Annie Fitzgerald’s ‘Hero’ featured in ‘Jack of the Red Hearts’
Courtesy of YouTube

Singer-songwriter and musician Annie Fitzgerald will see her work in a new light on February 26, 2016. That’s when her work will first be featured in the upcoming motion picture Jack of the Red Hearts. The new film opens that weekend in select theatres throughout the country.

In a brief e-interview Fitzgerald confirmed: “The music and lyrics of ‘Hero’ (from my record In Good Time) are in the upcoming film Jack of the Red Hearts.” She elaborates on the movie itself noting: “The story is about love, family and the human spirit and sheds light on the joys and challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum.”

Directed by Janet Grillo, the film is a Sundial Pictures production. Fitzgerald thinks highly of the work. She said: “Jennifer Deaton, the screenwriter, took inspiration from her niece and her brothers family to write this film that has won several awards throughout the festival circuit, and opens in select AMC theaters on February 26th.”

How did Fitzgerald get involved with the movie in the first place? She was happy to discuss thought behind her song “Hero” and explain how it was chosen for the picture. She stated:

“I wrote ‘Hero’ about the strong urge I have to help those I care about when they are going through tough times and how in the end, it comes down to love. The opportunity with this movie was serendipitous for me. Jennifer had seen the music video for ‘Hero’ because we have a mutual friend in the music video's director, Jim Hoppin.”

Fitzgerald added: “I'm grateful she thought of it, and it was very special to be on set the day the scene was filmed. [Actor] Scott Cohen (who plays the father) sings ‘Hero’ to his family during a pivotal time for them. Seeing the emotional shift in their family in that moment, while being coupled with something I wrote is special to say the least. It's a gift to have a small part in something beautiful.”

Cohen, in fact, discussed filming the specific scene in which “Hero” is used at a panel at New York University. It is a moment where the performance of her song relieves the stress and drama elsewhere in the familial relationship. Cohen commented:

“All I really remember is practicing so much, because I was really scared of singing and playing guitar on set. To me that was really raw and vulnerable and not like you’re performing, but you’re not performing, you’re being.”

Fitzgerald urges everyone to see the film Jack of the Red Hearts. She states: “I hope you will consider supporting this beautiful film on opening weekend (February 26th) if you are in one of the cities [where it opens]. It will be playing on the Lifetime Network in April, and will be on streaming sites in May, for those of you who can't see it on the big screen.”

More information and a trailer from the new movie can be found on her revamped website. Music fans can also check out her new song “Black & Blue”, new photos and tour information there as well. She concludes: “I'm hunkering in and writing songs for the next record, and will be back out in April to share them with my lovely bandmates, Mark & Ben. Until then, be well & thanks again for the love & support.”