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Since 2007 French electro-popper Yelle has risen to be a leading lady in the
world of European pop music.

With a keen interest in fashion and feel for popular culture, she's been able to
take her quirky sound from her French roots to the world at large, playing some
of the biggest festivals and farthest flung cities.

With two albums - Pop Up and Safari Disco Club - and countless live shows
around the world under her belt, It's hard to think of any other current artists
that have managed to go global in the way Yelle has, whilst singing entirely in
their native language, but this is one girl whose beautifully melodic
compositions seem translate.
Whether or not fans have any idea what she is actually singing about!

‘I don’t know what you mean but it means a lot to me’ the catch phrase from
her 2013 song L’Amour Parfait is quite the perfect summary for Yelle has that
certain Je ne sais quoi you won’t be able to escape.

2014 will see her return with a third album which she will start giving fans a
glimpse of at select festivals starting as soon as this spring.


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