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Failure Biography

The founding force and career-long creative core of Failure consisted of multi-instrumentalists Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards, a '90s songwriting team practically unrivaled within the claustrophobic confines of post-grunge American rock. The two constantly switched guitar and bass duties in the studio while Andrews took lead vocal duties on the group's three recordings -- Edwards has been credited in interviews with having come up with most of Failure's lyrics. When the group performed live, Edwards played bass while Andrews managed most guitar duties, but in the studio, they would interchange often, with Edwards adding keyboard work and even some drumming. As the group matured and their recording chops sharpened, Andrews became the band's producer/engineer and even began selling his services in this capacity with fine results. Failure was handed near-universal critical praise for their songwriting and sparse, yet cinematic musical arrangements. Their music certainly owed something to song-driven, moody artists like Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, but Failure also had many melodic and thematic qualities that were unique and compelling. Failure was both grounded in a heavy breed of pure pop and ambitious experimentalism -- the combination of which defies description just as it exudes an instant familiarity. It all amounted to a rare and sweet form of rock artistry.

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