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From the liner notes in the BOSTON reissue: In 1976 sitting on a folding metal chair in my basement, I was tweaking the mix of a demo that Brad Delp, Jim Masdea and I had recorded on my home-brew studio gear. The possibility that anyone would be listening to this song, "More than a Feeling," 30 years into the future was incomprehensible. In fact, the thought of holding someone's interest for 30 minutes was a long shot! Nothing about Boston, it seems, was done by the book. Perhaps the strangest twist resulting from the label's refusal too allow the original six song demo to be used as the actual album; the material had to be recorded over again in a "professional" studio exactly the same way! But I had completely adapted to playing and engineering alone in my basement; I knew I couldn't duplicate those performances without the solitude which had become both a blessing and a curse. In a gutsy move, Epic producer John Boylan made me an offer: I record the multitrack masters in my basement by myself, while he decoys the company recording a couple of Brad's songs in LA with Barry, Sib, and Fran. Then I join him in LA for vocal overdubs and mixing. Oh, and we split the producer's royalty! You mean I even get paid? Deal. So after laying Sib and Jim's drum tracks, I settled in for the lengthy ordeal of reproducing a band's worth of bass, guitar, and organ performances on the new, nearly identical, recording. Barry joined me to play the excellent lead electric guitar on "Longtime," and Fran to play the bass track for "Foreplay." In LA, Brad's "Let Me Take You Home" was recorded in it's entirety, and is the only song to embody performances of all five musicians to eventually ended up on stage for the first ever "Boston" concert in 1976. Tom Scholz
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