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Some days as a mom are harder than others. The crying, the snot, the constant running around...and then there are the kids. And there’s no one making moms feel as uncomfortably normal as Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the hilarious oh-so-real women behind #IMomSoHard.

With over 510,000 Facebook fans and more than 45 million views of their web series, Jen and Kristin’sblend of honesty and humor offer the kinds of levity most of us only get from our therapist, proving thatif we weren’t all laughing, we’d be crying, right? Right!? Sure to deliver the kind of straight talk you can only get from discussing body hair in the kids’ playroomwhile sipping mimosas, Kristin and Jen prove you can’t make this shi*t up.

This show is what all women want right now, not just moms!

It’s like an evening with two of your besties. But funnier. And probably with more drinking. Definitelymore drinking.


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