All That Remains releases new video for the song 'For You'

Although released earlier this year, the seventh studio album by Springfield, Mass. metallers, All That Remains, still seems fresh — and is still providing all new goodies to the metal world. The most recent of which is a video for the hypnotic song from the album entitled "For You."

The video offers a unique take on a volatile family situation — check it out here.

Since its release in February 2015, the album The Order of Things has hit charts in Australia, Canada and Japan, and has done extremely well here in the U.S., peaking at No. 3 for Billboard's Top Hard Rock Albums and Independent Albums, and No. 5 for Top Rock Albums, as well as fairing quite well on the Billboard 200, Digital Albums and Top Tastemaker Albums rankings as well. Produced by Josh Wilbur of Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God and Hatebreed fame, The Order of Things has released the singles "No Knock," "This Probably Won't End Well," "Tru-Kvlt-Metal" and then in May, "For You," although the video is currently brand new.

Despite the fact that no dust has settled yet upon The Order of Things, the band is gradually brainstorming for their next release. In an interview with Q103 radio station in Albany, N.Y., All That Remains vocalist, Phil Labonte had this to say: "Me and Josh Wilbur, who is the guy that produced The Order Of Things, me and him have got a couple of ideas that we were messing with that didn't make it on The Order Of Things, but I think it's really all we have kind of together."

And in regards to the life of the current release, Labonte added: "We feel like - depending on what [our record label] Razor & Tie wants to do - there's at least two other songs after 'For You' that could go and be looked at as radio singles that we think could work. So, I mean, from our perspective, we've still got a lot of time before we start worrying about another record. And also, the primary riff writer is Oli [Herbert]. Oli writes most of the actual parts, and then me and Mike [Martin, guitar] and Oli kind of get together and turn them into All That Remains songs. So it takes a little time for him to get his juices flowing and for us to kind of get in the head-space to want to write again."

Having just wrapped up an extensive tour with In Flames and Wovenwar which ran from February through May, All That Remains have got a few more gigs up their sleeves for the next few months to come.

All That Remains on tour:

Aug. 14 Kattfest @ The Zoo Ampitheater Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 22 Kentucky State Fair Louisville, KY
Sept. 12 Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium Tucson, AZ
Oct. 10 Loud Park 2015 @ Saitama Super Arena Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 24 Monster Energy Aftershock 2015 Sacramento, CA
Oct. 25 Knotfest San Bernardino, CA