Before King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard play at Coachella next month, check out 5 of their best lyrics. 

Before King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard play at Coachella next month, check out 5 of their best lyrics. 

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Psychedelic rock group King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are riding the wave alongside other fantastic modern psych rock bands like Tame Impala as one of Australia’s hottest musical exports. Since releasing their debut album in 2010, the band has put out an astounding eleven total EPs and full length albums which blends up some garage rock and surf music with jazz and folk elements. Quite the resume for any artist.

The group just released their 9th full length album this past Friday with Flying Microtonal Bananas. In promotion of said album, the band will set off on a world tour starting mid-March and lasting until early summer taking the group around Australia, North America, and even stopping into the California desert for both weekends of Coachella next month.

So before they hit the road and make a mess out of the promising young minds of kids around the world, here are five of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's best lyrics:

1. Invisible Face

This song is about as weird as the lyrics below make it out to be. It’s funky, it’s trippy, and it’s pretty lyrically deep. What makes these lyrics really stand out, is when they sing, “The universe is a machine,” while the guitars and bionic-sounding rhythm really make everything sound like what music would sound like within a robotic universe. Very James Cameron of them.

Best Lyrics:
“The universe is a machine
That has awoken from a dream”

2. Vegemite

For those who don’t know, Vegemite is basically the Australian version of Skippy peanut butter. They love that stuff down under, so much so that the band decided to write a song about it. Believe it or not a song about the popular spread isn’t as cheesy (no pun intended) as one may imagine, and there’s some actual artistic wittiness found within the lyrics of this fun song. So next time you’re down under, grab some Vegemite, some toast, and put on this song by your old pals in King Gizard.

Best Lyrics:
“I love, I love my Vegemite
It's strong as hell and black as night
I keep my love all screwed up tight
And spread it thick whenever I like”

3. It’s Got Old

“It’s Got Old” isn’t as long as “God Is In The Rhythm,” and this song trades in their typical psych rock sound for a bluesier, acoustic feel. The song’s light-hearted musical elements are driven by the lyrics which make for a feeling of partnership, companionship, and of course provides a great soundtrack for your next road trip.

Best Lyrics:
“Well I'm always saying I'm sorry
You’re always saying you're broke
But I'll keep my hands on the steering wheel
If you keep your eyes on the road”

4. God Is In The Rhythm

There’s a blissful romanticism about this folk-sounding song which has a throwback 50s surf rock vibe to it. It’s an average length for their shorter style of chilled out jamming. Within those compressed minutes however, is a song with relaxed guitar parts and lyrics based around natural themes, like nature!

Best Lyrics:
“Seasons move
Everybody knows it's true
Springs brings a dew
Hibernates winter’s tune”

5. Pop In My Step

The title of this song makes everything a bit more self-explanatory when it comes to the meaning behind the music. This song was meant to give you extra oomph into the spirit of the listener. Everyone has those days where they’re barely keeping it together and dragging themselves out the door. For those other days though, here’s a song which you give you some melody-driven energy sans caffeine to add a little pop into your step.

Best Lyrics:
“Gonna shake the world, shake the world off my back
I'm gonna hold my head high with the sun on my track
Today I've got no troubles in sight”