5 things you didn't know about Sheryl Crow
SherylCrowVevo via Youtube

If you like country with a little bit of rock n' roll, you probably are a Sheryl Crow fan. She has been around for over two decades, and her music is still some of the most played. When she moved to a more country sound, she gained a whole new following. Crow's fan base is pretty decent-sized, but there are some things even her biggest fans likely don't know. Here are a few fun things that you likely don't know about Sheryl Crow.

5. She was a cheerleader

That's right, Sheryl Crow was once a cheerleader. Growing up in Missouri, there wasn't much Crow didn't do. She was the third of four children and often got stuck doing things on her own. While you may not be able to imagine Crow as a preppy cheerleader doing cheesy chants, it did happen.

4. She was a back-up singer for Michael Jackson

Rumors flew that the two were romantically linked, but Sheryl Crow denies that completely. On a whim she snuck into an audition and ended up snagging the gig. She toured with Michael Jackson for two years during his Bad Tour. While this wasn't the “big” break she hoped for, it gave her an idea of what life on the road and touring was like firsthand.

3. She is a little OCD

Sheryl Crow will admit she likes things to be neat and organized. Things have to be aligned in her workspace to ensure she can be productive. As it turns out, Crow will obsess over things if they aren't just right. As she gets older, has bothered her even more.

2. She suffered from sleep paralysis

Like her mother before, Sheryl Crow battled sleep paralysis. It is a condition where you become completely paralyzed in your sleep. Crow talked about how she was scared of going to sleep because she feared she wouldn't be able to wake up. It appears that the issue is now under control and she no longer experiences these episodes.

1. She wrote jingles for McDonald's and Toyota

Before she really hit the big time, Sheryl Crow did several different things. She was an elementary school music teacher, back-up singer for Michael Jackson, and even wrote jingles for two major companies. It seems that while Crow was busy, she wasn't content until she played for as many people as possible.