Air to play at The Greek Theatre in June

French duo AIR, will return to the music scene after not touring since 2010, and will be making a stop at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles on June 25. The group, which has been a huge influence in the electronic, rock scene, have hints of all different kinds of music in their sound, including classical music, classic rock and French pop.

Just last year, the duo released  their first album Twentyyears, in ironically 10 years. The preceder album to that was Late Night Tales which was released in 2006. To date, their most influential album is definitely their debut Moon Safari, which brought the world "La Femme d'Argent," which you can listen to above. Their sound is relaxing, but immersive, and their live show is rare, so be sure to grab tickets, because you may not get the chance to again.

Click here for tickets for AIR's show at The Greek Theatre on June 25, and click here for a full list of tour dates.