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  • Exclusive premiere: The Paper Kites release two new tracks

    Exclusive premiere: The Paper Kites release two new tracks

    Indie-rock band The Paper Kites, who hailing from Australia, are about to kick off a tour throughout New Zealand, Australia and North America, released an album last year titled twelvefour—but every song that they wrote haven't made it onto an official album yet. “It's hard to curate an album...
  • Exclusive: Listen to the premiere of Matisyahu’s new EP, ‘Release The Bound’

    Exclusive: Listen to the premiere of Matisyahu’s new EP, ‘Release The Bound’

    Matisyahu hasn’t released an album since 2014, but fans will get a taste of new music from his new EP, Release The Bound released today, exclusively on AXS. While he won’t release a full length  album until 2017, this five-song EP comes to surface right before he kicks off his Festival of Light Tour...
  • Courtesy of The Mrs, used with permission.

    Interview and exclusive lyric video premiere: The Mrs' 'The Beast'

    A hero isn't some rebel who broke a few rules and blazed her own path to glory, she's a person who made someone else's life better. More important, heroes don't set out to become heroes, it just happens. It's who they are. Today, The Mrs are premiering the lyric video to their latest single, a...
  • Ava Wolfe: "casablanca"

    Exclusive AXS premiere: Ava Wolfe's debut album, 'casablanca'

    Ava Wolfe's voice is a sweet intoxicant. You breathe in her words and drift away on the twilight haze of her melodies. She is a shadow, a whisper, an intriguing story. The dark glamour of her music will entice you to leave everything behind and follow her deep into an alluring world filled with...
  • Courtesy of Ava Wolfe, used with permission.

    Exclusive AXS video premiere: Ava Wolfe's 'xkss'

    Meet your new obsession, Ava Wolfe. She is a captivating artist who moves with the mesmerizing grace of silk and relishes playing the often dangerous and sometimes deadly game of seduction. Her irresistible elegance draws it's allure from the darker realms of glamour. Truly, she is a woman to die...
  • Courtesy of Odette/Odile, used with permission.

    Exclusive premiere: Odette/Odile spooky new track 'Wolves'

    Captivatingly colorful both in sight and sound, Odette/Odile is the wickedly inventive dance-pop duo that is comprised of siblings Ashlie and Keith Burgun. Odette is a beautiful princess who shimmers with a mesmerizing magic that you typically only find in an anime heroine – she even occasionally...
  • Björk

    Björk premieres a new VR music video 'Family'

    Björk is a lifetime member of the avant-garde. Her visionary brilliance is simply unequaled. She has pushed the boundaries of pop culture beyond what most artists can even imagine. Her fantastic synthesis of poetry and technology has created a world where imagination is king and the impossible has...
  • SiNiCaL: "For The People"

    Exclusive mixtape premiere: SiNiCaL’s ‘For The People’

    “Nowadays, a lot of people in this industry just come and go... Most of​ them don​’t make lasting impressions. When it​’s my time, I want to make a very serious impact! I plan on having an​ influence not only on the music industry, but on the world... It​’s more than music!” – SiNiCaL, Emmy...
  • The Griswolds announced their sophomore album on Thursday with High Times For Low Lives

    The Griswolds announce sophomore album, ‘High Times For Low Lives’

    Australia is to American rock music in the 2010s like what Great Britain was for the U.S. in the 1960s. There’s just something in the water down there that’s allowing the less populated country to pump out great rock bands across the sub-genre landscape. Young alt-rock band The Griswolds have found...
  • Jessi Robertson

    Exclusive premiere: Jessi Robertson’s ‘Retold by Machines’

    A lot of today’s music is like a fireworks display – it’s loud and dazzling and it makes you go “ooh” and “ahh.” However, the instant it is over, you forget about it and move on. But that’s not Jessi Robertson. Not at all. Her music is a faint scent, a shadowed image, a whispered suggestion that is...
  • Approaching Troy

    Exclusive video premiere: Approaching Troy’s ‘Wake Up’

    Take a minute to savor everything that gets you amped up about alternative rock and pop-infused punk. Its got those venomous guitar licks, a thundering bass line, riotous drums, and charged vocals that spew a highly volatile barrage of anthemic angst and passion into the air like an eruption of...
  • Exclusive video premiere of Foreign Figures’ ‘Coldplay - Greatest Hits Mashup’

    Exclusive video premiere of Foreign Figures’ ‘Coldplay - Greatest Hits Mashup’

    It begins with Eric Michels’ intimate keys and vocals creating ripples of goosebumps that race across your flesh. Jonny Tanner’s crisp guitar work enters with a meticulous precision that escalates the intensity until Seth Dunshee drops the bass in with a soul-quake of warm thunder. Steve Michels...
  • Param Gill set to release ‘Warrior Savitri’ despite death threats

    Param Gill set to release ‘Warrior Savitri’ despite death threats

    Award winning Hollywood film director and music composer, Param Gill, is suddenly being thrust under the international spotlight for reasons he never expected. His latest feature film and music project, “Warrior Savitri,” which is slated for international release on Aug. 25, has become the subject...
  • Exclusive premiere: Maddy Newton’s infectiously upbeat ‘Bye Now’

    Exclusive premiere: Maddy Newton’s infectiously upbeat ‘Bye Now’

    Maddy Newton is a charismatic YouTube queen whose vibrant personality and eye-catching red locks would make even Jessica Rabbit envious! Her uplifting energy and fresh take on beauty have made her a name-brand vlogger who has garnered over 90 thousand fans and followers across her social media...
  • Photo: @chloeperl

    Exclusive: Ava Wolfe releases mesmerizing new track, ‘Sapphires’

    Ava Wolfe is intoxicating. Not just her music and her vocals, but her entire being. She understands and wields the beguiling power of glamour far more effectively than possibly any other artist of our era. She is a modern classic, a young woman who would be at home alongside icons such as Ingrid...
  • Blaqk Audio premiere new video for 'First to Love'

    Blaqk Audio premiere new video for 'First to Love'

    Electronic duo Blaqk Audio premiered the music video for "First to Love," the new single from their latest album Material. Directed by Adam Mason, the clip features frontman Davey Havok and Jade Puget performing the track in front of a series of flashing lights. While Puget lays down the electronic...
  • AXS Premiere: The Shanks release music video for 'Do You Fear Me?'

    AXS Premiere: The Shanks release music video for 'Do You Fear Me?'

    Canadian duo The Shanks have been bringing some unadulterated rock and roll vibes throughout the world for a decade now, and this September, the outfit will release their new studio album titled Prisons of Ecstasy via Here to Everywhere Records. Today, we're giving you the exclusive premiere of...
  • Matt Brown

    Exclusive premiere: Matt Brown’s ‘Feel Like That’

    “I just try to bring two worlds together, something old and something new, because those are the two worlds I grew up with,” Matt Brown told AXS. He is an authentic, blue-eyed soul singer with a modern sizzle who has got the goods to make swooning a thing again. “I’ve always liked old music, all...
  • The Ragbirds

    Exclusive video premiere: The Ragbirds’ ‘Breakdown’

    “This is the first video that The Ragbirds have ever put out,” Erin Zindle, dynamic frontwoman for the globally influenced, contemporary folk band told AXS in a recent interview. “We have live videos of us playing shows, but that’s as much as we’ve ever done. We’ve never shot a video like this...
  • Dana Williams

    Exclusive video premiere: Dana Williams’ ‘Damage’

    “When I was six or seven, I took a real interest in Ella Fitzgerald,” singer/songwriter Dana Williams told AXS in a recent interview. “I made my mom take me to the CD store – back when you could go to the store and buy a CD – and I made her get me a bunch of Ella Fitzgerald CDs. Everyone thought it...
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