5 Things you didn't know about Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham. If you haven't heard of him, leave now. Go watch one of his ines or his stand-up specials and come back. If you have heard of him, you know he's an unusual type of comedian. He is physical. He is musical. He is intellectual and he is awesomely offensive. He is also quite young to be such a success. That is largely thanks to YouTube and the freshness of his style. Here's a bit more about the comedy prodigy.

Bo Burnham Writes Poetry

You don't often hear about comedians writing poetry. Sure, we grew up with funny poems, but we don't grow into adults and think, "Geez, a funny, smutty poem would hit the spot right now." Good thing Burnham realized that this is exactly what American needs and published a poetry collection titled Egghead: Or You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone.

Bo Burnham is in Funny People

There are a ton of comedians in Funny People. It kind of makes sense, given that it's a comedy about comedy. However, you might miss Bo Burnham if you blink. Pay attention to the TV show that keeps popping up and upsetting some of the main characters. It's called Yo Teach and Burnham plays a high school student in this purposely bad comedy show within a comedy film.

Bo Burnham Has a Hilarious Lack of Patience for Hecklers

Bo Burnham is such a harsh artist when it comes to hecklers that there are lengthy compilations of him telling people off on YouTube. It's great. Someone shouts something, be it nice or rude, and Burnham tells them to "Shut the f*ck up!" He even gets the crowd involved. He's interactive like that.

Bo Burnham is Exceptionally Tall

If you are only familiar with the comedian through videos on the Internet or TV, you have noticed he is tall, but not quite how tall he is. Bo Burnham is in fact 6' 5" tall. That's only 4" shorter than Larry Bird.

Comedy Central Has Never Done a Stand-Up Special With a Younger Comic

Bo Burnham had only been 18 for a few days when he filmed his first Comedy Central special. It might irk some comedians that he came up in a non-traditional way, namely through YouTube videos. It probably stung a bit when said YouTube sensation got a special that is pretty much guaranteed to make you a common, if not a household, name before the age most comedians have a decent night club gig.