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KITTEN Biography

‘That’s one cool chick” said Iggy Pop admiringly of Kitten’s Chloe Chaidez while the two danced together onstage to the electrifying roar of The Stooges. Many others have shared similar sentiments…


In 2010, while still unsigned, SPIN named 15 year old Chaidez and Kitten the “best new discovery” of SXSW and in 2013 Rolling Stone proclaimed Chaidez a "top ten artist to watch" with Time magazine anticipating Kitten's debut as one of the "top 11 albums to look forward to in 2013." 


In 2014, after releasing a trio of highly acclaimed EP’s (Sunday School, Cut It Out and Like A Stranger), Kitten released their self titled debut full length album, produced by co writer Chad Anderson with Gavin Mackillop, which Rolling Stone hailed as a “triumph” promptly placing it in the “top 20 pop albums of 2014.”


The album showcases a distinctive and electrifying sound all it’s own, joining irresistible melodies and provocative lyrics with the hard edge of late 70’s post punk  the driving pulse of 80’s new wave and the sweeping ambience of 90’s shoegaze.


The breadth of musical influence wasn’t an accident. A lifelong music obsessive, Chaidez learned to play bass at age ten, eventually picking up guitar and drums as well. Chaidez formed her first band that same year and was quickly opening for indie heavyweights like Midlake and Conor Oberst.  


At 14, influenced by everyone from Velvet Underground, Sigur Ros and Madonna, Chaidez began throwing herself into songwriting, working intensely with her co-writer and musical partner Chad Anderson on honing her craft and then began to expand her musical palette with the discovery of electronic programming as a means of creative expression.


Chaidez says, “I found it really satisfying. Programming music in Ableton was something that I could just do in my bedroom alone or with my brother and it felt like we were creating our own world of sounds and textures.”


The following year marked the debut performance of Kitten at “The Smell”, a downtown all-ages venue and hotbed of the L.A. underground. “I walked in with my guitar and played my three songs, to an audience of about seven hardcore/emo kids,” Chaidez recalls with a laugh. “They weren’t impressed.”


Continuing to play The Smell, Kitten released Sunday School in 2010, soon nabbed their deal with Atlantic/Elektra Records, and ultimately landed tours with bands as diverse as Paramore, Garbage, Twin Shadow and Charli XCX as well as the Neighborhood, No Doubt and most recently Courtney Love.


Kitten’s live shows are at turns hypnotic and galvanizing, with Chaidez’s dance-fueled performance intensifying the transcendent power of their songs. “Being onstage puts me into this place where I’m not thinking about anything and I feel completely free. It’s just this out-of-body experience that I can’t control, and it’s one of the truest forms of expression I’ve ever known.”


The Huffington Post says that “Chaidez is at the forefront of an impending female rock revolution”, the LA Times anointed her “as sure shot to be a rock star as LA has produced” and even Carson Daly has called her “the new leading lady of rock.”


After leaving her label in the summer of 2014 Chloe embarked on a journey of self discovery which led her to NYC, ultimately living in a small artist collective known as the Silent Barn. “This was really a great time for me. Just finding out who I was outside of the music business and forming creative relationships and friendships that I will have for the rest of my life.”


It is on stage where Kitten truly shines: “What’s going to make this band different is the live show”, said Chloe. “I love being onstage more than anything. When you are up there you can do whatever you want. You can be whatever you want. If there’s one person in the back of the room not involved, then that’s my audience. I’ll do whatever I have to do to blow that person away. I want everybody in the audience to remember where they were when they saw Kitten for the first time.”


Kitten just recently returned from a string of successful shows in the UK and is finishing material for a soon to be released EP as well their second full length.

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