Before Jack Garratt performs at Coachella next month, fans can familiarize themselves with five of his best lyrics. 

Before Jack Garratt performs at Coachella next month, fans can familiarize themselves with five of his best lyrics. 

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The music and lyrics from British singer-songwriter Jack Garratt have been sung and embraced by tens of thousands of music fans around the globe. Although he’s only 25-years-old and carries only one full-length album to his name, he has still been able to put together a catalog of deep and meaningful songs that reach a lot further into the hearts of his fans than one may think.

The multi-instrumentalist will be performing at both weekends of Coachella in April. Before he does, fans can familiarize themselves with five of his best lyrics in the list below.

5. My House Is Your Home

In the lyrics to “My House Is Your Home,” Garratt sings about a relatable lesson of there being more strength found in companionship than when alone. The comfort of home doesn’t always have to take form as a house. Anytime you can embrace someone you care about and make them feel like they’re not alone, it goes a long way in helping someone you care about make it through hard times. In other words, this song is a more current translation of the old saying, 'mi casa es su casa.'

Best Lyrics:
“It was a jealous mouth that called out for you
A venomous tipple on a malicious tongue
When the terror's of the night come for you
And you can't find redemption on your own
Darling, oh my house is your home”

4. Surprise Yourself

Continue to push the boundaries of your abilities by exploring and expressing your own mind, and you may even surprise yourself. That’s the musical message that Garratt is trying to get across in “Surprise Yourself." Never doubt your heart or your full potential, because according to these motivational lyrics, even Jack surprises himself every now and then.

Best Lyrics:
“Speak and open up your mind
It's something you should do all the time
Keep exploring, seek and find
You know you might surprise yourself”

3. Breathe Life

With love, comes life. That’s the message that Garratt is trying to get through is the lyrics to “Breathe Life.” Throughout the song, he references “every heartbeat” and “every exhale” that have been breathed into him courtesy of the one he loves. Breathing some new life into someone doesn’t always have to be taken so literally.

Best Lyrics:
“Oh, won't you breathe life into these dead lungs I keep under my coat
And keep life warm against the cold night as our bodies grow old”

2. Worry

Throughout “Worry,” Garratt touches on a love of his that has now clearly faded away. Like the English gentleman that he is however, Garratt takes on the pain of heartbreak and asks to carry the burden himself with lyrics like “Try and give yourself some rest/And let me worry about it, let me worry about it.”

Best Lyrics:
“You came around to say that you’ve been away, like I hadn’t known
As if I don’t wake up every single day not seeing you go
As if this moon of ours only shines a half to make me feel whole
As if I haven’t felt your breath in every step I take when the wind blows”

1. Weathered

The lyrics in his emotional ballad touches on growing up while finding or keeping someone close to help ease the aging process on that weathered soul of his. Garratt finds a way to sing about a topic like love without getting too cheesy or cliche within the lyrics. Pop music is usually about celebrating the joys of youth, not aging. So it’s nice to get a reminder every now and then that growing older doesn’t have to be totally uncool, as long as you’ve got someone in your life who make the journey a little easier

Best Lyrics:
“And no wonder I keep you close
You're the water to quench my throat
And if I never let you go
Will you keep me young
Keep me young”