5 things you didn't know about Celine Dion
CelineDionVevo via Youtube

She may not quite be the same commerical force as she was during her '90s heyday, but Celine Dion is still doing pretty well these days. From performing sold out shows several days a week in Las Vegas, to booking an extensive block of shows in her native Canada, Dion still shines as one of music's most successful women. Now three decades into her career, she has garnered quite a fanbase, but even they don't know everything about the singer. Here are some facts that even Celine Dion's biggest fans likely don't know.

She is incredibly charitable

While you likely have heard one or two things Celine Dion has worked on or donated to, you probably have no clue the extent of it. Dion is incredibly kind-hearted: She has donated several million dollars for relief efforts in China, the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and the American Cancer Society. She is truly the epitome of what it means to “give back.”

She has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame

It seems that Canada also has a Walk of Fame, though it is far lesser known than the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Celine Dion received her star in her home country in 2003 and then the following year was also given one in Hollywood. The first honor was more prestigious for her, as she still considers herself a proud Canadian.

She sticks to her principles

Being a celebrity is hard, especially when you are the topic of tabloid fodder. Back when one of the major tabloids printed a story saying Celine Dion was pregnant with twins, she decided to sue them. When she won the $20 million suit, it was donated to the American Cancer Society (remember how we just said she was charitable?).

She had work done before she went international

Before her manager could sell her as an international superstar, Celine Dion decided she needed some adjustments, like many other superstars. She was sent in for dental work and worked hard to brush up on her English skills. While it may have cost her a bit of money at the time, the investment was clearly worth it.

She had a freak accident when she was a young girl

When Celine Dion was just five years old, she was backed into by a truck. She was knocked out completely and remained unconscious for several days. Her prognosis was not a full recovery, but luckily she bounced back completely. Dion did suffer from several skull fractures, but all was healed over the course of time.

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