Arista Nashville

Born Camaron Ochs, the rising country star defines modern music on her own terms, often tipping her proverbial hat to the sunny rock style out of southern California. Make no mistake: Cam's music overflows with twang and plenty of deep South storytelling. Her Arista Nashville debut album Untamed zips from the smoldering timelessness of "Burning House" to the tell-all empowerment of "Want It All"--in which she laments she "cried my eyes out in a bathroom stall of every Western state." Through all the anguish and struggle, she remains resolute. That bleeds onto her record with power and vulnerability. While her often yellow and bubbly disposition is rather infectious, she has much deeper and more painful things to say. That's where tracks like "Village" come in; on this particular deep cut, she extends her hand to a dear friend Claire who is coping with the death of a loved one.

Now, as she prepares her follow-up record, which will surely live up to expectations, Cam continues amassing a loyal fan base. The open road has become even more crucial in the age of streaming and dwindling album sales, but Cam will be just fine. Her talent exceeds most of her contemporaries, and that's what matters most. Here are five things you (probably) didn't know about Cam.

1. Her proper debut album is called Heartforward and inspired by a trip to Nepal.

Before the shiny lights of Nashville beckoned her into the fold, her roots lie in independence, like most aspiring musicians. Released in 2010, Cam's first full-length had a rather interesting beginning. “I came up with the term when I was living in Nepal. I was learning all about the seven chakras— the heart is the fourth,” she told 48 Hills about the album title. “It’s about putting yourself out there, not just in a romantic sense, but in a life-sense.” The 11-track album is wholly a pop record, with folk flourishes and strong guitar leads, as found on the prominent "The Traveler" opener. There is a considerable late '90s singer-songwriter vibe, akin to Michelle Branch and Natalie Imbruglia.

2. She co-wrote Miley Cyrus' heart-palpitating ballad "Maybe You're Right."

Cyrus made a full transition to a bonafide adult pop star with her 2013 album Bangerz. Everyone knows the hit singles like "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop," but one of the LP's finest moments is "Maybe You're Right," constructed with alarming percussion, twinkling piano and one of Cyrus' most powerful vocals. Cam, along with M. Williams, Piere "P-Nasty" Slaughter, John Shanks, Tyler Johnson and Cyrus, wrote the blustering firestorm of emotional drama.

3. She's obsessed with blood-sucking vampires.

"I'm obsessed. If there's like a vampire movie on, even if it's really bad, I'll watch it," she told The Tennessean. She owns all of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series and also loves Blade.

4. Her bright yellow aesthetic started with a coffee mug.

Early in her career, a late-night in the studio resulted in a game-changing moment for her. “The first time it really resonated was when we were doing a Kickstarter video. We were working really late on it. I went to grab a mug for some coffee to keep me going really late. I saw this yellow mug, and it was bright and cheery. Lindsay, my manager and best pal, looked at me and said ‘That’s it. That is the color you are.’ Everybody is nicer to me when I’m in yellow,” she told Billboard upon the mainstream release of her Welcome to Cam Country EP back in 2015.

5. She's dabbled in a cappella music.

Years before she hit the big time in Nashville, she was a hard-working singer, songwriter and performer. One of her most memorable performances is from 2009, when she teamed up with the University of California, Davis a cappella group, The Spokes--made up of Andrea Howard, Alicia Flor, and Elana Zizmor. Cam ripped into a song called "You Were Late," from her debut Heartforward.

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