American Music Awards 2015 "Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock" nominees
American Music Awards 2015 "Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock" nominees
Courtesy of AMA, used with permission.

The 2015 American Music Awards are happening this Sunday, November 22. ABC will be broadcasting the show live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles starting at 8 p.m. ET. This year’s event will be hosted by the ever stunning Jennifer Lopez – with everything she’s done in her illustrious career to date, that green Versace dress from the 2000 Grammy’s remains a top ten moment, will she out-dazzle herself this Sunday?

There are so very many awards shows happening that it’s hard to keep them straight and remember which is which and why this one matters so much more than the others. Basically, the AMAs are considered the “world’s biggest fan-voted award show.” That’s right, the winners are determined entirely by the fans. So, in order to accurately predict who will win, all you need to do is get inside the head of the American people. No problem.

The nominees for “Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock” are Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Nick Jonas. It’s pretty much guaranteed that Ed is going to win because he just has that beguiling charm and electric charisma that make people think he’s an innovator and he’s doing things that have never been done before. While that may not be entirely true, his magic is that he owns what he does far better than anyone else does. And gosh, have you ever seen the man perform? He’s absolutely brilliant! Instead of Ed vs. Sam vs. Nick... let’s see Sheeran duke it out with Swift! Now that would be a better matchup than Rousey vs. Holm. [Note to whatever network comes up with “Battle of the Sexes Music Awards”: Remember, AXS thought of it first!]

With Ed’s victory so effortlessly decided, the only question that remains unanswered is why not either of the other two equally deserving artists? Sam Smith won last year. That’s it. No further reason needed for him. We won’t be seeing a repeat simply because as remarkable as he is, the musical climate has drastically changed over the course of 2015 and instead of being the unique individual that he was last year, “Sam Smith” is pretty much an entire subgenre this year.

And what about heartthrob Nick Jonas? He’s the biggest comeback story of the year (Bieber was a little late to the party to count for this event). Although he is quickly ascending to the level of a Justin Timberlake, Jonas is not going to win this year because his core fan base is too young for the 18-49 demographic of this awards show. The only upset possibility is if the cougar forces rallied en masse to bolster the votes of the 18-22 year old females. Nick just hasn’t peaked yet. Look for him to continue his upward climb to become an even bigger star in the coming years.