Calle Ameln's Revolution on the Rocks
Calle Ameln's Revolution on the Rocks
photo courtesy of Calle Ameln used with permission

Country music artist Calle Ameln recently released his new album, Revolution on the Rocks, featuring 10 tracks of his unique brand of country rock and roll that fans of both genres will love. Kicking off the record is “Revolution”, a twangy and upbeat country rock anthem that gives us our first taste of Calle and a voice that was created with the sole purpose of making country hits. He puts the “revel” in “revolution” with the shredding guitar solo on this song.

The slow and sweet intro on “Coming Home” beckons listeners with inviting country charm. An emotional piano jingle does more than just keep the time on this song – it keeps the sanity of both the listener and the singer, giving the slow country rock ballad a unique sound that is sorely missing from many country music recording artists today. But the very best of Calle Ameln’s vocals can be heard on “I Don’t Feel Down”, where the vocals and lyrics take center stage. Calle has the grainy, gritty voice of a country music singer you would expect to find in the Nashville Hall of Fame, which us evident when he applies his unique country rock style to a cover of Alan Jackson's "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere".

Revolution on the Rocks is the kind of album you could put on whether you’re out grabbing a couple of drinks with good company, at home having a quiet evening with the Mrs., or decompressing with some “me” time after a long day. Over the course of 10 tracks, Revolution on the Rocks convinces us that country music ain’t dead - on the contrary – it’s quite immortal. Country. It’s emotional. It’s inspirational. It’s versatile. music exists in the heart and soul of every father who has ever taken his son out hunting, every night spent drinking and star-gazing from the back of a pickup truck. At the bottom of every bottle and at the end of every heartbreak, there is a country song waiting to be sung. But Calle Ameln figured that out a long time ago.

You can stream Revolution on the Rocks in its entirety on Spotify here or on SoundCloud here. Follow Calle on Twitter here. For more information on Calle Ameln, visit his website here.