5 best Pond lyrics

Fans of Pond know to expect the unexpected from the quirky Aussie rockers. Forget consistency, these Tame Impala-spawned psych rockers like to keep listeners on their toes; changing sounds, sentiments and moods on every go-around. With quirky storytelling and diverse influences, Pond are a naturally-occurring, ever-evolving entity fans love to observe. 

The Perth-based outfit will soon release their seventh LP, The Weather (take a listen to their spacey new jam, "Sweep Me Off My Feet", above). Check out some of their snazziest lyrics below and learn more about the rockers here.

5. "Man It Feels Like Space Again"

Clocking in at eight and a half minutes, this album finale twists and turns, moving from civil to curious, to chaotic. The transitional, almost cathartic lyrics, guide us through the song's uncommon, adventuresome structure. 

"So you're at a low
Your speeding heart is getting slow
The music fades before your mind
You hold her hand and whisper, "Man, man,"
"Man, it feels like space again"
You saw her face and then she cries
The River Styx is getting wide
The Brooklyn wastes and rolling waves
And Jesus says, they both say

We can talk by the river
We can walk right out to the sea
I haven't talked much lately
Maybe that's why you never talk to me."

4. "Elegant Design"

With charging guitars, a pulsing baseline and brave falsetto, Pond crafts a wondrous tune of acceptance in confusion. Once again, their strange mix of momentous imagery and playful admissions somehow read like the ultimate love letter.  

"All I'm trying to define is the elegant design
It's gonna take so many words, I'm trippin' fast for time
Mountains crash into the sea, but it doesn't seem to worry me
I only think of you."

3. "Medicine Hat"

The track's spacey, irreverent take on country/acoustic rock reflects its narrator's ennui and regret. Unaffected vocals convey stark honesty and, perhaps, relief. 

"Been walking in circles so long
My head is spinning, direction's gone
The night is darkest just before the dawn
So goodbye, my friend, it's time to move on

Why did I leave it so long?
Drawn in and caught up in the throng
I guess I'm saying that this time I was wrong
Remembering is hardest when you're alone."

2. "Sitting Up On Our Crane

This sweet, gentle sound tune is a bit darker than it seems. The song conveys fears of both flying and falling, success and failure, hope and fear, etc. 

"Sitting up on our crane
It always feels the same
When we're up high
'Cause I feel like I'll fall and die

And you know
It's gonna get you feeling like you're going down
Just try to tell yourself, you know it's going up
As you're speeding towards the ground." 

1. "Elvis' Flaming Star"

The guys pick up the pace on this toe-tapping celebration of past and present. It's the paragon of Pond: cheeky, unexpected and strangely contagious.  

"Light up and colour-code your old LPs
And never 
turn no more
It's just the garage rock that rattles to the floor
Every morning separating, you and Caroline again
The look in your eyes, it looks just like the twilight of your life

Now you're stone cold tired
And your wife is getting high with your daughter
And another guy in the starlight

And I hope they bring back Elvis
And all the stars of the past
Together at last
For a cover show
And we can make it last
On the Flaming Star."