Enrapture from Ken Peplowski
Enrapture from Ken Peplowski
Photo courtesy of Ken Peplowki, used with permission

Clarinet player Ken Peplowski puts his own interpretation on a selection of classic jazz and pop tunes on his latest recording Enrapture from Capri Records. Produced by Peplowski and Thomas Burns, the recording takes audiences on attractive jaunts as Peplowski revamps a grove of hidden treasures that have been forgotten over time but still have a vibrant character which appeals to modern audiences.

The festive tint of the clarinet swirls in Duke Ellington's "The Flaming Sword" bolster a sunny mood that transcends its age, having been written originally for audiences in the 1930s, it continues to have a timeless appeal that attracts today's millennials. Peplowski transitions his clarinet into sensual strokes threaded through "An Affair to Remember," the classic theme song from the movie by the same name penned by Harry Warren, Leo McCarey, and Harold Adamson.

The solemn tone of the rhythm bedding John Lennon and Yoko Ono's classic pop tune "Oh My Love” is piped in the wispy toots of the clarinet interspersed with bell chimes. The willowy furls of the clarinet fringing "Cheer Up Charlie" produce meandering patterns etched along the track, which switches to a perky flounce contouring the title track, a number by Herbie Nichols. Matt Wilson's shuffling drumbeats kneading Peter Erskine's "Twelve" support the bebop-tinged verses of the clarinet mingling with the freely executed piano vamps of Ehud Asherie and sauntering bass pulls of Martin Wind.

Asherie's keys have a reflective shimmer in "Vertigo Scene D'Amour" and "When October Goes" that shroud the gentle musings of the clarinet with soft twinkles. Adjusting the sparkle in his keys in "Willow Tree" to lightly torch Peplowski's clarinet, Asherie finesses Thomas "Fats" Waller and Andy Razaf's original track to a melodic polish that modern audiences can appreciate.

Peplowski integrates vintage jazz melodies with modern world soundscapes. So many of these tunes have been forgotten but Peplowski restores them, refurbishes them, and resuscitates them back to life.

Ken Peplowski - clarinet and tenor saxophone, Ehud Asherie - piano, Martin Wind - bass, Matt Wilson - drums and percussion

The Flaming Sword, An Affair to Remember, Oh My Love, Cheer Up Charlie, I'll Follow My Secret Heart, Enrapture, Twelve, Vertigo Scene D'Amour, When October Goes, Willow Tree