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There was no mistaking who the headliner was on Saturday night at Stagecoach. And there is no mistaking that Miranda Lambert deserved it. She started things off on the Mane stage with "Somethin' Bad," but that let all of her fans and the huge crowd know that so many good things were coming.

She moved into "Fastest Girl in Town" and followed that up with "Kerosene" and then "Platinum." Let's not forget that she dropped "Over You," "Automatic," "All Kinds of Kinds," and "Small Town."

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There were a number of times that the massive crowd decided to sing-along with Lambert and two of the biggest were "Smokin' and Drinkin'" and "Mississippi Queen." Oddly enough, she even did a cover of "Tush" from ZZ Top, another Stagecoach performer this year. And there was plenty of dancing too:

The country music great got everyone all built up and then went into her finish with "Little Red Wagon, White Liar," and "Gunpowder." Everyone was loud enough to bring her out for one encore and it was "The Way I Am."

Down to earth as always, she still took time to meet with fans:

Miranda Lambert is country and she is Stagecoach, and there's no doubt that she belonged in the Saturday headline spot.

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