project The Axidentals The Axis of Awesome The Axis of Perdition The AXIXS The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation The A'z The Azadi Liberation Quintet The Azoic The Aztec Mystic The Aztecs The Aztex The Aztext The Azul Project The Azusa Plane The B-15 Project The B-15 Project feat. Crissy D & Lady G The B-3s The B-52's vs. DJ Tonka The Baarová Orchestra The Baas Mal Orchestra The Babeez The Babe Wagner Band The Babies The Babies The Babies The Bablers The Baboons The Baboon Show The Baboonz The Baby The Baby Dolls The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra The Baby Flies The Baby Hitlers The Babylonians The Babylon Whackers The Baby Lottery The Babymen The Baby Namboos The Babys The Babyshakers The Babysitter The Babysitters The Babysitters Circus The Baby Skins The Baby Stone The Baby Universal The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band The Bacardis The Bacchae The Bacchanalia String Quartet The Bach Choir The Bach Choir and Jacques Orchestra The Bachelor Pad The Bachelors The Bach Ensemble The Bach Guild The Bach Players The Bacillus Brains The Backbeat Band The Backbeats The Backbeats The Backbone of Science The Backdoor Society The Backfeed Slumber The Background The Backgrounds The Background Studio Groupies The Backhand Jags The Back Home Choir The Backlanders The Backlash The Backmonkeys The Backoffs The Back Pockets The Backroom The Back Room The Backroom Congregation The Backroom Project The Back Row Baptists The Backs The Backseat The Backsliders The Backstrokes The Backup Plan The Backward Collective The Backwoods The Backwoods Boys The Backwoods Creatures The Backyard The Backyard Heavies The Backyardigans The Bacon Smugglers The Badakhshan Ensemble The Badamats The Bad Apples The Bad Ass Brass Band The Bad Bad Bad The Bad Beats The Bad Boy Family The Bad Boys The Bad Checks The Bad Compagny The Bad Daddys The Bad Days The BaDD HaBBits The Baddies The Bad Examples The Bad Form The Bad Genes The Badger King The Badgers The Badgers The Bad Hippies The Badlees The Bad Light The Badloves The Bad Loves The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza The Bad Machines The Badman The Bad Mitten Orchestre The Badnads The Bad News Bears The Bad Orchestra The Bad People The Badpiper The Bad Popes The Bad Rackets The Bad Roads The Bad Robots The Bads The Bad Sects The Bad Seed The Bad Seeds The Bad Shepherds The Bad Spellers The Bad Trips The Bad Vibes Gang The Baghdaddies The Bagpiper The Bags The Bags The Bahamans The Bahama Soul Club The Baijkonour Ghost The Bailey Downs Band The Baileys The Baird Sisters The Baja Marimba Band The Baka Boyz The Bakelite Army The Baker Boys The Baker Boys The Baker Brothers The Baker Family The Bakers The Bakersfield Boogie Boys The Bakerton Group The Baker Twins The Bakery The Bakesys The Balance Project The Balancing Act The Bala-Sinem Choir The Balatonia Gipsy Orchestra The Balatonia Gypsy Orchestra The Balboas The Balconies The Bald Brothers The Bald Eagles The Bald Guys The Bald Head The Bald Heads The Baldwin Brothers The Balfa Brothers The Balham Alligators The Bali Franchise The Balkan Wanderers The Balky Mule The Ballads The Ballantynes The Ballaz The Ball Brothers The Ballenaires The Ballenairs The Ballerinas & The Pendletones The Ballet The Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players The Ballinskill Ceilidh Band The Ballistic Brothers The Ballistic Brothers vs. The Eccentric Afros The Ballistics The Balliticians The Balloon Chase Team The Balloon Collective The Balloon Farm The Balloons The Ball Orchestra of Vienna The Ballroom The Ballroom Band The Ballroomers The Balls Brothers The Balls of France The Ballyclare Male Choir The Ballz The Baloney Heads The Baltek The Baltic Sea The Baltic Trio The Baltimore Consort The Baltimores The Baltineers The Baltzone The Baluchi Ensemble Of Karachi The Balustrade Ensemble The Bama Band The Bamako All Stars The BamBams The Bam Bams The Bambi Killers The Bambi Molesters The Bambinos The Bambi Slam The Bamboo Kids The Bamboo Orchestra The Bamboos The Bamboos The Bamboos The Bamboo Steamers The Ban The Banana People The Bananas The Banana Splits The Bananera Band The Banannera Sound Band The Band The Banda The Band AKA The Bandana Splits The Band And Brad The Band and Bugles of the Light Division The Band and Bugles of the Rifles The Band and the Fanfare of the Corps of Engineers The Band Apollo The Bandettes The Band for Disease Control and Prevention The Band Formerly Known As Prince The Band From A Future The Band From Bloody Elle The Band From County Hell The Band From Planet X The Band From Rockall The Band From Utopia The Bandgeek Mafia The Band Hello The Band in Heaven The Bandit The Bandit The Banditi The Banditos The Bandits The Bandits The Bandits The Bandits The Banditz The Band of 52 Lowland Brigade The Band of Blacky Ranchette The Band of 'Dubs' The Band of Endless Noise The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Scotland The Band of His Majesty the King's Guard - Norway The band of HM Royal Marines CTC The Band of HM Royal Marines, Plymouth The Band of Holy Joy The Band of Joy The Band of Life The band of Mara The Band of Mercy & Salvation The Band of Stan Getz The Band of the Black Watch The Band of the Blues and Royals The Band of The Canadian Forces School of Music The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers The Band of the Eye The Band of the Grenadier Guards The Band of the Irish Guards The Band of The Life Guards The Band of the Light Infantry The Band of the Prince of Wales Division The Band of the Prince of Wales's Division (Lucknow) The Band Of The R.A.F.Regiment The Band of the Rifles The Band of The Royal Corp of Transport The Band of the Royal Fusiliers The Band of The Royal Hospital School The Band of the Royal Irish Regiment The Band of the Royal Lancers The Band of the Royal Logistic Corps The Band of the Royal Military Academy The Band of The Royal Military School of Music The Band of The Royal Regiment of Wales The Band of the Scots Guards The Band of the Welsh Guards The Band of the Welsh Guards and Others The Band of Yorkshire Imperial Metals The Band, Pipes and Drums of the Royal Irish Regiment The Bands & Choirs Of The Salvation Army/Cambridge Heath Band The Bands & Choirs Of The Salvation Army/Chelmsford Citadel Singing Company The Bands & Choirs Of The Salvation Army/Ilford Songsters The Bands of The Life Guards and The Coldstream Guards The Bands of The Life Guards and The Coldstream Guards and Pipers of The Scots Guards The Band That Fell To Earth The Band That Saved The World The Band That Turned Left at Albuquerque The Bandulus The Band Who Knew Too Much The Band Without a Name The Band With the Drummer Who Was Inspired by the Music on the Album The Bang The Bang Bang The Bang Boys The Bang Brothers The Bangers The Bangerz The Bang Gang The Bang Gang DJs The Bangin' Drummer The Bangkok Five The Bang On The Wall Band The Bangor City Cantata Singers The Bangs The Bang Tale The Bangz The Banjo Consorsium The Banjo Kings The Bank The Bank The Bankester Family The Bank Holidays The Banknotes The Bank of England The Bankok Cops The Bankrobber The Bank Robbers The Bankrupt SugarDaddies The Ban-Lons The Banned The Banner The Banquet Years The Banshee The Banshees The Bantams The Banters The Banter Thiefs The Banthas The Banyans The Baptist Generals The Baptist House of Prayer The Baptist Methodist Choir Church of God The Baracudas The Baraka Orchestra The BAR: Babjak, Alderman, Reil The Barbacans The Barbara Moore Singers The Barbaras The Barbarellas The Barbarians The Barbarians The Barbecues The Barbees The Barbers The Barber Shop The Barbès Deluxe Strings The Barbès Faith Choir The Barbies The Barbiturates The Barbs The Barbusters The Barbwires The Barcelona Pavilion The Barcodes The Bar-Codes The Barcrawlers The Barden Bellas The Bardots The Bards The Bards The Bards The Bare Back Ryders The Bare Bones Trio The Bare Facts The Barefoot Brothers The Bareknuckle Band The Bare Knuckle Band The Barely Works The Bare Minimum The Bar Feeders The Barflys The Barflyz The Barigozzi Group The Bar-J Wranglers The Barker Band The Barker Brothers The Barkers The Barkers The Barkesys The Bark Haze The Barking Dogs The Barking Pumpkin The Barley Boys The Barley Brothers The Barleycorn The Barley Corn The Barleyshakes The Barlights The Barmitzvah Brothers The Barnaby Quartet The Barnburners The Barnes Family The Barney Kessel Quartet The Barney Kessel Trio The Barnhart Chorus The Barnhill Boys The Barnhills The Barnical Sisters The Barnshakers The Barnstompers The Barnyard Cupcakes The Barnyard Playboys The Barolk Folk The Baron The Baroness The Baroness & Love Lies Bleeding The Baroness & Mr. Rosa The Baronet The Baronics The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons The Barons of Tang The Baron Von Filth The Baron Von Ohlen The Baroque Orchestra The Baroque Players of Hamilton The Baroques The Baroques The Barotti The Barque of Dante The Barracks of Afghanistan The Barracudas The Barracudas The Barra MacNeils The Barreleers The Barrelhouse Brothers The Barrels The Barrens The Barreracudas The Barrett Sisters The Barrier The Barriers The Barries The Barrino Brothers The Barristers The Barron Knights The Barrow Gang The Barry Brothers The Barry Gemso Experience The Barry Goldberg Blues Band The Barry Goldberg Reunion The Barry Gray Orchestra The Barry Gray Orchestra with Gary Miller The Barrymores The Barry Sea Paradox The Barry Sisters The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican The Barstool Philisophers The Bartlebees The Bartley Brothers The Barton Brothers The Barynyard Ballers The Basals The Base The Base The Baseball Field The Baseball Furies The Baseball Furies The Baseball Project The Baseballs The Baseboard Heaters The Base Boys The Basement The Basement Brats The Basement Wall The Bashwhackers The Basic The Basics The Basics The Basie Alumni The Basie Band The Basilica of St. Mary Choir, Minneapolis MN The Basin Street Boys The Bas Lexter Ensample The Bass Brewley The Bassbumpers The Bassface Swing Trio The Bass Gang The Bass Girls The Bassheads The Bassies The Bassist The Bass Maker The Bassmonkeys The Bassociation The Bassoon Brothers The Bass Project The Bass Snatchers The Bass Soldier The Basstards The Bass Tarts The Bass Thing The Bassturd The Bastard The Bastard Brothers The Bastard Fairies The Bastard Kings of Rock The Bastards The Bastards The Bastard Sons The Bastard Sons of Dioniso The Bastardz The Bastion Jazz Band The Bat Cat The Batchelors The Batella Project The Bates The Batfinks The Batfish Boys The Bathers The Bathoods The Bathtub Sophist The Batiste Brothers Band The Batmen The Batonist! The Bats The Bats The Bats The Bats The Bats The Battered Ornaments The Battering Ram The Batterin' Ram The Battery The Battery Studio Soldiers The Battle Begun The Battledykes The Battlefield Dubstep 3 The Battle Kids The Battle of Land and Sea The Battle of Santiago The Battle Royale The Battles The Battles of Winter The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra The Battling Kings The Baudboys The Bavarian Band & Chorus The Bavarian Druglords The Bavarian Samaritan The Bayara Citizens The Bay Area Cadet Chorus The Bay Bops The Bay Brass The Bayonets The Bayonettes The Bayonne Basque Choir The Bayou Brothers The Bayou City Beats The Bayou Mosquitos The Bay-O-Wolves The Bay Rum Runners The Bays The Bay State The Bay State IV The Baywatchers The Bazbaz Orchestra The Bazeman The BB Band The BBC Big Band The BBC Dance Orchestra The BBC Radiophonic Workshop The BBC Symphony Chorus The BB Guns The BBN The B-Boys The BBQ The B.B. & Q. Band The BC-52's The B.C. Harmonizers The BDI's The Beach Bugs The Beach Bums The Beach Bums The Beach Bums The Beachcombers The Beachcomers The Beachers The Beaches The Beach Guys The Beachles The Beachniks The Beachnuts The Beach & Tia The Beach Walkers The Beagles The Beagles The Beagles The Beakerman The Beakers The Beale Streeters The Beal Street Boys The Bean The Bean Brothers The Beans The Beans The Beans The Beanstalk Library The Beanweevils The Bear Beats Band The Bearcats Jazz Band The Beard The Bearded Gypsy Band The Bearded Mollies The Bearded's Project The Bearfoot Hookers The Bearies The Bearman & Keith The Bear Quartet The Bears The Bears The Bear Social The Bear That Wasn't The Beas The Beasley Sisters The Beast The Beast The Beastly Boys The Beastly Brutes The Beastmaster The Beast Project The Beast Remade The Beasts of Eden The Beast Wrestling Foundation The Beat The Beat Advocate The Beat Alliance The Beatardz The Beatbacks The Beat Boys The Beatbroker The Beat Broker The Beat Brothers The Beat Brothers The Beat Buddies The Beat Bullies The Beat Bully The Beatbusters The Beat Buttons The Beatchers The Beat Chicks The Beat Chics The Beat Controller The Beat Daddies The Beat Daddys The Beat Direction The Beat Doctors The Beat Dolls The Beatdown The Beaten Sea The Beat Farmer The Beat Farmers The Beat Fleet The Beatfreaker The Beat Generation The Beat Girl The Beatgrinderz The Beat Guild The Beathovens The Beathunters The Beat Hustlers The Beatifics The Beating The Beatings The Beatin' Path The Beat Knuckles The Beatle Barkers The Beatle Bronies The Beatle-ettes The Beatles The Beatlesøns The Beatles Revival The Beatles Revival Band The Beatmakers The Beatmaniac The Beatmas The Beatmasters The Beat Mechanic The Beatmen The Beat Merchants The Beatmolls The Beat Monkeys The Beatmoss The Beat Nation The Beatnigs The Beatnik The Beatniks The Beatniks The Beatniks The Beatnikz The Beat Nimphoz The Beatnix The Beatnuts The Beat of the Earth The Beaton Brothers The Beat Pirate The Beat Poets The Beat Poets The Beat Preachers The Beat Providers The Beatrabauken The Beatrix Players The Beat Shakers The Beatshop The Beat Soldiers The Beatsquad The Beat Squad The Beatstalkers The Beatstones The Beat-Stones The Beat Street Band The Beat Strings The Beatsurfer The Beat Syndicate The Beatthiefs The Beat Thiefs The Beatthiefs & Suzee X The Beat Tornados The Beat Up The Beaubowbelles The Beau Brummels The Beau Denturies The Beau Drummels The Beaufort Scale The Beau Grumpus GoBeaulins The Beau Hunks The Beaujolais Band The Beau-Marks The Beauticians The Beauties The Beautiful The Beautiful Babes in Springtime Brainwave Band Featuring Earl Monster The Beautiful Babies The Beautiful Black The Beautiful Briny Band The Beautiful Daze The Beautiful Dead The Beautiful Deadly Children The Beautiful Disease The Beautiful Down The Beautiful Few The Beautiful Game The Beautiful Kantine Band The Beautiful Mistake The Beautiful Mothers The Beautiful New Born Children The Beautiful People The Beautiful Schizophonic The Beautiful South The Beautiful Word The Beautiful Zion Choir The Beauty The Beauty In Her Eyes The Beauty of Drowning The Beauty of Gemina The Beauty Room The Beautys The Beauty School Dropouts The Beauty Shop The Beauvilles The Beaux Hardts The Beaux Jens The Beavers The Beazers The Be Be See The Bebop Boys The Be-Bop Preservation Society The Be Bops The Bechet-Spanier Big Four The Becketts The Beckies The Beckoning The Bedford Incident The Bedhangers The Bedlam Bards The Bedlam Beggars The Bedlam Four The Bedlamville Triflers The Bed of Roses The Bedouin The Bedquilt Ramblers The Bedridden The Bedrocks The Bedroom Philosopher The Bedroom Singer The Bedspins The Bedwas Trethomas & Machen Band The Bedwells The Bee The Beech Avenue Boys The Beech Resorts The Beeds The Bee Eaters The Beefbrothers The Beefeaters The Beefeaters The Beef Sisters The Bee Hives The Beehive Singers The Bee Jays The Beekeeper The Beekeepers The Beeks The Bee Meeting The Beepers The Beepettes The Beep Kid The Beep Machine The Beeps The Beep Seals The Beerbellys The Beers The Beers Family The Bees The Bees The Bees The Bees The Bees The Bees The Bee Sisters The Beeston Pipe Band The Beeston Pipe Band Nottingham The Beethoven The Beethoven Four The Beetle Crushers The Beetniks The Beetnix The Beets Brothers The Beetseekers The Beez The Beez The Be Five The Beggars The Beggars The Beggaz The Beginerz The Beginning The Beginning of the End The Be Good Tanyas The Begrudgers The Beguiled The Behavior The Beholder The Beholder The Beholder & Balistic The Beholder & Max Enforcer The Beige Channel The Beige Lasers The Beilers The Bekova Trio The Belafonte Singers The Belaines The Bel Aires The Bel-Aires The Belairs The Bel-Airs The Bel Am The Belbouchos The Bel Cantos The Be-League The Belfast Gypsies The Belfry Bats The Belgianettes The Belgian Waffles! The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra The Belgrave Scandal The Belgrave Scandal The Belief The Beliers The Believers The Believers The Believers The Believers The Belka The Bell The Bella Fayes The Bella Low The Bellamy Brothers The Bel-Larks The Bell Beat The Bellboys The Bell Boys The Bell Cafe Band The Bell Cats The Bell County Silence The Belle Brigade The Belle Collective The Belle Game The BelleRegards The Bellerophon Project The Belles The Belle Stars The Belletunes The Belleville A Cappella Choir The Belleville Outfit The Bellfuries The Bellhops The Bellhops The Belligerents The Bellini Bros The Bell Laboratory The Bell Notes The BellRays The bell-ringers of Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin The Bells The Bells The Bells The Bells' Angels The Bell Shakespeare Company The Bell Sisters The Bells of Joy The Bells of the Basilica of the Annunciation The Belltones The Belltower The Bellwether Collective The Bellwether Syndicate The Bellwoods Crew The Bellyachers The Belmonte Academy The Belmont Five The Belmonts The Belonging The Beloved The Beloved Invaders The Beloved Ones The Beltones The Beltones The Beltones The Bel-Tones The Beltway Bandits The Beltways The Belushis The Belvederes The Bemiss Brothers The Ben Amara Synagogue of Meknes The Bench The BenchWarmers Clique The Bendal Interlude The Benders The Benders The Benders The Benders The Bending Tree The Bends The Bends The Benedict College Gospel Choir The Benedict Files The Benedictine Monks of Quarr Abbey The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos The Benedictine Monks of St. Michael's The Benedictine Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation The Benedicts The Benelux The Bengsons The Bengt-Arne Wallin orchestra The Ben Gunn Society The Benito Gonzales Latin Sound The Benja Men The Benjamin Gate The Benjamin Gate vs. John Reuben The Benjamins The Benjamin Wright Orchestra The Benjy Davis Project The Benka Boradovsky Bordello Band The Bennie Maupin Ensemble The Bennie Maupin Quartet The Bennies The Benny Carter All-Star Sax Ensemble The Benny Golson Quartet The Benny Goodman Octet The Benny Goodman Quartet The Benny Goodman Septet The Benny Goodman Sextet The Benny Goodman Trio The Benny Green Trio The Ben Quick The Bens The Bensen-Scott Big Band The Ben Sidran Hammond Quartet The Bensons The Bent Back Tulips The Ben Thomas Group The Bentleys The Bent Moustache The Bent Scepters The Benvereens The Ben Webster Quintet The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica The Berber Tribesmen The Bereaved The Bergamot The Bergen Wind Quintet The Bergerfolk The Bergmann Brothers The Berg Sans Nipple The Berkeley Squires The Berklee Symphony Orchestra The Berkshire Boy Choir The Berlin Philharmonic Jazz Group The Berlin Pops Orchestra The Berlin Project The Berlin Wall The Berman Brothers The Bermones The Bermudas The Bermuda Triangle The Bernard Peiffer Trio The Bernd Bernbach Orchestra The Berntson Band The Berries The Berry Brothers The Berry Kids The Berry Lipman Orchestra & Singers The Berserkerz The Bert Fershners The Bert van den Brink Trio The Beryl Stott Group The Berzerkers The Berzerkers The Bessemer Process The Bessemer Singers The Best The Best The Best Acronym The Best Band The Best Day Ever The BESTE The Best Ever & Muhammad Ali The Best Friends With Wolves Club The Besties The Best Kept Secret The Best of Britain The Best of the Worst The Best Pessimist The Best Things The Best Vacation Resort Hotels The Best Way to Walk The Best Wishes The Bet The Bet The Beta Band The Beta Blockers The Beta Machine The Betes Noires The Beth Edges The Bethlehem Beard Corporation The Bethlehem Children's Chorus The Beth Lisick Ordeal The Betmars The Betrayed The Betrayed The Betrayer The Better Automatic The Better Beatles The Betterdays The Better Half Dozen The Better Letters The Better Lifers The Better Offs The Better to See You With The Better World The Betty Longshots The Bettys The Beu Sisters The Beutons The Beverley Sisters The Beverly Sisters The Bevins Brothers The Bevis Frond The Bevvy Sisters The Beyman Bros. The Beyond The Beyond The Beyond The Beyonder The Beyonders The Bey Sisters The 'B' Girls The B.Goodes The Bhagavad Guitars The Bhudda Monks The Bhutan Philharmonic The bianca Story The Bibayak Pygmies The Bible The Bible Aires Spiritual Singers (Belle Aires) The Bible Choir The Bible Singers The Bicameral Research Sound and Projection System The Bicoastal Band The Bicycats The Bicycles The Bicycles The Bicycle Thief The Bid Bang The Biddu Orchestra The Bien The Biffters The Big The Big 18 The BIG 3 The BIG 3 The Big 3 Palladium Orchestra The Big 6 The Big Aces The Big Apple The Big Bad The Big Bad Wolf The Big Bamboos The Big Band The Big Band All Stars The Big Band of Rogues The Big Band of Shorty Rogers The Big Bang Boogie The Big Bang Theory The Big Beats The Big Beats The Big Ben Banjo Band The Big Big Bucks The Big Black Foot Band The Big Blues Tribe The Big Bopper The Big Bossa The Big Boys The Big Bright Lights The Big Brother The Big Brown Music Machine The Big Bubbling Band The Big Bull Band The Big C The Big Casino The Big Cats The Big Cheese All Stars The Big Chief Jazzband The Big Chill The Big City Band The Big Classic The Big Combo The Big Comfy Couch The Big Crowd The Big D The Big Dirty Band The Big Disappointments The Big Dish The Big Eighteen The Big Eye The Big Eyes Family Players The Big F The Bigfellas The Big Figure The Big Four The Big Four The Big Four The big fun city The Big Geraniums The Bigger Lovers The Bigger The God The Biggest Square Thing The Big Ghana Band The Big Goats The Big Gold Six The Biggs The Big Gun The Big Guys The Big Heavy The Big Hellos The Bighouse The Big Huge The Big J The Big Kahuna The Big Kids The Big Knife The Big L The Big Migaffers The Big Mojo The Big Money in Jazz Band The Big Movie Orchestra The Big Noise The Big No No The Big Nowhere The Big O The Big One The Big Payback The Big Pill The Big Pride The Big River Band The Big Screen The Big Session The Big Show Beats The Big Six The Big Skip The Big Sleep in Search of Hades The Big Smile The Big Smoke The Big Stumble The Big Sun The Big Supreme The Big Three The Big Three Trio The Big Ticket Concert (1) The Bigwigs The Big Wu The Big Yard Family The Bihlman Bros. The Bikini Beach Band The Bikini Bumps The Bikini Machine The Bikinis The Bilderberg Group The Bilge Festival The Bilge Pumps The Bilge Rats The Bilinda Butchers The Bill The Bill The Bill Doggett Trio The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra The Bill Frisell Band The Bill Gaither Trio The Bill Hilly Band The Bill Holman Band The Bill Holman Big Band The Billie Burke Estate The Billie Davies Trio The Billionaires The Billionaires Club The Billions The Bill Mays Trio The Bill of Rights The Bill Pots Big Band The Bill Potts Big Band The Bills The Bill Shepherd Quartet The Bill Stanton Trio The Bill Wells Octet The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band The Billy Crosby's The Billy Diamond Band The Billy Gibson Band The Billy Jump Band The Billy Mersey Band The Billy Nayer Show The Billy Pilgrims The Billy Rubin The Billys The Billy Vaughn Singers The Bilz The Bilz and Kashif The Binari Corps of IX The Binary Code The Binary Cumbia Orchestra The Binary Kids The Binary Marketing Show The Binchois Consort The Binding The Binges The Bings The Bing Turkby Ensemble The Biomind The Bionaut The Bionic Elbows The Bionic Kid The Bionic Rats The Bionics The Bipolar Bears The Bips The Bird The Bird and The Bear The Bird And The Monkey The Bird Day The Bird Dissolves The Bird Dogs The Bird Ensemble The Birdhouse The Birdies The Birdlanders The Birdlanders The Bird Rentals The Birds The Birds The Bird Sang Song The Birds Are Spies, They Report to the Trees The Birds of Night The Birds of Paradise The Birds of Paradise The Birds of Satan The Birdsongs The Birdstones The Birdtree The Birdwatcher The Birdwatchers The Birdz The Bir Ihtimal Choir The Birmingham Sunlights The Birth The Birthday The Birthday Boys The Birthday Bunch The Birthday Girl The Birthday Kiss The Birthday Machine The Birthday Party The Birthday Suit The Biscaynes The Biscuit Brothers The Bishop of Crunk The Bishops The Bishops The Bishops The Bishops The Bishops Finger The Bismarcks The Bison Chips The Bisons The Bis-quits The Bistrouille Amateurs Dance Orchestra The Bitch Boys The Bitch Diva The Bitch Hotel The Bitch in the Van The Bitchwhores of Babylon The Bite The Bites The Bithlo Mullet Revival The Bitman The Bitter End The Bitter Ind The Bitteroots The Bitter Roots The Bitters The Bittersoundfase The Bitter Springs The BitterSweet The Bittersweets The Bitter Sweets The Bitter Tears The Bitter & The Sweet The Bitwise Operators The Bivass The Biz The Biz The Bizarre Orkeztra The Bizarro Drivers The Bizarros The Bizets The Biz Men The Biznut The Bizzaros The Bizzie Boyz The Black The Black The Black The Black The Black The Black 80s The Black Acadia Mourning The Black Ace The Black Aces Of Soul The Black Albinos The Black Alley Screens The Black and White Years The Black Angel The Black Arabs The Black Arks The Black Arrows The Black Arts The Black Astronauts The Black Atlantic The Black Banana The Black Batmen The Blackbeard All Stars The Black Beatles The Black Belles The Blackbelt Band The Blackberries The Blackberry Bushes Stringband The Blackbirds The Black Bloc The Black & Blues The Black Box Revelation The Black Brothers The Black Bull The Blackbyrds The Black Cadillacs The Black Canary The Black Cat Bone The Black Cat Orchestra The Black Codex The Black Country Three The Black Covered Distance The Black Curtain The Black Dahlias The Black Devils The Black Diamond The Black Diamond Express The Black Diamonds The Black Diamonds Band The Black Disciples The Black Dog The Black Dog & Black Sifichi The Black Donnellys The Black Dots of Death The Black Dynamites The Black Eagle Jazz Band The Black Eg The Black Electrics The Blackest The Black Europeans The Black Exorcist The Black Exotics The B.L.A.C.K. Experience The Black-Eyed Snakes The Blackeyed Susans The Black Face The Black Family The Black Feathers The Black Fields The Black Fire The Blackfire Revelation The Black Fives The Black Flames The Black Flowers The Black Gate The Black Ghost The Black Ghosts The Black Gold of The Sun The Black Gospel Pearls The Black Hakawati The Black Halos The Black Heart Rebellion The Blackhearts and Special Guests The Blackholes The Black Hollies The Black Horses The Black Hotels The Black Image Band The Blackjacks The Black Jaspers The Black Jets The Black Jetts The Black Labels The Blacklab Project The Black Lamps The Black Lanterns The Black League The Blacklies The BlackLight The Black Lights The Blacklight Society The Blacklight Zebras The Black Lodge The Black Madonna The Black Madonnas The Black Mages The Black Magic Experience The Blackmail The Black Maria The Black Market Trust The Blackmaster The Black Math Experiment The Blackmen The Black Mighty Orchestra The Black Mirrors The Black Mob Group The Black Mountain Male Chorus The Black Mountain Male Chorus of Wales The Black Neon The Black Nights The Blacknile The Black Noodle Project The Black Notes The Black Oil Brothers The Black on White Affair The Black Orchestra The Black Orchids The Blackout The Blackout Allstars The Blackout Argument The Blackout Brigade The Blackout Crew The Blackouts The Black Pack The Black Panties The Black Peppercorns The Black Plastics The Blackpoles The Black Pony The Black Pope The Black Project The Black Rook The Black Rose The Black Rose The Black Rose Phantoms The Black Rose Skiffle Group The Blacks The Blacks The Black Santiagos The Black Sea The Black Seed The Black Shadows The Black Sheep The Black Sheep The Black Sheep Project The BlackSheeps The Blackships The Blackshirt Orchestra The Black Site The Black Slacks The Blacksmoke Organisation The Black's Moon The Blacksocks The Black Soft The Blacksoil Project The Black Sorrows The Black Soul Choir The Blacksoxx The Black Sparrows The Black Spirits The Black Spoons The Black Squirrels The Blackstarliners The Black Stars The Black Star Soud The Blackstone Family Singers The Blackstone Rangers The Blackstone Valley Sinners The Black Stripes The Black Style Mood The Black Summer Crush The Black Sunn The Black Survivors The Black Swan Effect The Black Swans The Black Sweden The Black Symphony The Black Tambourines The Black Tapes The Blackthorns The Blacktop Cadence The Blacktop Rockets The Black Tricks The Black Tulips The Black Twig Pickers The Black Twigs The Black Velvet Band The Black Velvet Folkband The Black Velvets The Black Warriors The Blackwatch The Black Watch The Black Watch and The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders The Black Watch Pipes and Drums 1st Battalion The Black Watch Pipes & Drums The Black Watch Pipes & Drums of the 1st Battalion The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment The Black Water The Blackwater Boys The Blackwater Fever The Blackwells The Black & White Gospel Singers The Black White Gray The Black & White Minstrels The Black Widows The Blackwood Brothers The Black Zombie Procession The Blades The Blades of Grass The Blainville Symphony Orchestra The Blair Street Mugwumps The Blak Beatnik The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra The Blam The Blame The Blamed The Blameshifter The Blameshifters The Blanche Hudson Weekend The Bland The Bland The Blankets The Blank Fight The Blankket The Blanko The Blanks The Blank Stares The Blank Students The Blank Theory The Blaok Project The Blapps Posse The Blaquesmiths The Blarney Brothers The Blarney Folk The Blarney Lads The Blarney Singers The Blasco Ballroom The Blassics The Blaster The Blaster Master The Blaxsound Family The Blazers The Blazers The Blazons The Bleach Boys The Bleach Boys The Bleachers The Blech The Bleechers The Bleed The Bleeder Group The Bleeders The Bleeding Allstars The Bleeding Archives The Bleeding Heart Band The Bleeding Hearts The Bleeding Hearts The Bleeding Light The Bleeding Rose The Bleeding Stone The Bleeding Sun The Bleedout The Bleep The Bleeps The Bleeps The Blend The Blended Babies The Blendells The Blenders The Blenders The Blenders The Blenders The Blenders The Blenders Ltd. The Blendtones The Blensations The Blessing The Blessing The Blessings The Blimp The Blims The Blind Circus The Blind Dead McJones Band The Blinded The Blind Hearts The Blind Herd The Blinding Light The Blind King The Blind Pets The Blind Samurai The Blind Shake The Blindsiders The Blind Street Musicians Of Cusco The Blind Surgeons Operation The Blinkers The Blinking Lights The Blips The Bliss The Blissetts The Blissful Idiots The Blister Exists The Blisters The Blithe Sons The Blithe Sons & Daughters The Blitzz The Blizzard The Blizzard Boys The Blizzard King The Blizzard of 78 The Blizzards The Blizzard Sow The Blob The Blobslime The Blockbuster The Blockheads The Blokes The Blonde Bomber The Blondes The Blonding Dandelions The Blondini Gang The Blood The Blood Army The Bloodclots The Blood Countess The Bloodcult The Blood Divine The Blood Drained Cows The Blood Group The Bloodied Sword The Bloodiest Night of My Life The Bloodline The Bloodline The Blood Lines The Bloodloop Beautiful The Blood of Heroes The Bloodpoets The Bloodreds The Blood Red Truth The Bloods The Bloodsuckas The Blood Suckas The Bloodsuckers The Bloodsugars The Bloodthirsty Lovers The Bloodtypes The Bloody Angle The Bloody Hawaiians The Bloody Hollies The Bloody Irish Boys The Bloody Lovelies The Bloody Marys The Bloody Muffs The Bloody Review The Bloody Tears The Bloomfields The Bloomsbury Set The Bloop The Blossoms The Blossom Street Singers The Blossums The Blotnik Brothers The Blowdriers The Blowflys The Blowholes The Blow Jobbers The Blownaparts The Blow Parade The Blow Pops The Blows The Blowtops The Blow Waves The Blox The Bludgers The Bludgers The Blue Aces The Blue Aeroplanes The Blue Angel Lounge The Blue Angels The Blue Angels The Blue Angels The Blue August Project The Blue Balls The Blue Baron Band The Bluebear The Blue Beat The Bluebeats The Blue Beats The Blue Beats The Bluebeat Stompers The Blue Bell The Blue-Belles The Bluebells The Blueberries The Blueberry Hillbillies The Bluebird Cafe The Bluebirds The Bluebirds The Blue Birds The Blue Bird Society Orchestra The Blue Blempies The Blue Blooded Allstars The Blue Bloods The Blue Bottles The Bluebottle Veins The Blue Boys The Blue Boys The Blue Buddha The Blue Canyon Boys The Blue Cats The Blue Chieftains The Blue Chips The Blue Chips The Blue Chips The Blue Cliff Ensemble The Blue Collars The Blue Comets The Blue Cranes The Blue Denims The Blue Diamonds The Bluedots The Blue Dots The Blue Dots The Blue Echoes The Blue Eclipse The Blue Emotions The Blue Eyed Shark Experiment The Bluefields The Blue Flamers The Blueflames The Bluefoot Project The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies The Blue-Gold Shore of the Beyond The Bluegrass Album Band The Blue Grass Boogieman The Bluegrass Cardinals The Bluegrass Cut-Ups The Bluegrass Drifters The Blue Grass Gospel Aires The Bluegrass Holes The Blue Grassy Knoll The Blue Hawaiians The Blue Hearts The Blue Heelers The Blue Horizon The Blue Hour The Bluehouse The Blue Humans The Blue Jays The Blue Jazz National Music Ensemble The Bluejeans The Blue Jeans The Blue John Incident The Blue J's The Blue Lyres The Blue Martinis The Blue Meanies The Blue Meanies The Blue Meanies The Blue Melody Boys The Blue Men The Blue Method The Blue Minkies The Blue Mitchell Quintet The Blue Moaners The Blue Monday Band The Blue Moon Boys The Blue Moon Rockers The Blue News The Blue Nile The Blue Noise Remix Project The Blue Note 7 The Blue Note All Stars The Bluenotes The Blue Notes The Blue Notes Dixieland Jazz Band The Blue Ox Babes The Blue Pig Orchestra The Blueprint The Blueprint Project The Blueprints The Blue Prison The Blue Project The Blue Pursuit The Blue Rags The Blue Rainbows The Blue Remains The Blue Ribbon Boys The Blue Ribbon Healers The Blue Rider The Blue Rider Trio The Blue Ridge Buddies The Blue Ridge Highballers The Blue Ridge Quartet The Blue Ridge Rangers The Blue Rock Boys The Blue Rockers The Blue Rondos The Blue Room Boys The Blue Roots The Blue Rose The Bluerunners The Blues and Royals The Blue Satins The Blues Band The Blues Barons The Blues Benders The Blues Berries The Blues Brothers Band The Blues Brothers Horns The Blues Brothers Revival Band The Blues Brothers Souvenir Show The Blues Bunch The Bluesbusters The Blues Busters The Blues Busters The Blues Company The Blues Conspiracy The Blues Council The Blue Screen of Death The Blues Disciples The Blue Season The Blue Seeds The Blue Series Continuum The Blue Set The Blues Experiment The Blues Factory The Bluesfather The Blues Funnel The Blues Gang The Blue Shadows The Blue Sharks The Blues Image The Blues Inc. The Blues Infusion The Blueskies The Blueskins The Blue Sky Boys The Blue Sky Boys with Curly Parker The Blue Skyliners The Blues Machine The Blue Smarties The Blues Mothers The Blues Naturally The Blues Notions The Blue Sonnets The Blues Orphans The Bluesouls The Blues Players 1968 The Blues Police The Blue Spot The Blue Squares The Blues Rockers The Blues Singers The Blues Specialists The Blues Swingers The Bluestars The Blue Stars The Blue Stars The Bluestation The Blue Stones The Blue Stone Society The Blues Train The Blues Vision The Blues Woman The Blue Team The Bluethings The Blue Things The Blue Tones The Blue Up? The Blue Van The Blue Veins The Blue Velvets The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn The Blue Voice The Blue Whale The Blue Yodle The Bluez Brothers The Bluezone The Blunders The Blunt The Blunted Boy Wonder The Blunted Sultan The Blunt Needles The Blurters The Blushing Brides The Blushin' Roulettes The Blush Response The BLYZ The BME Allstars The B Movie Monsters The BNFL Band The Boarding Party The Boards The Boardwalkers The Boat Band The Boatmen The Boatnicks The Boat People The Boatramp Men The Boats The Bob Barker Blastocore Band The Bob Belden Ensemble The Bobbettes with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra The Bobbins The Bobbins The Bobbi-Pins The Bobbleheads The Bobby Clark's Noise The Bobby Cook Quartette The Bobby Dazzlers The Bobby Doyle Trio The Bobby Fuller Four The Bobby Hammack Combo The Bobby James Syndicate The Bobby McGee's The Bobby Quine Experiment The Bobby Sharp Trio The Bobby Shew Quintet The Bobbyteens The Bobby Timmons Trio The Bobby Tucker Singers The Bobcats The Bob Color The Bob Crewe Generation The Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra, The Glitterhouse & Bob Crewe The Bobettes The Bob Gordon Quintet The Bobkatz The Bob Knight Four The Bob Lawson Singers The Bob Leaper Orchestra The Bob Lewis Family The Bob Love Triangle The Bob Mitchell Boys' Choir The Bobolinks The Bobs The Bob Seger System The Bob Shots du Hot Club de Belgique The Bob Sled Gang The Bob & Tom Almost All Star Band The Bob & Tom Band The Bo Deanos The Bodice Rippers The Bodies The Bodies The Bodines The Bodos The Body The Body The Body The Body The Body The Body Acoustic The Bodybag Romance The Body Bags The Body Beneath The Body Electric The Body Electric The Body Electric The Body Electric The Body Electric The Bodyguards The Body Has a Head The Body Haters The Body Lovers The Body Mechanic The Body Motions The Body Rampant The Bodysnatchers The Bodysnatchers The Bodysnatchers The Body Snatchers The Body & Soul Allstars The Bogey Man The Boggs The Bogo Pogo Orchestra The Bogus Brother The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra The Bohannon Homeys The Bohannons The Bohemian Embassy The Bohemians The Bohemia Orchestra The Bohicas The Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ The Boilerhouse Blues Band The Boilermaker Jazz Band The Boilers The Boils The Bois The Boize The Bojangles The Bojax The Bola Sete Trios The Bold The Boldhyper The Boldz The Bolland Project The Bolland Project & Alida The Bollocks The Bollox The Boll Weavils The Bollweevils The Bollywood Brass Band The Bollywood Strings The Bolsheviks The Bolshoi The Bolshoi Theatre Children's Choir The Bolton Brothers The Bolts The Bol Worship Center The Bom The Bomarr Monk The Bomars The Bomb The B.O.M.B. The Bomba Factory The Bombasts The Bombay Beach Boys The Bombay Royale The Bombay Sweets The Bomb Bassets The Bombdolls The Bombdroppers The Bombers The Bombettes The Bomb Gang Girlz The Bombhappies The Bombjacks The Bomboras The Bomb Party The Bombshells The Bombs of Enduring Freedom The Bomb Squad The Bomb Squad The Bomb Squad The Bomchickawahwah's The Bonaduces The Bonaires The Bonaroo horn section The Bonaventura Choir The Bon Bons The Bonding Ensemble The Bondsmen The Bone The Bonedaddys The Bone Idles The Boneless Ones The Bone Machine The Bone Machine The Bone Machine The Bone 'n Brothers The Boners The Bones The Bones The 'Bones The Bonesaw Romance The Boneshakers The Boneshakers The Boneshakers The Bone Shakers The Bonevilles The Boneyard Boys The Bonfire Band The Bongo Girls The Bongolian The Bongos The Bon Jovi Experience The Bon Larvis Band The Bon Mots The Bonnevilles The Bonnevilles The Bonnevilles The Bonnie Sisters The Bonniwell Music Machine The Bonny Men The Bonny Situation The Bon Scotts The Bon Temps Zydeco Band The Bonus The Bonus Army The Bony King of Nowhere The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band The Bonzos The Boobles The Booda Velvets The Boogaloo Crew The Boogaloo Crew & Hylu The Boogaloo Investigators The Boogeyman The Boogie Boy The Boogie Down Kru The Boogie Monsters The Boogie Punkers The Boogie Town The Boogie Woogie Boys The Boogie Woogie Trio The Booglerizers The Boogoos The Boogs The Booher Brothers The Boo-Hooray Theory The Book-Burners The Bookdrop Bees The Booked The Bookhouse Boys The Boo Kings The Book Is on the Table The Book of AM The Book of Changes The Book of Daniel The Book of Death The Book of Knots The Book of Lists The Bookoo Movement The Books The Bookshop Band The Boom The Boom and the Arty The Boombap Cats The Boom Beat The Boom Booms The Boomchucks The Boom Circuits The Boomerangs The Boomers The Booming People The Boomshakers The Boom Shakers The Boomtang Boys The Boomtown Rats The Boomzers The Boonaraaas The Boon Companions The Boondockers The Boondockmen The Boondocks The Boondocks The Boondock Saints The Boondogs The Boones The Boopers The Boo Radleys The Boost The Boosters The Bootboys The Bootcuts The Booth Brothers The Boothill Foot-Tappers The Bootjacks The Bootleague The Bootleg Family Band The Bootleggers The Bootleggers The Bootleggers The Bootleggin' Hobos The Bootleg Remedy The Bootlegs The Boots The Boots The Boot Scooters The Bootstraps The Booty Bouncers The Booty Boys The Booty Olympics The Booze Bombs The Booze Boys The Booze Brothers The Booze Brothers The Bopcats The Bop Cats The Bop Chords The Bop-Chords feat. Ernest Harriston The Boppers The Boppin Billies The Boppin' Rhythm Boozers The Boppin' Whoppers The Bopshack Stompers The Boptones The Boptowncats The Border Collies The Borderers The Borderguards The Borderlines The Border Surrender The Borealis Wind Quartet The Bored The Borg The Boris Gardiner Happening The Boris Petrov Folk Orchestra The Born Again Church Choir The Born Again Floozies The Born Again Horny Men of Edinburgh The Borneo Horns The Born Losers The Borromeo String Quartet The Borrowers The Borstal The Boscastle & Tintagel Players The Boss The Boss The Boss The Boss The Bossa Circuit The Bossa Nova Modern Quartet The BossHoss The Boss Martians The Bossmen The Boss-Tones The Bostocks The Boston Camerata The Boston Crabs The Boston Horns The Boston Jazz Ensemble The Boston Museum Trio The Boston Post The Bostweeds The Boswell Sisters The Bo Sylven Orchestra The Botaniks The Botanist The Botch Hotel The Both The Botha Boys The Bothy Band The Bots The Botswanas The Bottans The Botticellis The Bottle The Bottle Doom Lazy Band The Bottle Rockets The Bottles The Bottletop Band The Bottom Feeders The Bottom Lion The Bottoms The Bottom Sop The Bottrops The Boulder Creative Music Ensemble The Boulevard Connection The Boulevards The Bouncers The Bouncing Betty The Bouncing Bucephalus Bellringers From Brinnington The Bouncing Czechs The Boundless Love Quartet The Bounty Hounds The Bounty Hunter Gang The Bounty Hunters The Bouquets The Bourbon Cowboys The Bourbons The Bourbon Street Paraders The Bourbon Street Player The Boutiques The Bovver Boys The Bowbridge Band The Bo-weevils The Bowels of Judas The Bowery Electric Crew The Bowler Hats Jazzband The Bowling Balls The Bowling Green The Bowling Green Philharmonic The Bow Wow Men The Box The Box The Box The Boxcar Boys The Boxcar Guitars The Boxcars The Boxcars The Boxcar Tramps The Boxettes The Boxhedge Clippers The Boxing Lesson The Box of Chocolates The Box of Mothers The Box Social The Box Tops (1) The Boxx The Boy The Boy Bathing The Boy Boy The Boy Bucka The Boy Called Hedge The Boy Colin The Boycotts The Boyd Neel Orchestra The Boyd Rice Experience The Boyer Brothers The Boyetts The Boyfriends The Boyfriends The Boyfriends The Boy From Bonao The Boy From Nowhere The Boy From Oz The Boy Group The Boy Hairdressers The Boyish Charms The Boy Joys The Boy Lacks Patience The Boy Least Likely To The Boyoyo Boys The Boy Rackers The Boy Rockers The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys The Boys Blue The Boys Choir of Harlem The Boyscout The Boyscouts The Boys Cult The Boys From Brazil The Boys From Soapstar Superstar The Boys From the Bottom The Boy Short The Boy & Sister Alma The boys Killybegs The Boys Next Door The Boys 'n The Barrels The Boys of Blue Hill & The Harvest Home The Boys of County Nashville The Boys of Summer The Boys of the Isle The Boys' Star Library The Boys’ Town Steel Band The Boy Who Spoke Clouds The Boy Who Trapped the Sun The Boy Will Drown The Boy With The Broken Leg The Boy Wonder The Boy Wonder Jinx The Boy Wunda The Boyz The Boyz and Jesus The Boyz From Brazil The Boyzz The Bozfor The Bozier Boys The Bozos The Braad The Bracanovs The Bracelets The Braces The Braces The Bradburys The Bradford Singers The Bradford Trio The Bradipos IV The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra The Brady Brunsh The Brady Bunch The Brady Kids The Brahmas The Braids The Brain The Brain The Brain The Brain The Brain The Brain Bats The Brainbell Janglers The Brain - Central Nervous System The Brainiacs The Brainkiller The Brains The Brains Behind Pa The Brains of Humans The Brain Surgeons The Brainz The Brakes The Brambles The Bran (Another Plight of Medic's) Pos... The Brand The Brandalls The Brandals The Branded The Brandeis Jazz Festival Ensemble The Brandenburg Consort The Brandenburg "Pop" Symphony Orchestra The Brandenburg Sinfonia The Brand New Heavies The Brandos The Brands The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble The Brandywine Singers The Bran Flakes The Branford Marsalis Quartet The Brantley Family Band The Brash The Brasil Singers The Brass The Brass Band The Brass Buttons The Brass Connection The Brass Ensemble The Brass Fiddle The Brasshoppers The Brassknuckles The Brass'n Beatmachine Herman Gehlen The Brass Ring The Brat The Brat Attack The Bratbeaters The Bratislava National Orchestra The Brats The Brattice The Brave The Brave The Brave Little Abacus The Brave New World The Brave Ones The Braves The Bravest Ghost The Bravos The Braxtons The Brayan J. White Quartet The Brazda Brothers The Brazierlights in the Window The Brazilian Band The Brazilians The Brazz Brothers The Bread & Beer Band The Breadwinners The Break The Break The Breakaways The Breakaways The Breakaways The Breakaways The Breakaways The Break Boys The Breakdown Don The Breakdowns The Breakers The Breakers The Breakers The Breakfast The Breakfastaz The Breakfast Band The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Paraders The Break In The Breakin' Force The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet The Breakmen The Breaknecks The Breakout Crew The Break-Outs The Breaks The Breaks The Breaks Collective The Breakthru The Breakup The Break Up The Breakups The Break-ups The Breakup Society The Breathing Club The Breathing Process The Breath of Life The Breaux Brothers The Brecker Brothers The Brecon Brothers The Bredrin Daddys The Bree Van de Kamp's The Breeze The Breeze Band The Breeze Kings The Breezer Experience The Breeze The Breath The Breits The Brello Cabal The Brendan Hines The Brentwoods The Brett Rosenberg Problem The Brevers The Brew The Brewin The Brews The Brewtals The Brian Bennett Group The Brian Boru Band The Brian Irvine Ensemble The Brian James Gang The Brian Jonestown Massacre The Brian J White Trio The Brian Lynch / Eddie Palmieri Project The Brian Melvin Trio The Brian Setzer Trio The Briarwood Virgins The Bricats The Brickbats The Bricks The Bricoleur The Bridal Procession The Bridal Shop The Bride The Brides The Brides of Funkenstein The Bridewell Taxis The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge The Bridge Band The Bridgeburners The Bridge Gang The Bridgeheads The Bridges The Bridgeton Pipe Band The Bridgeville Harp Ensemble The Briefing The Briefs The Briefs The Brigade The Brigades The Brigadier The Brigands The Bright The Bright and Hollow Sky The Brightlights The Bright Lights The Brightly Shining Sea The Brightness The Brighton Beat The Brights The Bright Space The Bright Sparks The Bright Star Alliance The Bright Young Things The Brillantinas The Brilliance The Brilliant Corners The Brilliant Inventions The Brilliant Mistakes The Brilliant Things The Brilliant Trees The Brills The Brims The Brimstone Chorale The Brimstones The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band The Brindisi String Quartet The Bringers The Brisks The Bristles The Bristles The Bristols The Brit Hoolas The British Blues Quintet The British Columbians The British Expeditionary Force The British Kicks The British Link The British Marching Band The British Walkers The Britoons The Britsters The Britten Singers The Britt Lloyd Band The Brix The BroadBand The Broadcast Debut The Broadcasters The Broadcasters The Broadfield Marchers The Broads The B - Roads The Broadside Band The Broadside Beat The Broadside Four The Broadsiders The Broadsiders The Broadsides The Broadside Singers The Broadsteets The Broadway Babies The Broadway Boys The Broadway Gospel Choir The Broadway Hush The Broadway Kids The Broadway Local Theater Company, Musicians Of Melodious Accord The Broadways The Broadway Singers The Broadway Stage Orchestra The Broadway Starlight String Orchestra The Broadway Theatre Players The Brobecks The Brockingtons The Brock McGuire Band The Brockmeyers The Brodys The Broflovskis The Brogues The Broke The Brokedown The Brokedowns The Broke Lovers Sextet The Broken Are Crowned The Broken Beats The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band The Broken Colours The Brokendolls The Broken Family Band The Broken Heartbreakers The Broken Hearts The Broken Hearts Club The Broken Heroes The Broken Homes The Broken Keys The Broken Penis Orchestra The Broken Rekkids The Broken Remotes The Broken River Prophet The Broken Shillelaghs The Broken Toys The Broken West The Brokeoffs The Brokerdealer The Bromigos The Brommers The Bronner Brothers The Brontës The Bronx Casket Co. The Bronx Horns The Bron-Yr-Aurs The Bronze The Bronze The Bronzed Chorus The Bronze Episode The Bronze Medal The Bronzettes The Brood The Brood The Brook Brothers The Brook Lee Catastrophe The Brooklyn All Star Singers The Brooklyn Big Band The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout The Brooklyn Boys The Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Funk Band The Brooklyn Philharmonic Chorus The Brooklyn Soul Boys The Brooklyn Sounds The Brooklyn What The Brooks The Brooks Brothers The Brooks Sisters The Bros. Landreth The Broslyn Bards The Brothel Corpse Trio The Brother The Brother D. The Brother Egg The Brotherhood The Brotherhood of John Lawrence The Brotherhood of Lizards The Brotherhood of Saint Augustus The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory The Brotherhood of Sleep The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet The Brother Johnsons The Brother Kite The Brother L Congregation The Brother Love Congregation The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers The Brothers Ali The Brothers Black The Brothers Cazimero The Brothers Chaps The Brothers Creeggan The Brothers Figaro The Brothers Four The Brothers Frantzich The Brothers From Rio The Brothers Fuck & Friend The Brothers Grimm The Brothers Grimm The Brothers Groove The Brothers in Shit The Brothers Johnson The Brothers Kendall The Brothers Martin The Brothers Movement The Brothers of Funk vs. DJ Qwest The Brothers Seven The Brothers & Sisters The Brothers & Sisters The Brothers Strause The Brothers Testas The Brothers Unconnected The Brothers Wat The Brotherz The Brought Low The Broughtons The Brouhahas The Brown Acid The Brown Brothers The Brown Derbies The Brownettes The Brown Hornet The Brownies The Brown Indian Band The Browning The Browning-Gilchrest Duo The Browning Sisters The Brown Moth The Brown Mountain Lights The Browns The Browns The Browns The Brown Shoe Boys The Brown Sisters The Brown Sisters The Brown Sisters and George Cavanaugh The Brown Sisters of Chicago The Brown University Band The Brox Sisters The Bruce Family The Bruce Forman Quartet The Bruce Fowler Big Band The Bruce Lang Band The Bruce Lee Band The Bruce Li Foundation The Bruces The Bruce Springsteen Band The Bruisers The Bruises The Brüknahm Project The Brunching Shuttlecocks The Brunettes The Brunning Sunflower Band The Bruno Bertone Orchestra The Brunos The Brunswick Studio Orchestra The Brussels Concert Orchestra The Brutal The Brutal Deceiver The Brutalist The Brute Chorus The Brutes The Bruthers The Bruton Beat The Bruton Chambe Ensemble The Bruton Chamber Ensemble The Bruton Light Orchestra The Bruton Music Machine The Bruton Rock Group The Bruton Symphony Orchestra The Bruvvers The Bryan Ferry Orchestra The Bryan J. White Quartet The Bryan J. White Trio The Bryds The Bryson Group The B-Side Project The B-Sides The B-Stars The B!tch Brothers pres. Limousine The B Team The B Team The B-Tunes The Bubba Factor The Bubber Cyphers Band The Bubble The Bubblegum Complex The Bubblegum Hearts The Bubble Gum Machine The Bubblegum Revolution The Bubblegums The Bubblemen The Bubble Project The Bubbles The Bubbling Over Five The Bubonic Bassoon Quartet The Bubonic Plague The Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps The Buccaneers The Buccaneers The Buccaneers The Buccaneers The Buccaneers The Buccaneers The Buchanan Brothers The Buchannans The Buckaroos The Buckeroos The Bucket The Bucket Club The Bucketheads The Buckets The Buckeye Pals The Buckfever Underground The Buck Pets The Bucks The Bucks The Buckshots The Bucktown Five The Buckwheat Boyz The Bucky Rage The Bucwee Boiz The Budapest Film Orchestra The Buddaheads The Buddahs The Buddha Boys Choir The Buddha Debutante Choir The Buddha Lounge Ensemble The Buddha Lounge Players The Buddhas The Buddhas The Buddies The Buddies The Budd Session The Buddy Merrill Orchestra The Buddy Morrow Orchestra The Buddy Odor Stop The Buddy O'Reilly Consort The Buddy Rich Band The Buddy Rich Big Band The Buddy System The Budgies The Budregassi The Buds The Buds The Bud Shank Big Band The Bud Shank Sextet The Buena Vistas The Buffalo Bills The Buffalo Bunch The Buffalo Club The Buffaloes The Buffalo Kings The Buffalo Ryders The Buffalo's The Buffalo Skinners The Buffalo Skinners The Buffers The Buffets The Buff Haze Connection The Buff Medways The Buffoons The Bugaloo Brass The Bugaloos The Buggers The Buggles The Bugs The Bugs The Bugs Henderson Group The Bugsta The Bug vs. The Rootsman The Bu Harmonics The BuHousers The Builder The Builders The Building Press The Buildzer The Bukky Leo Quartet The Bukky Leo Quintet The Bukros Singers The Bulemics The Bulgarian The Bulgarian All Star Orchestra The Bulgarian Voices Angelite The Bullant Band The Bulldogs The Bulle The Bullet Conscience The Bullet Kings The Bulletmonks The Bullet Never Lies The Bulletproof Bomb The Bulletproof Space Travelers The Bulletproof Tiger The Bullets The Bullets The Bullfight The Bullitts The Bullocks The Bullworkers The Bully The Bullys The Bumba Victims The Bumber The Bumblebees The Bumble Bees The Bumchucks The Bumelants The Bump The Bumpin’ Uglies The Bumps The Bump's The Bums The B.U.M.S. The Bun' ber e Pipe and Drum Corps The Bunburys The Bunch The Bunch The Bundesrats The Bundles The Bunko Squad The Bunk Project The Bunnies The Bunny Club The Bunny Lee Allstars The Bunny Station The Bunratty Singers The Buntaman Band The Buoys The Burbs The Burch Sisters The Burden The Burdens The Bureau The Bureaucrats The Bureau de Change The Bureau of Nonstandards The Burger Project The Burger Queens The Burgundy Blues The Burgundy Runn The Burhorn The Burial The Burial The Buried Beds The Buried Heart Project The Burly Minstrels The Burmoe Brothers The Burn The Burnadettes The Burn Band The Burned Moon The Burner Brothers The Burners The Burnes The Burnette Brothers The Burnett Rhythm Rangers The Burning The Burning The Burning Aces The Burning Bush The Burning Flames The Burning Hall Sunflower Blues Band The Burning Hell The Burning Leaves The Burning of Rome The Burning Paris The Burning Rods The Burning Room The Burning Rubber Dolls The Burning Season The Burning Skies of Elysium The Burning Souls The Burnouts The Burns The Burn Service The Burns Sisters The Burns Unit The Burnsville Band The Burnt The Burnt Reynolds The Burps The Burrell Brothers The Burroughs Juniors The Burrs The Bursers The Burt Bacharach Orchestra & Chorus The Burt Best Band The Burton Brothers The Burton Cool Suit The Burtons The Burtschi Brothers The Burt Sisters With Jimmy Ellidge Band The Bury Lawn School Choir The BusBoys The Bus Crew The Busdrivers The Bush The Bushburys The Bush Chemists The Bush Chemists & Talawa The Bushmen The Bushmen The Bush The Tree and Me The Bushwackers The Bushwick Philharmonic The Business The Business City Orchestra The Business Intl The Business Machines The Buskers The Busking Monkeys The Busman's Handbag The Busquito's The Bus Station Loonies The Bustamante Players The Busters The Busters North Coast Blues Band The Busters Pension Fund The Bustups The Busy Band The Busy Signals The Busy Signals The Busy Twist The Butcher The Butchers The Butchers The Butcher's Bag The Butcher's Bill The Butchershop Quartet The Butchies The Butlers The Butlers The Butlers With Frankie Beverly The Butler Twins The Butta Babees The Butterbean Jazz Quartet The Butterbeer Experience The Buttercream Gang The Buttered Scones The Butterfingers The Butterflies The Butterflies The Butterflies of Love The Butterfly The Butterfly Ball The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Explosion The Butterfly Graveyard The Butterflys The Butterfly Toungz The Buttermilk Compleat The Butter Peanuts The Butties The Buttless Chaps The Buttmasters The Buttocks The Button The Button Down Brass The Button Mashers The Buttons The Buttshakers The Buttz The Bux The Buyerdies The Buzz The Buzz The Buzz The Buzz The Buzzards The Buzzbees The Buzzhorn The Buzz Klub The Buzz of Delight The B.Y. The Bye Bye Blackbirds The Bye Bye Brothers The Bye-Laws The Bygraves The Byrds The Byrnes The Byron Band The Bystanders The C3 Psychoto-Electro Arkestra The C-60s The C64Mafia The C90s The Caballeros The Cabildos The Cabildo's 3 The Cabin Crew The Cabineers The Cable Car Theory The Cables The Cabrians The Cabriolets The Cabs The Cacti The Cactus Channel The Cadaver The Cadavers The Cadbury Sisters The Cadets The Cadets of Bergen County The Cadets With Eileen Reid The Cadillac Kings The Cadillacs The Cadillacs A'Capella The Cadillacs & The Legendley The Cadillacs with Jeese Powell's Orchestra The Cads The Cads The Caesar Singers The Caesarz The Caezars The Cafe at the Gates of Salvation The cafè stories The CafFiends The Caffrey Family The Cage The Cage The Cages The Cain The Caine The Ca$inos The Cain Principle The Cairo Arabic Music Ensemble The Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble The Cairo Gang The Cairos The Cairos The Cajun All Stars The Cajun Combo The Cajuns The Cajun Strangers The Cajun Tradition The Cake The Cakekitchen The Cakes The Cake Sale The Calamities The Calamity The Calamity Band The Calamity Trigger The Calbakes The Cal Collins Quartet The Calculators The Caldwell Schuyler Family The Caledonia Mission The Caledonian Ceilidh Trail The Calendars The Cal Hopkins Amish Armada The Caliban Quartet of Bassoonists The Calicoes The Calico Sunset The Calico Wall The California Aggie Marching Band-uh! The California E.A.R. Unit The California Golden Overtones The California Honeydrops The California Humming-Birds The Californian The Californians The California Playboys The California Poppy Pickers The California Raisins The California Suns The Caligaris The C.A.L.II Projekt The Calimocho Club The Caliphs The Call The Callahan The Callas The Calling The Calliope The Calliope Project Community Choir The Call Up The Calm Before The Calm Blue Sea The Calmer The Calm Project The Calog The Calorifer Is Very Hot The Cal Project The Cals The Cal Tjader Quintet The Calvaes The Calvanes The Calvary Chancel Choir The Calveys The Calways The Calypso Boys The Calypso Hurricane The Calypsonians The Calypso Queerleaders The Camaros The Camaros The Cambion The Cambrai Pipes The Cambridge Baroque Camerata The Cambridge Buskers The Cambridge Circus The Cambridge Four The Cambridge Singers The Cambridge Singers & members of the City of London Sinfonia The Camel The Camel Drivers The Camelots The Camel Rider The Camels The Camembert Quartet The Cameo In The Cameolays The Cameos The Cameos The Cameos The Camera and Film The Camerata Singers The Cameron Frye The Cames The Camino Organisation The Campaign 1984 The Campaign for Real-Time The CamPanulas The Campbell Brothers with Katie Jackson The Campbell Brothers with Willie Eason The Campbells of Greepe The Campers The Campfire Collaboration The Campfire Grrrls The Campiello Band The Camping and Caravanning Club Band The Camps The Campus Kids The Campus Tramps The Canadian Band of the Allied Expeditionary Force The Canadian Bandurist Capella The Canadian Beadles The Canadian Piano Trio The Canadian Rogues The Canadians The Canadian Sweethearts The Canaries The Canary Sect The Cancel The Cancer Conspiracy The Cancer Kids The Candela All-Stars The Candella Allstars The Candidates The Candie Maids The Candies The Candlelight The Candlepark Stars The Candles The Candles Burning Blue The Candle Thieves The Candy-Cat-Whore The Candy Darlings The Candydates The Candy Dates The Candy Dealers The Candyman The Candymen The Candyskins The Candy Snatchers The Candy Spooky Theater The Candy Store The Cane The Canes The Cangelosi Cards The Can Kickers The Cannanes The Cannibals The Cannonball Adderley Quintet The Cannons The Canon Logic The Cansecos The Cantamus Girls Choir The Cantankerous Captain Aptos The Cantebury Cathedral Choir The Canterbury Choir The Canterbury Rugby Team The Canti Moderni The Canton Spirituals The Cants The Canucks The Can Utility The Canvas The Canvas Waiting The Canyon Observer The Canz The Capaces The Cape The Cape Breton Chorale The Cape Kennedy Construction Company The Capella of Calvin College The Cape May The Caper Brothers The Capers The Capes The Capes of Good Hope The Capistranos The Capital The Capital Beat The Capitalist Youth The Capitali$ts The Capital LS The Capital Suite The Capitolians The Capitol Jazzmen The Capitols The Capitol Symphonic Band With Louis Castellucci The Capitol Targets The Capones The Capones The Capones The Capones The Capp-Pierce Juggernaut The Capp / Pierce Orchestra The Capreez The Capricorns The Capris The Caps The Caps The Capstan Shafts The Capsules The Captain The Captain & DFQ The Captain Howdy The Captain & JP The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience The Captain Legendary Band The Captain & Mark Todd The Captain & Me The Captain, Oz & Kristian The Captains The Captain's Package The Captain & Steve Thomas The Captain & The Nun The Captain & Tom Slik The Cap-Tans The Captions The Captivators The Caput Ensemble The Caracols The Caramel Club The Caramel Crew The Carapace The Caravan The Caravan The Caravans The Caravans The Caravellas The Caravelles The Caravelles The Caravells The Carawan Brothers The Carbon Boys The Carbon Community The Carbonfools The Carbonites The Carburetors The Carcinogens The Cardboard Lung The Cardiff Trinity Choir The Cardigans The Cardinal Effect The Cardinall's Musick The Cardinals The Cardinal Sin The Carefrees The Careless Hearts The Careless Lovers The Caresser The Caresser: Edward VIII The Caressors The Caretaker The Caretaker Race The Caretakers The Caribbean The Caribbeans The Carib Beats The Carib-Beats The Caribs The Car Is on Fire The Carla Bley Band The Carl Bender Quartette The Carl Dewhurst Quartet The Carlettes The Carlew Choir The Carling Family Hot Five The Carlisles The Carl LaFong Trio The Carl Orr Band The Carlos Project The Carlos Sanchez Movement The Carl Palmer Band The Carlsonics The Carltons The Carlyle Cousins Trio The Carl Younge Project The Carmel Cruisers The Carmichaels The Carnaby The Carnabys The Carnaby Street Runners The Carnation The Carnations The Carnegie Hall Jazz Band The Carnegie Tabernacle Choir The Carnies The Carnies The Carnival The Carnival The Carnival Band The Carnivales The Carnival of Fools The Carnival Saloon The Carnival Steel Drum Band The Carnival's Vagabonds The Carnival Three The Carny The Carny Villains The Caroleers The Carolina Buddies The Carolina Jug Stompers The Carolina Shitkickers The Carolina Spirituals The Caroline Kennedy Conspiracy The Caroline Movement The Carolines The Caroller Christmas and Orchestra The Caroloregians The Carols The Carousel The Carousels The Carousels The Carpels The Carpenter The Carpenter Brothers The Carpetbaggers The Carpetbaggers The Carpet Gypsies The Carpet Knights The Carpets The Carpets The Carpettes The Carps The Carribean The Carrier The Carrier Wave The Carrivick Sisters The Carroll Brothers The Carrolls The Carrot and Stick The Carrots The Carr Twins The Carry Nation The Cars Are the Stars The Carsitters The Carson Downey Band The Carstairs The Cartel The Cartel The Cartels The Cartels The Carter Administration The Carter Administration The Carter Family The Carter Family The Carter Kids The Carters The Carters The Carter Sisters & Mother Maybelle The Cartmans The Cartographers The Cartoons The Cartridge Family The Cartwrights The Carvells The Carver Boys The Carvettes The Casablanca Steps The Casals The Casanovas The Casanovas The Cascades The Cascades The Case The Case The Cashbags The Cash Brothers The Cashmere Bums The Cashmeres The Cash Stevens The Casino Brawl The Casino Royal The Casinos The Casket Creatures The Casket Creeps The Casket Girls The Casket Lottery The Caslons The Casmeres The Cas!o Samples The Cassandra Complex The Cass County Uglies The Cassettes The Cassettes The Cassini Projekt The Cast The Cast The Cast The Castaleers The Castaways The Castaway Stones The Cast Before the Break The Castelles The Castells The Castells The Castels The Cast From Casualty The Castiles The Castilians The Casting Out The Castle The Castle Beat The Castle Kings The Castletones The Cast Of Boy Meets Girls TV Show The Cast of Cheers The Cast of The Kings of Summer The Casual Aires The Casualairs The Casual Brothers The Casual Dots The Casualeers The Casualiers The Casual Lean The Casual Lust The Casuals The Casuals The Casual Terrorist The Casual Three The Casulties The Cat The Cat The cat 99 The Cat'99 The Catalinas The Catalinas The Catalogs The Catalyst The Catalyst The Catastrophe The Catberrys The Cat Box Quartet The Cat Called Eastern National The Catch The Catch The Catch The Cate Brothers The Cate Brothers Band The Categorical Imperative The Cateran The Caterina Valente Singers The Catgut Marauder The Catharsis The Cat Heads The Cathedral Brass The Cathedral Choir Exeter The Cathedral Choir of Holy Etchmiadzin The Cathedral Choir of St. John the Divine The Cathedral Quartet The Cathedrals The Cathedral Singers The Catheters The Catholic Jedi The catholics The Cat Mary The Cat & Mr. Cool The Cats The Cats and The Fiddle The Cat Sass Blues Band The Catskills The Cat's Miaow The Cat's 'n' Jammer Kids The Cats 'n' Jammer Three The Cat's Pajamas The Cattlemen The Caulden Road The Caulfields The Caulfield Sisters The Cause The Cause The Cause...If Anything The Causey Way The Causticles The Caustic Pop The Cauterized The Cautionary Tales Orchestra The Caution Children The Cautioneers The Cautions The Cavaliers The Cavaliers The Cavaliers The Cavaliers The Cavaliers The Cave The Cave 4 The Cave Bear Cult The Cavedogs The Cavedwellers The Cave Gang The Cave Kids The Cavell Trio The Cave Men The Cavemen Five The Cavendish Ten The Cavendish Three The Cavernarios The Cavern Beatles (3) The Caves The Cavestompers The CA Warren Players The Cay The CB's The CBS Choir The CCG Studio Orchestra The CC Ryders The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds The Cecil Taylor Unit The Cedar The Cedar City Sluts The Cedars The Cedars The Cedars The Cedars The Cedar Street Sluts The Cedars Two The Ceejebs The Ceili Bandits The Ceili Family The Ceili Orchestra The Celebrated Working Man's Band The Celebration Choir of Sheffield The Celebration Singers The Celebrities The Celebrity Choir 1987 The Celebrity Orphans The Celebrity Pilots The Celebrity Quartette The Celebrity Squares The Celebrity Three The Celestrals The Celibate Rifles The Cell The Cell The Cellar The Cellarbirds The Cellar Boys The Cellar Dwellars The Cellar Family The Cellar Singers The Cellestrials The Čellisti The Cellmate Worldwide Mass Choir The Cello ChiXtet The Cellophane Flowers The Cellos The Cell Phones The Cells The Celophane Flower The Celtic Angels The Celtic Ceili Band The Celtic Christmas Players The Celtic Christmas Singers The Celtic Collection The Celtic Consort The Celtic Harp The Celtic Pipes & Strings The Celtic Roots Orchestra The Celtics The Cemetary Girlz The Cemetery Improvement Society The Cenobites The Cenobites The Centerfolds The Centimeters The Central Band of the Canadian Forces The Central Band of The Royal Air Force The Central Malay Choir The Centrals The Central Standards The Centrofusal Trifecta The Centuries The Centuries The Centurions The Centurions The Century The Centurymen The Century of Aeroplanes The Centurys The CEO The Ceptors The Ceramic Hobbs The Ceremonies The Certain Someones The Cesarians The Cesta All Stars The Ceyleib People The Cezannes The CFP Project The Cha-Chin Club The Chadbournes The Chadderandom Abyss The Chad Fisher Group The Chad Hollister Band The Chad Mitchell Trio The Chænge The Chaen Reaction The Chain The Chainguns The Chain Mountain Boys The Chains The Chainsaw Hollies The Chainsaw Sisters The Chair The Chair The Chaircrusher The Chairman Dances The Chairmen of the Bank & Bernadette La Hengst The Chairs The Chairs The Chairs The Chakras The Chalets The Chalga Band The Chalk The Chalk Giants The Challenge The Challengers The Chamäleons The Chamber The Chamber Choir of Orthodox Sacred Music The Chamber Choir of The School of Music, Göteborg University The Chamberdeacons The Chamberlains The Chambermaids The Chamber Orchestra of Europe The Chamber Orchestra of London The Chambers Brothers The Chamber Strings The Chameleon The Chameleon Project The Chameleons The Champ The Champagne Charade The Champagne Flutes The Champagne Kiss The Champagne Socialists The Champion and His Burning Flame The Championettes The Champions The Champions The Champions The Champions The Championship The Champlains The Champou Band The Champs The Champs The Champs' Boys Orchestra The Chams The Chance The Chance The Chancellors The Chancers The Chances The Chances-R The Chanclettes The Chandeliers The Chandeliers The Chandelles The Chandlers The Chandler Travis Philharmonic The Chandos Baroque Players The Change The Changelings The Changers The Changes The Change Up The Changing The Changing Scene The Changing Times The Changin' Times The Changin' Tymes The Channaclairs The Channel The Channel 4 News Team The Channeling The Channels The Channelsurfers The Chant The Chant The Chantays The Chantelles The Chantells The Chantels The Chanterelle del Vasto The Chanters The Chanters Group The Chanticleers The Chantiers The Chanting House The Chantinos The Chant Masters The Chantones The Chantoozies The Chantrellines The Chants The Chants R&B The Chaos Engine The Chap The Chaparrals The Chapelaires The Chapel Band The Chapel Choir of Emmanuel College, Cambridge The Chapel Choir of Sidney Sussex College The Chaperals The Chaperones The Chaplin Band The Chapman Family The Chapmans The Chapparrals The Chaps The Chaps The Chapter The Chapter The Chapter House Choir The Chapters The Chaquito Big Band The Characters The Characters The Charade The Charades The Charades The Charcoal Club The Charge The Chargers Street Gang The Charisma Band The Charles Blackwell Orchestra The Charles Burton Blues Band The Charles Fold Singers The Charles Ford Band The Charles Lloyd Quartet The Charles Mingus Quintet The Charles Napiers The Charleston 7 The Charleston Chasers The Charleston City All-Stars The Charlestones The Charles Williams Singers The Charlesworth Family The Charley Twins The Charlie Bop Trio The Charlie Brechtel Band The Charlie Byrd Quintet The Charlie Byrd Trio The Charlie Mars Band The Charlie North Michael E Project The Charlie Parkers The Charlie Rouse Band The Charlie's Jacket The Charlotte Philharmonic The Charlottes The Charls The Charmaines The Charmed One The Charmells The Charmels The Charmers The Charmers The Charmers The Charmers The Charmers Big Band The Charmes The Charmettes The Charmin' Bastards The Charming Beggars The Charming Prophets The Charming Snakes The Charming Youngsters The Charm Pops The Charms The Charm The Fury The Charque Side Of The Moon The Chartbusters The Charters The Chartists The Charts The Chase The Chase The Chaser The Chasers The Chasers The Chasers The Chase Scene The Chase Theory The Chasm The Chasms The Chaste The Chateaus The Chatham Singers The Chauffeur The Chaumonts The Chavis Bros The Chavos The Chaw The Chazz Cats The Cheap Cuts The Cheapers The Cheap Seats The Cheapskates The Cheat The Cheaters The Cheaters The Cheaters The Cheaters The Cheaters Club The Cheats The Checkerboard Squares The Checker Dots The Checkered Cabs The Checkers The Checkmates The Checkmates The Checkmates, Ltd. The Checks The Cheebacabra The Cheek The Cheek of Her The Cheeks The Cheeksters The Cheeky Girls The Cheeky White Devils The Cheeps The Cheepskates The Cheeraks The Cheers The Cheers & The Diamonds The Cheerz The Cheese The Cheese Band The Cheesemakers The Cheesemakers The Cheesies The Cheetahs The Cheetahs The Cheeters The Chef The Chefs The Chefs The Chehade Brothers The Cheifs The Chekists The Chell-Mars The Chellows The Chelsea Pensioners The Chelsea Set The Chelsea Smiles The Che Men The Chemical Mafia The Chemical Pilot The Chemical Sweet Kid The Chemist The Chemist The Chemist and The Acevities The Chemistry The Chemistry Experiment The Chemist vs. The Computer The Chemodan The Cheniers The Chenille Sisters The Cheques The Cherokees The Cherries The Cherry Blossoms The Cherry Blues Project The Cherry Bomb Project The Cherry Bombz The Cherry Boppers The Cherry Boys The Cherry Cobb Cartel The Cherry Coke$ The Cherry Colas The Cherrykicks The Cherry Men The Cherry Orchard The Cherry Pies The Cherry Point The Cherry Smash The Cherry Valence The Cherryville The Cheserasera The Cheshire Chord Company The Cheshire Project The Chess Club The Chessmen The Chessmen The Chessmen The Chessmen The Chessmen The Chesterfield Kings The Chesterfields The Chesters The Chester String Quartet The Chestnut Brass Co. The Chestnut Brothers The Chestnuts The Chet The Chevelles The Chevelle V The Chevells The Chevells The Chevin The Cheviot Ranters The Chevlons The Chevrons The Cheynes The Chiara String Quartet The Chiaroscuro All Stars The Chicago All Stars The Chicago Bad Boys The Chicago Blues Band Boys The Chicago Blues Brothers (1) The Chicago Blues Summit With Sunnyland Slim The Chicago Community Choir The Chicago Connection The Chicago Footwarmers The Chicago Hitmen The Chicago Jazz Quintet The Chicago Kingsnakes The Chicago Klezmer Ensemble The Chicago Loop The Chicago Loopers The Chicago Musical Revue The Chicago Project The Chicago Shags The Chicago Slim Blues Band The Chicago String Band The Chicago Swans The Chicago Typewriters The Chicanes The Chicano Rockers The Chicaynes The Chicharones The Chi Chi Squad The Chick Corea New Trio The Chicken Chokers The Chicken Granny The Chickenhawks The Chicken Hawks The Chicken Little Cast The Chicken Nuggets The Chicken Skin Band The Chicklettes The Chick McGee Experience The Chick No Sticks The Chicks The Chico Hamilton Orchestra The Chico Hamilton Quintet The Chico's The Chief The Chief Groovy Loo The Chiefs The Chieftones The Chiffons The Chikitas The Chiky-Chaka Girls The Child The Child Actors The Child Ballads The Childish Thoughts The Child Molesters The Child of Lov The Child Readers The Children The Children The Children The Children The Children The Children The Children From The Barbara Speake School The Children of Agape The Children Of Bulawayo, Labengula and Thul Dumakude The Children of Darkness The Children of Four Marks Church of England Primary School The Children of Humanity The Children of Massi Plains View Academy The Children of Point The Children of Quechua The Children of Red Egypt The Children of Soul The Children of St Mary's Primary School The Children of Sunshine The Children of Zion The Children’s Audio Company The Children's Christmas Chorus The Children's Company Orchestra & Choir The Children's Hour The Children's Zoo The Childs The Child Who Was a Keyhole The Chill The Chillas The Chill Conspiracy The Chiller The Chillie 3 MCs The Chillies The Chill Out Academy The Chill Out Orchestra The Chills The Chill Seekers The Chimes The Chimes The Chimes The Chimes of Freedom The Chimney Brothers The Chimps The Chimpz The China Ballet Troupe The China Beach Orchestra The China Blue Experiment The Chinaman The Chinamen The Chinch Bugs The Chineapple Punx The Chinese circle The Chinese Express The Chinese Millionaires The Chinese Stars The Chinkees The Chinless Elite The Chinstraps The Chipettes The Chip Hawkes Band The "Chipmunk" Chorus The Chipmunks The Chips The Chips The Chips Are Ready The Chirps The Chi-Saw Gang The Chitinous Ensemble The Chitz The Choab The Chob The Chocó Indians The CHOCOLATE The Chocolate City Connection The Chocolate Dandies The Chocolate Factor The Chocolate Horse The Chocolate Prince The Chocolate Rockets The Chocolate Rolemodels The Chocolate Watch Band The Chocolat's The Choice The Choice The Choice Four The Choice of Tragic Wives The Choir The Choir The Choir The Choirboys The Choir Boys The Choir Boys The Choir Company The Choirgirl Isabel The Choir of All Saints The Choir of Canterbury Cathedral The Choir of Chester Cathedral The Choir of Christ's College Cambridge The Choir of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge The Choir of Corpus Christi College, Oxford The Choir of Hard Knocks The Choir Of Hope The Choir of Kenrick Glennon Seminary The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford The Choir of Ormond College The Choir Of Saint Stephen's Church, Gloucester Road The Choir of St. Anne's Anglican Church The Choir of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle The Choir of St John's College, Cambridge The Choir of St. Luke's, Holloway The Choir of St Mary’s Church, Nottingham The Choir of St. Patrick's Cathedral The Choir of St. Patrick's Church Ballymena The Choir of Temple Church The Choir of The Age of Enlightenment The Choir of the Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of Regina Laudis The Choir of the College of William & Mary The Choir of the Dormition Church of the Novodevichy The Choir of the London Oratory and the Oratory Junior Choir The Choir of the Music Academy of Minsk The Choir of the Old Royal Naval College The Choir of Trinity Church The Choir of Vengeance The Choir & Orchestra of Pro Christe The Choir Practice The Choirs and Orchestra of Brigham Young University The Choirs of Bath and Winchester Cathedrals The Choirs of Jesus College, Cambridge The Choirs of the Cathedral of St. Paul, Buffalo The Choke The Choke Slammers The Cholos The Chommodores The Choo Choo Trains The Chopper City Boyz The Choppers The Chops The Chop Tops The Choral Arts Society of Washington The Choral Guild of Atlanta The Chorals The Chord and the Fawn The Chordbenders The Chordcats The Chordells The Chordettes The Chordones The Chords UK The Choristers of Reigate St. Mary The Choristers of St. John the Divine, Victoria, BC The Choristers of the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Alban The Choristers of the Cathedral of Madelaine Choir School The Choristers of Westminster Cathedral, London The Chosen The Chosen The Chosen Brothers The Chosen Few The Chosen Few The Chosen Few The Chosen Few The Chosen Generation The Chosen Two The Chotails The Cho-Zen The Chris Armstrong Band The Chris Bangs Project The Chris Banks Project The Chris Cain Band The Chris Danforths The Chris Fillmore Band The Chris Goulstone Band The Chris Hinze Combination The Chris McCarty Band The Chris McGregor Trio The Chris Moyles World Cup Band The Chris Norman Ensemble The Chris Potter Quartet The Chris Stamey Experience The Christianaires The Christian Jacob Trio The Christian Outlook The Christians The Christina Abbott Band The Christines The Christine Spero Group The Christland Singers The Christmas All‐Stars The Christmas Chorale The Christmas Collective The Christmas Concert Choir The Christmas Gang The Christmas Jug Band The Christmas Presents The Christmas Revels The Christmas Singers The Christmas Spirit The Christmas Spirit The Christmas Vocal Choir The Christopher/Emery Company The Christopher Gross Ensemble The Christopher Wren Singers The Chris Vestre Group The Chris Waffle Experience The Chris Walden Big Band The Chris Warren Band The Chris White Aaron Nevezie Quartet The Chromatics The Chrome Addicts The Chronicles of Israfel The Chronics The Chronics The Chrysler The Chrystal Band The Chubbies The Chubbtones The Chubukos The Chuck-A-Lucks The Chuck Israels Quartet The Chuckle Brothers The Chuckles The Chuck Norris Experiment The Chucks The Chuck Wagon Gang The Chuddy Nuddies The Chuffs The Chuff Train Hot Dogs The Chumps The Chumps The Chung Trio The Chunk Brothers The Chunk Yard Dog The Church Bizarre The Church Grims The Churchhill Garden The Churchill Garden The Churchills The Church Keys The Church & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra The Churchmen The Church Mice The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints The Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto The Church Universal and Triumphant The Churls The Chute Middle Shcool Orchestra The Chweger The Chymes The Cibaphones The Cicadas The Cicadas The Cicadelics The Cidermill Drive The Cigarettes The Cigarettes The Cigarres The Cigarretes The Cigarrres The Cignal The Cille The Cimarons The Cimmarons The Cinch The Cincinnati Reds U.K. The Cindells The Cinderellas The Cindermen The Cindy's The Cinema The Cinema Eye The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra The Cinema Sound Stage Orchestra Presents The Cinematic The Cinematics The Cinematics The Cinematic Underground The Cinemati Orchestra The Cineramas The Cinnamon Imperials The Circle (2) The Circle The Circle Ends Here The Circle of Enlightenment The Circle of Tyrants The Circles The Circlesouth The Circle South The Circuit The Circuit Riders The Circuit Riders The Circular Ruins The Circumcised The Circus The Circus of The Scars The Circus Sands The Ciruit The Cistercian Monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz The Citations The Citizen The Citizens The Citizens The Citizens Band The City The City The City and Horses The City Beautiful The City Boyz The City Champs The City Crackers The City Drive The City Farmers The City Harmonic The City Hollers The City Lights The City Liimits The City Limits The City Lives The City of Bath Bach Choir The City of Prague Philharmonic Big Band The City of Westminster String Band The City of Westminster Strings Band The City on Film The City's Finest The City's Last Noise The City Slickers The City Streets The City Surfers The City Waites The City Walls The City Zones The Civilians The Civilized Age The Civilized Electrons The Civil Tones The CJ Boyd Sexxxtet The Claim The Claire Phoenix Band The Claire Sisters The Clamheads The Clampitt Family The Clamps The Clams The Clan The Clan The Clancy Brothers The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem The Clancy Brothers, David Hammond and Families The Clancy Children The Clan Destined The Clanging Chimes Of Doom The Clan Gregor Society Pipe Band The Clap The Clap The Clare Celts The Clare Fischer Big Band The Clare Guilty Orchestra The Claremonts The Clarence Ashley Group The Clarence Mack Express The Clarences The Clarendonians The Clare Voyants The Clarke Family The Clarke & Ware Experiment The Clark Family The Clark Family Experience The Clark Sisters The Clark Sisters Clarkson, Hammond & May Live The Clark Terry Spacemen The Clash The Clashmen The Class Assassins The Classical Band The Classical Ensemble Of Istanbul The Classical Two The Classic Brown The Classic Conviction The Classic Guitar Warriors The Classics The Classics The Classics The Classics The Classics The Classics Quartet The Classic Struggle The Classic Sullivans The Classmates The Class Mates The Class of 98 The Class War The Class War Kids The Claudia Quintet The Claudias The Claves The Claw The Clay The Clayfoot Strutters The Clayhill Brothers The Claymakers The Claymore The Clay People The Clayton Brothers The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra The Clean The Cleaners The Clean Prophets The Cleansing The Clearing The Clears The Clebanoff Strings The Clebanoff Strings & Orchestra The Clefnotes The Clefs The Cleftone The Cleftones The Cleftones with Jimmy Wright & His Orchestra The Clefts The Clement Peerens Explosition The Clems The Clench The Cleopatras The Clergy The Clergy The Clergy The Clerkes of Oxenford The Clerks The Clerks The Clerks The Clerks' Group The Clete Bellin Orchestra The Clevelanders The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra The Cleveland Orchestra The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus The Cleveland Symphonic Winds The Clevers The Clever Square The Cleves The Clicc The Clichés The Clichés The Click The Click Clack Boom The Clickettes The Click Five The Click IV dan Jaffar The Click Kids The Clicks The Clientells The Cliff Adams Singers The Cliffhangers The Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination The Cliffters The Cliffy Davis Goodtime Band The Clifters The Clifton Chenier Band The Clik Clik The Climax The Climax The Climb The Climb The Climbers The Climbing The Clinch Mountain Boys The Clinkers The Clint Boon Experience! The Clinton Administration The Clinton Cerejo Session Singers The Clintonian Cubs The Clintons The Clintons The Clippers The Clipper Thieves The Clips The Clips The Clique The Clique The Clique The Cliques The Cliques The Clitboys The Clit Cops The Cloak Ox The Clock The Clocks The Clocks The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble The Clock Work Army The Clockwork Crew The Clockwork Dolls The Clock-Work Orange The Clockwork Quartet The Clone The Clone Defects The Clone DJ The Clones The Clones The Clones The Clonious The Clonious The C. Lord C. The Close The Closer I Get The Closers The Closet Monsters The Closet Squatters The Close-Ups The Cloud Hymn The Cloud Room The Clouds The Clouds The Clouds [Indonesia] The Clover The Clovers The Clovers The Cloves and the Tobacco The Clown The Clowns The Clox The Club The Club 93 Rebels The Clubba-Holics vs Coco Nuts The Clubbers Production The Clubbing Man The Club Brothers The Club Django Sextet of Toronto The Club Guys The Clubjock The Club Kidds The Club Kidz The Clubmasters The Club Punks The Clubstorm Project The Clue The Clues The Clumps The Clumsy Lovers The Clungels The Cluricaune The Clurk The Clurman Singers The Cluskey Hopkins Jazzband The Clusterfux The Clusters The Clutch The Clutch Player The Clutters The Clydesiders The Clymer Kurtz Band The Clynics The CNK The C. Norman Ensemble of The First Baptist Church of Crown Heights The C-Notes The C&N Project The C-Nuts The Coach and Four The Coachemen Five The Coach House Rhythm Section The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coachmen The Coach & The Player The Coalfield The Coalition The Coalition The Coalition The Coalition The Coalition of the Willing The Coal Men The Coalminers' Beat The Coal Porters The Coastal Commission The Coaster The Coasters OSD The Coasts The Coast To Coast Blues Band The Coatmen The Coats The Cobbers Bush Band The Cobblestones The Cobbs The Cobra The Cobra Cat Students The Cobra Experience The Cobrahawks The Cobras The Cobras The Cochran Brothers The Cock The Cock And Bull Band The Cockatoo Valley Song Group vs. Adam Hardcastle The Cocker Spaniels The Cockney All Stars The Cockney Group The Cockpit Ensemble The Cockroach Combo The Cockroaches The Cockroach Terminators The Cocktail Cabinet The Cocktail Preachers The Cocktails The Cocky Sticks The Coconut Monkeyrocket The Coconuts The Coconut Wireless The Coconutz The Cocoon Dup The Coctails The Coda The COD Crew The Code The Code The Co-Dependents The Codetalkers The Codetalkers with Col. Bruce Hampton The Codex The Codfather The C.O.D.s The C.O.D's The Co-Eds The Coffeeboy The Coffee Boys The Coffeehouse Orchestra The Coffee Kids The Coffee Set The Coffin Caddies The Coffin Cheaters The Coffin Daggers The Coffin Lids The Coffinrockers The Coffinshakers The Cog The Cogent Project The Cog Is Dead The Cognacq Jays The Cognition The Cognitive Map The Cogs The Co-Hearts The Cohen Brothers The Co-Horts The Coil of Sihn The Coins The Coiots! The Coke Dares The Cold The Cold The Cold and Lovely The Cold Beyond The Cold Crew The Cold Existence The Cold Heart Projects The Cold Napoleons The Cold Rush The Cold Starts The cold tommy The Cole Broderick Quartet The Cole Brothers The Coleman Hawkins Sextet The Colemans The Coletranes The Colgate 13 The Colin Busby Big Swing Band The Colin Knapp Band The Collaboration The Collage The Collapsible Mammals The Colleagues The Collectable Few The Collection and The Civics The Collection of the Late Howell Bend The Collective