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Led Zepagain (Tribute to Led Zeppelin)

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Led Zepagain (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) Dates

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Led Zepagain (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) Biography

In January 2004, Led Zepagain was paid the highest compliment ever when Jimmy Page caught their show at the House of Blues in Hollywood. After watching the show, he requested to meet the band in the dressing room, and praised them on their accuracy!

Led Zepagain takes their audience to a place that not only replicates a Led Zeppelin concert, but captures the heart and soul of the world's greatest band.  A Led Zepagain show features all of the Zeppelin highlights, from the high energy electric classics, to the beautiful acoustic works; from the soaring leads on the double-neck guitar, to the brilliant keyboard passages, and from the high, Robert Plant screams, to the trademark pounding rhythms.  From the moment Led Zepagain hits the stage, you'll believe, this is definitely the "Real Deal!"

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